Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28th 2011

February 28th 2011

Man all I got to say is when it rains it pours. So this week was crazy. So first off, Jay I am in the Florin ward in the Elk Grove stake. When you were here I think Elk Grove was still part of Sacramento but was like its own little community. Well not anymore it has grown pretty large and they are a city and my zone is the whole city. I cover the fruitridge area. So it is pretty ghetto. We have a lot of stolen bikes in the mission now and a lot have been stolen in my area. A few months ago someone broke the window in the church to get the missionaries bikes out. As for my bike being stolen, I did know the peoples whose house I was at. They were recent converts so I don't think they took them. I haven’t gotten my new bike yet... It will probably come this week or the next week but oh how much I can't wait for it to be here. I thrashed one bike I have been borrowing. I found out that the rims are made to hold 250 lbs. on bikes. I'm 260 right now so do the math... I broke four spokes this week on someone elses bike and am now borrowing another bike from a member. I am promising myself I am going to lose weight. I can't breathe very well, it makes biking harder, and I break things cuz I’m so heavy so I am going to eat better and exercise better so I can lose some weight. I think it would solve most of my problems. The weather has been bipolar. It will be warm like 50's one day then it will be raining in the 40's the next. That doesn't help my asthma out at all. So I have been taking lots of breathing treatments. Which brings me to my next point; I need more breathing treatment medicine. You can just send me a check and I will send it to the guy. That would work out good. I can't think of anything else I need. So this week was ok. On Monday we had an appointment but the people weren't there. It was a bummer so we went to another appointment and they happened to flake as well. So we went over to the Childresses. He is like 400 lbs. and can't walk but he is way nice and loves to talk about food. He worked construction all his life and has some nice stories. The missionaries pushed him a little too hard to be baptized in the past and so we are going to try and work him through it all but he seems like he is close. We went home after that. Tuesday was another day. We do have daily planners mother and I fill them out each night for the next day but I forget to bring it every week to email just as I have done this week so I can't remember much. I will tell you about some of the people we are working with. Lexy Vela is the 9 year old who has two cousins, one is 8 and the other turns 8 on March 9th so they are all going to get baptized on the same day, March 12th. It was a miracle finding them and it is bringing their whole less active family back to the church. It’s incredible. The three girls are probably the sharpest little girls I’ve ever taught. They remember everything we teach them, they have legitimate questions and they behave very well. It’s fun teaching them. We teach them like 3 times a week. They had us over on Friday for dinner as well. They are a really nice family. We have been working with Nancy who really wants to be baptized but she is living with two guys or rather two guys are living with her, she owns the house. She is deep in debt and financially screwed so she needs them there to help her pay the bills right now. So we are at a standstill with her. We are working with a few other people who are nice people but their interest level and intent aren't as high as others. They understand what we teach is a good thing and they feel the spirit but they aren't willing to put forth the effort to receive revelation, which we are all entitled to. We have a butt load of ensigns in our apartment and I love reading the articles in them at night or during lunch. They are so inspirational and the prophets and the apostles are so inspired it’s awesome! My favorite section is the part where members submit short inspiring stories, I think its called members voices or something. They are awesome. They make me miss home though. It reminds me a lot of my family and how close we are with each other and how much fun and love we share. But I am doing a great work and I cannot come down. Well I am just about out of time so I will close. Thanks for being there for me and for all the prayers, they really do help. Mom could you send me the emails of all the missionaries you receive emails from their parents. I can just print them out and read them on my free time. That would be pretty cool. Well I love you.

Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

Monday, February 21, 2011

Stolen Bike-hard lessons to learn

February 21st 2011

Yeah sorry about that ticket. I didn't want to go to jail so it needed to be taken care of pretty quick so thanks a bunch. You are not going to be very happy at all now. I am sorry and I have learned my lesson. I don't want to tell you what happened but its necessary. My bike got stolen on Monday... Yes I know you’re probably angry with me and so was the guy from CTR bikes. He said he will replace it but it’s going to cost me 179 dollars. I don't know how much money I have in my account but if I have any I’ll pay it. I feel bad. We went to an investigators house and we were standing out front with our bikes and the mom got mad because we were letting all the hot air out so we stepped in for about 5 min and when we came out both bikes were gone. But they left our helmets. We are borrowing some for now and our new ones are on their way. He said they don't make the model I had so I am getting an upgrade. I was so bummed and I am keeping my eye open for my bike because I WILL get it back with vengeance. I won't hurt him if he gives it up but if he tries to keep it then I don't know if I can hold back. Plus if I get my bike back I can sell it and get some money back. So I am sorry. But the guy wants me to send him a check and I don't have checks... Mom in reading about the busy week you had I was glad to hear that you were still fulfilling your church callings. The Lord will always bless you as you serve him. It’s hard sometimes but when we do what’s right we cannot fail. I hope the go kart doesn't break before I get home because I wanna ride it! This week was good. Monday we got our bikes stolen. It sucked. We had to get a ride home from the black people we were visiting. Tuesday was pretty good as well. We tried to get our bike situation figured out. Our cell phones have area code restrictions on them so we couldn't call outside the area and the number was in Alabama. We went to lunch with a guy named brother Meisner. He loves mystical creatures and he loves star trek and stuff like that. We had pizza which he said was the best in the world, it wasn't, and wings. It was fun chilling with him though. We walked there and back. We borrowed a couple of bikes from other missionaries that don't use them. They suck bad but they are better than walking. Tuesday I can't remember what we did. Wednesday, we went to the church to use the phone. They don't have one other than in the clerk’s office and we don't have a key so we had to go to a members house to call CTR bikes. The guy chewed me out for not locking it up. He was mean about it but he said they changed their policy to that if you don't lock it up they will replace it but you have to pay an unlocked bike fee. So that is what I have to do. It’s a bummer but I need a better bike. My old bike needed a new rim anyways and the cheapest I could find was like 70 bucks so it’s like I’m only spending 100 on a new bike. So the rest of Wednesday we visited people and stuff. Honestly I can't ever remember what we do during the week. I am a lot more tired than I was when I was in the hills. Thursday we went on exchanges with the District leader. It was good. I went out to his area. We had district meeting as well and it pumped us up and set us on fire for Jesus! We visited some good people. We had lunch with a member at Golden Corral. It was super good. A lot better than the last time I went there last year when I was on my diet. I ate too much though. But don't worry I'm not going to die. I have lost 10 lbs. since being on my bike again. It’s tough sometimes but I am losing weight and that’s what keeps me going when I’m dead. On Friday we had a few lessons. We had one late at night and we were there till 9:30. We are supposed to be in by nine. The member that was with us couldn't take us home because he had drums in his truck. My companion bugs on a few things. One he tries to bug me sometimes when I tell him that if he is going to do something it will bug me, he will do it. I know annoying. Also he says he has things taken care of like rides and stuff when really he just assumes things will work out and he really doesn't do anything about it. So that puts us as well as others in awkward situations. That night he assumed the guy could give us a ride home so when I said at 9 that we should go he said no he can give us a ride and I said are you sure and he said yes so when nine thirty came around and he couldn't take us home I'm sure you can imagine how angered I was at him for that. I felt like I had just finished football practice that night after riding home. I was real tired from the day and I biked as hard as I could against the windy rain nonstop till we got home and it was more than a mile. I couldn't breathe afterwards. My asthma sucks right now. I can never breathe. On Saturday we taught a few people. We are teaching a nine year old girl and her two 8 year old cousins. They are all going to get baptized on March 12th. It was a cool story finding them. We prayed about where to tract and we went there and realized a less active member that the bishop asked us to visit lived there so we went to his house first. We helped him change a battery in his daughter’s car then he told us about their three girls who wanted to get baptized. We gladly accepted the offer to teach them. They are all real sharp and remember everything we teach them. It’s fun. Sunday was a good day. We had some meetings in the morning then we had church, afterwards we had dinner with a member then we had a member blitz. Instead of having all the missionaries get together to knock on doors for two hours they have us go out with a member and visit less actives and former and potential investigators. It’s cool. They ran out of members so I went with another missionary and it was fun. He is Tongan and it was a good time. Today I wrote three letters. It was fun. Well I don't know if I have much more to say. Oh yes we know who our new mission president is going to be. He will be coming July 1st. I hope he is half as good as president Jardine because I am going to miss him a lot. His name is President H. Benson Lewis. He is from Sandy, Utah has 6 kids, all married and his wife’s name is Julie. I am excited to meet him in a few months. I can't believe mom got in the Go kart ha. Elder Byrum called me from my last area to ask me something and he said Olga is getting baptized on the 5th of March so I will be going to that. I am sooooooooo excited to see Rudy and his family again in a few weeks. Well I think that is about it this week. I'll try and remember more for next week and I promise I will lock my bike up all the time now. There is a lady in my ward whose maiden name is Arnett. She said she can see the family resemblance but I don't think were related. She wasn't good looking like the rest of us. Oh well. I hope all is well. I love you.

Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 14th 2011

February 14th 2011

Man that was a long one. I'm not sure how much time I have so I will try and get as much in as I can. This week was long! Tuesday night was a really sad night. We went with Brother Burton and visited his home teaching families. It was ok. We went and got some ice cream then me and elder byrum went and got our truck and went over to Rudy’s. It was super sad. I didn't want to leave their family. They are some of my best friends and I was able to get to know them real well. I went over without brother burton because I knew I would be breaking the rules. I couldn't pass up hugging everyone and that meant all the girls too. It was sad and they were mad at me for leaving them but they understand the work. They are planning on moving to Alaska in June or July so when I get home from my mission the first thing I’ll be saving for will be for a trip to Alaska! I haven't ever had a reason to go there before so I had no desire but it sounds pretty cool and they said I could stay with them when they are up there. So I am already planning on it. They are moving up there because that is where Dusty grew up and Rudy will have better job opportunities out there. So I said bye to them and went to sleep angry because I really didn't want to leave.

Wednesday was an interesting day. I packed then drove back down to elk grove. I am in the Florin ward. Its g-hetto. Stockton is ghetto but my area was the nicer part. This area is more ghetto. There are black people and Asians everywhere. It’s insane. So Wednesday I almost died on my bike. I am so freakin out of shape its ridiculous. I weighed 270 on Wednesday night and now I am down to 263.5 So I have lost a bit of weight. It’s nice but hard. It gets easier and easier every day though. But I was dying on Wednesday because I didn't take a breathing treatment in the morning. I was able to meet some good people we’re working with and it was a good day.

Thursday was another good day. We had a zone meeting. Everyone that was here before I left was here until now. Over half the zone is brand new it sucks but we have some awesome missionaries here. My zone leader is named elder Kelley. He looks so much like Joe my cousin it’s scary. I kind of feel bad for him ha just kidding. But he is way cool. Elder Crager is my companion. He is from Wisconsin. He is about 5'4"... Another one huh? No he is better than short man. He tries real hard to show off to make me think he is legit so he messes up a lot on doors and stuff but he has a great love for the people and he works super hard so he is a great companion. I hope we get along. Thursday we planned a little for the baptism we had scheduled on Saturday. Two young girls that are 10 and 15. They are fun to teach. I can't remember what we did that day.

