Friday, October 23, 2009

Chapter Two- My First Tear

We have been traveling for a few days now. We are ahead of schedule because of the fast horses we bought. Or took. I'm kind of intimidating. We're riding these horses hard. Maybe in another week we'll kill 'em for their meat and take fresh ones from the next towns market. The journey eastward is about to get dangerous. We are coming upon the formidable Mount Sarton. Half the men that climb it come down on the other side. I'm willing to take the risk to save time. Kyra is scared. She rides on my saddle with me. She refuses to ride alone or with any one else. I won't complain.
We have reached Mount Sarton and are beginning to climb over it. The mountain isn't particularly dangerous itself. Mainly forest except the summit which is covered with snow in the winter months. It's the people who live on the mountain we worry about. The Sarton Killers. They don't like visitors and welcome men with an arrow through the temple or eye socket. We keep moving and stay safe. One of my men starts to fall behind. Chaysin goes back to get him. Chaysin doesn't come back. I ride back and find both men with an arrow stuck into their hearts. Chaysin was my right hand man. He was the first one I told about my plans to beak free and has been with me since the beggining. I shed my first tear. I ride back to tell everyone the news. An arrow tears through my ear. I saw it coming at the last possible moment. I was lucky. I ride fast. A lot faster than my horse should be pushed. Kyra is getting scared. I forgot she was with me. I ride even faster to protect her. I catch up to the group. I tell them the news. We move on. I have no time to grieve. The terrain gets a little more ruff. We walk pulling the horses behind us. We will be safe from the Sarton killers till we start heading down from the summit. Night falls before we reach the top. Though its still summer tonight is a cold night. I keep Kyra rapped in my arms the whole night. I live for her.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Last Murder- Chapter One- My Final Decision.

Things aren't the same as they used to be. I used to be able to walk down the street and no one would recognize me. I could walk into a shop and no one would notice. I could go to a party and meet new people, people who didn't know my abilities. That was all before I started working for him. Ever since i started to kill for him things have never been the same. I have a reputation. People know me. They fear me. At first i enjoyed it. I got whatever i wanted when i wanted it. Then, as time wore on, people just avoided me. Almost ignored me. The only reason they listen is because they know of the time when my anger got the best of me. He wouldn't sell me the bow and arrows. He knew what i intended to use them for. I got angry and cut off his head. Now i make all my own weapons. Or have them custom made for me by reliable Friends. Not friends. Servents. They fear me most of all. Cuz they actually see what i do to people. I won't do it any more. He needs me. With out me he has no power. I've talked to the people I'm closest with. People I've been working with for a while now. They're on my side. We believe we can break away. Keep each other safe. The only people in my group are ones who can provide to my safety. Except her. Kyra. I love her. She doesn't know. She thinks we're just friends. She thinks that's the reason I've made one exception. No one else is bringing the ones they love. Married men leaving their families. Sons leaving their sick parents. They have to listen to my rules because none of them can kill me. There are of course some people in the world that could kill me by themselves but that's why i have my group. To protect me. We have one mission. Kill him. He dies I'm free.Its that simple. The hard part is that he lives on the other side of the world. All we have are horses and wagons. It will take months to reach him. Months I'm willing to spend hunting him down. The only way to end this is to to kill him or kill myself. I pick option A.