Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27th 2012

So first off I did get my inhaler finally. I was dying without it. So I am happy now. That is super exciting about David and Jamie. Honestly I thought I was going to have to be the first one to have a baby but now there is no rush. I am excited to be an uncle too. I love babies. Everyone here has babies. Especially in my last ward because there were so many young couples. The part that sucks is as missionaries we can't play with babies or kids too much. We can't pick them up, hold them, let them sit on our laps and stuff. So I just give them toys make funny faces and laugh and stuff. I pick them up to put them on the couch next to me and they like that so it’s good. So I am excited to come home and not after too long have a baby niece or nephew to play with. That’s cool. Congrats! I'm glad Ellie got the letter. I like writing her letters. So the truck. It is not the same one I had in Jackson. It is silver. Elder Stradling is up in the mountains but it’s a different area than the one I was in. So the trucks. They have each vehicle in the mission for either 3 years or 50,000 miles so the cars that are up in the mountains go through the miles faster because they have larger areas and the church wants all the cars that entered the mission the same time to mature in miles the same amount of time so they took all the trucks out of the mountains and brought them into low miles city areas so they can let the other cars catch up. So I got me a silver Chevy Colorado. 2011. So it’s good. But it doesn't have an aux port for an ipod so we have to listen to cds all day. And we don't have too many of them so we have listened to the same cd 20 times for 5 days now. But we like it so it’s all good. Rudy and his family... They still live up in Jackson. Well most of them do. Rudy and Dusty split up about a month after Dusty got baptized. She was fed up with having to provide for the family and to come home after working 2 jobs and have Rudy gang up on her with all the kids and give her crap. Rudy can't get a job because he is a convicted felon and has served 8 years in prison. So Dusty took off and then told Rudy he should leave so she could raise the kids and provide for them and he said ok so he left and she came back. So now Dusty and all the kids except eve still live there in Jackson. Eve is somewhere down here in Sac going to school for something. I don't know all the details because we can't really check up on them too much but that’s all what I have heard through the grape vine. Porter should take the sacrifice of having an A hour and do choir. I understand that he wants to do sports and I think he should as well as be in weight lifting but maybe not do the Spanish. Its good but I wish I would have done choir in high school. All my friends were there and I love singing and it really is something you can do for your whole life. So I think he should make the sacrifice and do the A hour. Our weather has been pretty nice here as well. This past week it was 70's most of the week but it cooled down to the low 60's and upper 50's. But it does feel good. It cools down and lot more in the evenings here than it does back at home which sucks but I just put my suit coat on and I’m fine. We haven't had too much rain this year so that’s good though the forecast shows a little for the week. Hopefully not too much. It said it was going to rain today but it is clear blue skies right now so hopefully they are wrong. This week was good. Elder Fitt is a real good guy. He is pretty weird and goofy like me but he tries to keep the cool appearance too so he goes in and out of it rather than I am just weird all the time until I need to be spiritual or dignified and even then it’s questionable. Elder Fitt and I get along pretty good though. He thinks I am pretty weird but he likes it. He is from a big family as well but his parents did it a little different. His oldest brother is 28 then it’s him and he’s 20 then his little sister is 18 then his parents had quadruplets! and there was 2 boys and 2 girls from that and they are all 14. So a little different but it’s a big family none the less. Things are going good. We are trying to find some more people to baptize but it’s been a struggle this week. Rose is doing good but she had her Free Mason stuff this week so we pushed her baptism back a week. Angela is doing good as well. We had a good Mission Leadership meeting with President Weston and that was awesome. Half way through he walked in and said he had just got off the phone with President Lewis and he has received clearance from the church doctors to come back on March 2nd so this Friday he will be back!!! So we are super stoked. Also we are having another one in a life time opportunity. Most missionaries go their whole mission without hearing from one apostle and next week on the 8th we have the opportunity to hear from a 2nd!!! Elder L. Tom Perry will be holding a mission conference for our mission along with half of the Roseville mission on March 8th. He will also be speaking to us with Elder Maynes from the new Presidency of the Seventy. So we are stoked!!!! So that will be exciting. I am grateful to email home today. I hope everyone is having a good week. Love you! Bye.


Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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