Friday was a weird day. We went over to the assistant ward mission leader’s house to make our baptism programs in the morning. Normally we have weekly planning but that was the only time he was going to be home. After his house which took longer than we had hoped we went to subway for lunch. It was tasty, then we did weekly planning till three. We went and visited a lady named Nancy who was set for baptism on the 19th but won't be able to because she has 2 males living with her. It’s a sad situation. They trashed her house, never pay her rent and just recently we found out they are selling marijuana and sexually abusing her. So she is going to turn them in but she has a few mental problems that makes her scared a lot and I know this stuff had something to do with it. We went tracting then had a good dinner with the Deveys. They have some family in Mesa. We had tri tip and it was tasty. There is an Elder in my zone from Prescott. His last name is Campbell. He is nice.

Saturday I can't remember what we did other than we biked like no freakin other. I have been getting more and more in shape and so if I’m keeping up with my companion he thinks he needs to speed up and it’s killing me. But it’s all for the better I guess. At least if I don't die. I am super tired though from all this biking and non stopness. The hills were so relaxed. We visited a nice black lady who got baptized last year. She was crazy but has a strong testimony. She was all over the place though and it was hard to follow along. Oh yeah ha. We had a baptism Saturday morning. It was good. I had to give the talk on the Holy Ghost cuz Elder Crager forgot to ask someone to do it and then I had to do the half time show while they were all changing so I talked a lot at it.

Sunday was crazy! We had a meeting withour ward mission leader at 10 that was good. Then we had PEC at 10:30 then at 11 we had ward council which was a waste of our time because we only talked for like two min. Then we had lunch at home which is right next to the church so we walk there. That part is nice. We had church from 1 to 4. Three random nonmembers came to church and we scheduled an appointment to teach them. One was from Oregon and he said that there was an Elder Mathews from Mesa Az there and he said he would probably see him again and he will ask if he knows an Arnett. I know a few Mathews so I don't know if I know him. We went to a ladies house to give her nonmember husband a blessing. He is 420 lbs.!!! It’s crazy. He hurt his back and needs a hip and knee replacement but can't get either till he is about 300 lbs. but he can't lose weight cuz he is hurt so he just has to deal with the pain. He asked for the blessing which was a big step because he didn't like the church at all about year ago. He is nice though. After that we had a blitz in the Sheldon ward. We do it different now where the ward it is in provides members for each missionary to go out with so we double our numbers than we visit a few pre-selected people then we knock doors. It is pretty cool. The guy I was with was named Brett. He said if I ever write a book he'll read it. He was nice. He was about mid 40's. Then we had a cottage meeting where President Jardine comes and pretty much teaches the first lesson. We all bring investigators and then some recent converts bear their testimony. It was a good meeting. Then we had a meeting with President Williams, my favorite stake president out here, which was awesome. It was exciting to see him again and it made me excited to be back in elk grove. This morning I sucked at basketball cuz I haven’t played for 3 months.

So it’s a good time out here on the mission. Being with someone younger than me, mission wise he's actually older than me in real life, makes it easier for me to see how much I really have progressed over the 9 months I have been out. Well it appears my time is up. I hope you enjoy this and I love you all.

Love Elder Arnett

P.S.- about that ticket. I guess you can mail the money in to where you pay it at. It would probably be a good idea to do it as fast as possible because I was supposed to go to court today which was 2 hours away and I didn't go so if its not paid and I don't show they put a warrant out for my arrest. So if that could get paid soon that would be the best. I don't want to go to jail for 6 months and/or pay a 1000 dollar fine. I don't have money so it probably wouldn't be a good idea to send it to me. Well I hope I don't get pulled over in the mean time! I love ya all.. Bye :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 8th 2011

February 8th 2011

This week was a real good one! I feel bad for all of you at home in the cold. It is usually up in the high 50's or 60's! We get fog occasionally that lowers the temperature a bit but it has cleared out pretty good. I love warm weather.

