Monday, April 26, 2010

Tyler VS. Petey

Can Ya'll tell me which one of me in these pictures is Petey? Which one is Tyler?

Don't try too hard because you won't get it right cuz Petey and Tyler are the same person.

I have had a few conversations with a couple of friends about whether I liked to be called "Petey" or "Tyler". Now for those of you who do not know, my name is Tyler Pete Arnett. In eighth grade we had a meeting for football in which we had to write our full name on top of a paper. Riley Farnsworth was sitting next to me and noticed my middle name was Pete and started laughing and then calling me "Petey" forever after. Everyone in football has since called me Petey and since everyone called me Petey, my ninth grade seminary teacher started calling me Petey and ever since I have been called Petey in every seminary class I have been in.

There is the History lesson of how Petey came be.

I don't mind people calling me Petey. I don't care if the don't call me Petey either. A lot of people only know me as Petey cuz they have heard the football players call me Petey so really it makes no difference to me. BUT, it is weird when people I don't know at all call me Petey or Pete. That just shows me that they think they know me or really want to know me but have not taken the time to get to know me and actually see what I introduce myself as.

If someone calls me Tyler I like it. If someone calls me Petey I don't mind. Which do I prefer? I honestly don't know. I like that the people I'm close friends with call me Tyler but I also like how there are close friends that I have that call me Petey. Like Alex Adams, Jackson Halm, and a few others that I played football with. If you ask me what I want to be called I'll say whatever but if I introduce myself and one don't call me the other unless I tell you "or you can just call me Petey". If you already call me Tyler and you call me Petey I won't care but it might be weird at first cuz I'm not used to it. If you call me Petey and you randomly call me Tyler its the same situation. So basically call me whatever you do or if you switch off between the two pick which ever you like. I won't hate you. But if you are someone who is freaking annoying and don't ever talk to me(which I can't imagine you would be reading this if you were such a person) do not walk up to me and yell PETEY! In a high annoying voice. I will hate you!

I do take great pride in the name Pete though. It was my grandpa's name and he was an amazing man and it is a HUGE privilege to be named after him.

Quote by Emily Peterson, "Don't hate me cuz you ain't me!"

Monday, April 12, 2010

One Month

I leave on my Mission in exactly one month. Now that its getting closer I am starting to realize a couple of things. First, I am going to miss some of my best friends soo much for two years. You know who you are (if you think your one and your not then oh well go you). Second, I won't get to work at Krazy Sub and eat delicious food and enjoy the company of my awesome Aunt and Uncle and my cousins and friends. Its awesome working there! Ok enough of that.

My face got sun burned on Saturday and I wanted to get into a fight and made a total fool of myself. I haven't done that for a long time.

I am so greatly blessed.

I got a letter and an E-mail from one of my best friends Elder Halm all in the same week! Its awesome!

I freaking love this song!!!!

Oh and my AWESOME shirt I made on the internet came in the mail today. I'll wear it

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Conference, Cornhole, Combine.

Ok so this was conference weekend and let me tell ya it was AWESOME! Every year I tell myself that was the best one and I think how can they beat that next year and guess what... they always do. I love hearing President Monson, President Eyring, and President Uchtdorf. They are truly inspired men. This conference strengthened my testimony a lot on things that I already felt strongly about. I love finding themes in the talks and I felt that Families were concentrated on a lot by all the brethren. I love my family and the things the apostles taught were so true. I love talking to my parents because I learn so much from them. They are some of my best friends. Also priesthood strengthened my testimony a lot on my mission. Elder Rasband talked on calling missionaries to their mission and I know I'm supposed to go to Sacramento in 38 days! Oh and how could you not cry during President Monson's talk about the brothers serving their missions on both sides of the veil. Well thats not all I loved about this weekend.

This weekend I played quite a bit of Cornhole. You might be asking what in the world is cornhole. Its not a dirty game I promise.

These aren't my boards. I just got the pictures off of Google. We have red and blue bags. Toro pride ya'll. So the game isn't complicated at all. If you have an arm you can play. You put the boards like 21 feel apart the throw from one board to the other and try and get the bean bag to land on the board for one point or in the hole for three points. Its a little hard to explain but was easy to show. If you really want to play just come over when I'm home and we can play. Anyways so today me and my brother-in-law David played my little sister Hayley and older sister Jamie. So Jamie and Hayley have an amazing comeback from four to fourteen to win it with fifteen to fourteen. It was pretty crazy. Well me and David weren't going to lose to a couple of blondes so we said best out of three so we played again. Me and David pwnd em and it was tight. We had one more game but conference was starting up again and right after we had a family dinner to attend to. So we didn't get to play till after that. So we come back home and start the next round and me and David pwnd em again for the win but they wanted to try one more switching the sides so it was best out of five. Then me and David won AGAIN! It was crazy. Then we played a couple more games against other people and all in all we didn't lose again after the first one of the day. We pwnd. We rock. I am amazing at cornhole. Bye