Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6th 2012

Man are those boys little trouble makers. Luckily I was the perfect child and never had any problems with the police or anything. Or I haven't that you know about ha. Just kidding, I told you everything I did. Well mom I have been thinking about my future life for a little bit now and I think I have it all planned out. I'll say sorry now because eventually it requires me to leave the state for school for a little while. But I will come back and be the best at what I do. I guess I will just tell you what my plan is... So when I get home I will try to begin immediately going to school and working. I plan on going to MCC because that is the cheap alternative. I want to go to school for News Broadcasting. I want Anderson Coopers job and I will get it! So I will go there and for the two years I am there I plan on working my butt off so I can have one of the highest GPA's. Then I will transfer over to ASU and continue on there. Somewhere in this whole scheme I plan on getting married. Hopefully while still at MCC. I will start trying to find my wife right when I get home. I mean why wait to continue on with the rest of my life. So after I work really hard at ASU and graduate I plan on going to Harvard for Graduate School. You might laugh at me but I really feel like if I want to, I can do anything I want! I just have to put my mind to it and rely on the Lord's strength to help me through it all. Plus I feel like I am doing it for a righteous desire. So I will go to Harvard for Graduate School and so we will have to move there. We will probably have a child by then. So you'll have to fly out and visit us mom and dad. Then when I graduate from Harvard people will be asking me to work for them. You always tell me mom that I need to go to school and I do plan on that but you have also told me that I should go for something that is in high demand which I think would be a good idea but I don't know if I would like my job very much. I really want to do something that I love doing. So I love telling stories. I have always known that. But in the recent months I have realized that I love wearing my suit. It makes me feel good to look nice. And I love talking in front of people. If I am prepared enough it is super fun to convey my point of view and idea or just a story. It is pretty fun. And a saying I have heard is "There is Always room at the Top" so I figure if I am going to do something that I love and want to make money doing it then I should try and be the best there is. And if I go to Harvard I think I will be the best and people that go to Harvard can get jobs. And Harvard doesn't just take a simple plain smart person. They take people who have a personality and people who when they graduate from there will be listened to when they say, Hey I went to Harvard and I am the best so yeah. But Harvard is a very hard school to get into, but I am convinced that if I would have tried being smart in High School I could have. I just went with the flow and got the grades that were a lot of times better than my effort level. So when I go to college from the very beginning I will work hard to be the smartest in the world! OK maybe just school. And if I go to school for News Broadcasting I can become Anderson Cooper and I can just sit there and talk and have a gay old time. So that is my plan for my career when I get home. I have high ambitions and it is going to take lots of work. But why not. Really if this is what God wants for me then I can do it. So yeah. That is my plan. And I will get to wear a suit every day I want to. And then I can write books if I want to cuz I will have the know how from school and the name to do it. So it all works out for the better. So that is how it is going to go. That's my plan. So this week was good. We did some cool stuff. I will tell you about some of the High Lights. We taught Howard many times this week. We prepared him for his baptism on Saturday and then... He got baptized!!! So we have already seen the Lord's blessings as we have been working diligently and have been obedient. It feels good to do all you can do then just fall over and rely on God to take over the work. Cuz then you know you will succeed. You know you will not fail. I won't back down, I will not lose, cuz you can't win... that’s a song elder jones wrote... So that was super awesome to see Howard get baptized and to see the fruits of our labors. It was the first baptism in this ward for almost 5 months! And we hope to have many more in the months to come. I received a nice compliment from President Weston this week. We had our Stake Correlation meeting with the Stake Presidency, the High Councilor over missionary work, and someone from the Mission Presidency, which is President Weston for all the northern Zones. So this was my first time meeting the Stake Presidency and when I introduced myself at the beginning of the meeting he added that I am a baptizing missionary. I just laughed and said well that’s our goal and he told them how I just came from North Sac where we led the mission in baptisms for the year as a zone and that I was there for about 6 months of that year. Now I don't take credit for all those baptisms. Elder Manukailea is the best missionary I have known. Elder Jones was my better half when we were together. And we had some amazing baptizing missionaries in the zone who would just take our council and advice and run with it and baptize. So yeah that's why North Sac was so good. I was just privileged to experience it all! But I do want to be a baptizing missionary and I want this zone to be a baptizing zone and we will be! On Saturday morning we had a really good meeting with all the Zone Leaders. President Weston and President Martinez, who is the first councilor in the mission presidency as well as Elder Seamons, the executive secretary were there and they all did amazing training's for us to take back to our zones and to teach them on. I can really see how we are going to see more success as we do these things. President Martinez and Elder Seamons both trained on Unity and they were amazing training's. Then President Weston trained on planning and prioritizing. He told us how we need to be in front of nonmembers as much as possible all throughout the day. He said we can always find something organizational and administrative to do that would be good. He also said that some other things we do would be even better, but the Best thing to do would be to be out with Non Members and Investigators as much as possible so the spirit can influence them. And if we are working with 100 people some of them have to get baptized sooner or later. So both those things will be helpful in helping our zone baptize more people. This week was pretty good overall. We reached most of our goals and saw a lot of success with teaching people. We are still trying to find more people cuz we can see the people we are working with getting baptized so we need more after them! So that is what we are going to do! We are going to baptize! That's all I want to do lately. I baptize people. I wish I had this urgency at the beginning and earlier in my mission. I would have seen so much more success. Well yeah that is it. I have just been rambling on and on about random things and this has probably been the most unorganized email I have written but oh well! I can't wait to see Andrew and Hudson again. Tell them both to write or email me soon! Well I love you all. Have a good week.


Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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