On Monday after we emailed late we went out and saw a few families. No one was home. So we went home. Tuesday was just another day. We saw a few people in the morning then had lunch. After lunch we went up north to the snow to see some people because we had dinner up there that night. After dinner we went with Brother the old ward mission leader, well I guess he's still the ward mission leader until he gets released. He just got called to the high council so he has a new calling. We will miss him. We went with him to a less active he home teaches. She was nice but has no desire to come back to church. Then we traveled down the hill and went to Rudy's for a minute to set a for sure time for Eve's baptism on Friday. Then we went to Baskin Robins for ice cream and to visit Jenny, Brother Burtons project. It turns out she is still prego, even though she told us she lost the baby. Oh well. We went home after that. On Wednesday we had a good day. We visited some people that we had worked with in the past but haven’t been in contact with. I should say we tried to visit them but they were not home. We had dinner with the Saldates. They are nice so it was good. Thursday we had district meeting over in San Andreas with the other elders over there. It was good. Then we played a quick game of two on two b ball in full church clothes. I did ok. Actually I was on fire and had like 15 of our 20 points. But we lost by two points to Elder Byrum and Elder Buttars. Afterwards we came back over and started visiting people to let them know about the baptism. They were all excited. We had dinner with nice people but I don't remember who. On Friday we had a baptism! It was awesome. We spent most of the day preparing for that. We made programs and little music sheets cuz the songs were from the primary song book. The baptism started at 6 or it was supposed to but it really didn't start till 6:30 cuz everyone was late. Rudy being everyone. We got some good pictures. Then we cleaned up afterward and went home. Saturday was a special day. And by special I mean the same as every other day. We visited some nice folks down in Ione. It was fun. No one signed up to feed us on Saturday so we starved. Just kidding. It’s February at subway so it’s cheap to eat poop. Subway is poop compared to Krazy Sub. I miss it tons. We saw a few more people. We went to Rudy's to make sure they were coming to church cuz Eve would be getting confirmed but then we remembered they were going to the bay area to visit Rudy's other daughter and grandson. We went home shortly after that. On Sunday Eve was confirmed. They gave us a scare by walking in as the Bishop stood up to greet the ward. It was nice. Then we had a wonderful lesson on family history work and temples. It answered a lot of questions for Rudy. Elders quorum was on missionary work so we participated a bit more than usual because we’re experts on the new up to date missionary stuff. We had dinner with Rudy and his family. It was really good. We had Fajitas and seven layer dip. It was good. Oh and some soda pop. No one out here calls it just pop. It’s either soda or soda pop. Who would a thought? Also people look at me weird when I call it a beverage. I guess it is kind of weird. We visited with them for a while and it was nice. I sure do love that family. Then we went home. Yesterday sucked. I got my transfer call and boy am I bummed. We wanted to stay together so bad. But I am leaving. Going to back to Elk Grove but this time I will be in the Florin ward and I will be the senior companion. I have a lot of pressure on me because it was the 5th highest baptizing ward in the mission last year with some legend missionaries serving there and President Jardine wants me to keep that trend there. Man that guy has a lot of faith in me. He gave me a nice compliment though. He said he wanted to let me and Elder Byrum stay together but he needed me to be a senior because there were a lot less capable people than me already seniors and he needed me to come be one. So I will go with enthusiasm ready to ride my bike some more! My new companion will be Elder Krager. I know nothing about him. So next week be expecting some great news on Elk Grove hot stove. I love you all.

Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

Monday, February 7, 2011

January 31st 2011

January 31st 2011

Elder Faka'i came out the same exact day I did but a year earlier. So he should get the letter ok. I love that guy. As for the evil spirits, it’s not really a problem. I just think about it when I’m in the dark or something and I get spooked easy. I have no problem with scary things like killers and physical things. It’s what I can't see that scares me and what I can't physically fight off. But most nights I usually just wake up and think I’m not scared because I have two things evil spirits don't have, a body and priesthood. So I have nothing to worry about as long as I don't invite them and I’m worthy to exercise my priesthood. It’s really not bad. I only get scared because of all the stories I've heard from missionaries. But yeah this week was good.

