Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5th 2012

That was a freaking long email. But I liked it. So yeah the free mason thing didn't have anything to do with her baptism being pushed back other than she wasn't able to come to church and people need to come to church to get baptized. So yeah. It could have been a cold that pushed it back but yeah she came this week. That is insane about Hudson and Kyleigh. She is a real pretty girl and sings very good. They dated a little before and hung out a lot so it doesn't surprise me but man my friends need to wait for me to get home and catch up. In regards to Jackie’s email I don't plan on getting married the week I get home, I need to find a girl first, but why wait? I mean if it’s not meant to be then I wouldn't marry her but if I feel like it’s what God wants for me then I’ll go for it. But yeah. They need to wait for me. Or at least write me a freaking letter so I can hear from them and hear how it’s all going. Oh well. All in due time. Things are going pretty good out here. Our people are progressing nicely and things are moving along. Rose was able to make it to church this week. Her older sister Felicia who is 16 came as well. It’s funny because she acts like she doesn't like spiritual things and stuff but she has read everything we have asked her to read and she comes to church when she can. She doesn't go to Sunday school because she thinks her teacher is weird but she does go to young woman’s and sacrament meeting. It’s funny. I think she feels the spirit and knows what’s right but wants to still be cool so she doesn't act spiritual. But yeah so Rose came to church and we have been teaching her consistently. She is ready to be baptized but her mom needs to give her the ok and we never see her mom. She works at Taco Bell a lot and at night too so if she is home she is sleeping. So we are trying to sit down with her and start planning for a day. Angela is doing very good as well. She has picked April 21st to be baptized. It’s super far but she does have some things she needs to work on. She drinks alcohol not like a drunk but socially and she smokes medical marijuana. I hate that it is legal here. People think because its legal it’s ok and because a doctor says it’s ok then it is. It sucks. But we have taught her about it and told her that she needs to quit and she is working with the bishop so that is good. So we will keep preparing her for April 21st. Then we had a huge miracle this week. It was awesome. So two weeks ago a kid came to church with this girl and I guess he had been before just to check it out and he liked it so he came again. So we talked to him but he said he didn't want to join yet. Oh and his name is Matthew by the way. So last week he was at church again and this kid that is going on a mission this week gave his farewell talk and talked a lot about baptism and we over hear Matthew telling someone else that he needed to be baptized so of course we jump on it after church and tell him we are the people to talk to about being baptized and we asked him why he keeps coming and he said that his friend had given him a book of Mormon so he read it and prayed and asked God if it was true and he said yes so he knows it’s true so this is now his church so we invited him to be baptized and he said he needed his parents’ permission first so we kind of wrote him off thinking that since he won't meet with us and since his parents won't give him permission he won't go anywhere. Well he walked up to us at church yesterday and said hey my parents gave me permission so how do we do this. Well he wasn't too sure about meeting with us but after sacrament meeting he sat down with the Bishop and he told him that he needed to take the missionary lessons and get an interview from a missionary and get baptized. So that is what is going to happen! We are super pumped and yeah it was pretty crazy and a miracle. So this week has been good. Elder Fitt is from Houston Texas. And yeah. So things are going good. We are still working hard and I am trying to finish strong. I don't know exactly why Elder Perry is coming but I am super excited to meet him and Elder Maynes from the presidency of the Seventy. So it will be awesome. There will be like 400 missionaries there so I don't know if we will all get to shake hands with them but it will be cool to meet him none the less. So yeah we are pretty excited. President Lewis is back! I was able to speak to him on Saturday morning and see him a little bit last night so it was awesome. Yeah so we found out how bad he was. Our bishop is a doctor and knows about that stuff. He said he was close to dying and it’s a miracle that he is back now. So we are all so happy and the work will go forward with as hard as possible. So yeah. Things are good. I love you all. So since I have been out I have been singing the last song to Phantom of the Opera when they are down in the dungeon and all three of them sings well I sing it with all three parts. The family we had dinner with last night asked me to do it for them. So it was good. I love doing it. One of my dreams is to play the Phantom in a musical. So yeah. Have a good week!

Love, Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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