Monday after we emailed we went tie shopping at thrift stores. I bought some real neat old ties. I love ties. Then we went to down town Jackson and kind of walked around the shops. We found ourselves in a used book store looking at cool picture books and skimming books about the county we cover. It was pretty cool. The rest of the night was lame. At least I think it was. I can't remember. My mind has not been serving me well lately. Tuesday was a good day as well. We did a lot of trying to see people but the mornings aren't the most effective time for seeing people but there is nothing better to do. We had lunch at I’m sure a fast food place. Then the afternoon we tried to see a few more people. We talked with a nice less active guy. He probably won't come back to church though. Then we had dinner with somebody nice I’m sure and I bet we enjoyed it. Man I need to bring my planner I can't remember anything. We had an amazing lesson with Rudy and his family that night. Olga, who previous declined the invitation to be baptized told us that she was ready. She didn't know what day because she didn't know her basketball schedule but she said the near future. We have gotten real close with their family so they are totally comfortable with bringing up their concerns. She said her only concern before was that if she decided to do this she didn't want to go in half way. She was all in or not it. That’s what we like to hear! So she is all in now. Then we went and got ice cream because we visited a girl named Jennie who was pregnant, or so she thought, but she lost the baby. It turns out she was never pregnant in the first place. Her body was just mimicking the symptoms. But she reads the book of Mormon and one day she said she will come to church.

Wednesday Elder Byrum had leadership meeting. We do it on the phone cuz it’s too far to meet up with the other missionaries. Our phone was broken so we had to use the clerk’s office phone. While he was in his meeting I made a profile, which I found out later we’re not supposed to make as missionaries but what’s done is done and I didn’t know. Then Elder Holyoak, my favorite companion! drove up and gave us a new phone, he being an office elder. Then we went to lunch at Jose's. It was real good Mexican food. I got a chimichanga. I gave it an 8 because mattas is a 10 and nothing comes close enough to be a 9 compared to theirs. It was good though. Then we visited a few people. It was nice. Again I can't remember who we had dinner with that night.

Thursday we had a good district meeting. We played ping pong for a little while then we went to McDonalds for lunch. It was good. Then we went over to visit Karey. He hasn't really gotten better I’m sad to say. He still has a hole in his throat so he isn't supposed to talk so we had to converse through his mom. They are still reading and praying. She came to church the week before and she said once Karey can walk a little better he will be there with her so that was super exciting. We had a good visit with them though. We went and said hi to Brother Gonzales then we visited some random people. We had dinner with the Bishop's son and father-in-law. Him and his wife weren't home though. They were fulfilling a ward temple assignment. In was real good though. We had meatloaf. You all know how much I love meatloaf. I told the son to make sure she knew how much I liked it. Maybe we'll get it again? Then we went to Rudy's to say hi and talk to Eve about her baptismal interview on Saturday. Then we went home.

Friday was a weird day. I don't really remember what we did. We visited people in Ione some more. It was ok. I personally like Jackson ward better. We had lunch, then we went and saw a less active guy. He has met with missionaries in the past but slipped through over the last few transfers because one missionaries focus is not always another missionary. But he was really nice. He wants to come to church but he works on Sundays and he is afraid if he asks for it off they will give him forever off as well. Jobs are hard to come by these days and he doesn't want to lose the one he's got. But it was a good visit. Then we went to Olga's basketball game with brother Burton. He really wanted us to go to support her and he paid our 5 dollar admission fee so we didn't complain about going. Watching girls basketball is like watching paint dry but watching girls jv basketball is like watching dirt do what it does, nothing. But they killed the team 46 to 11. It was neat. We didn't have a dinner that night so we went to taco bell.

Saturday was a busy day with lots of driving. We had a meeting with brother Roberts early at 8 then we went to breakfast afterwards. Then we came to the church to meet the zone leaders so they could do Eve's baptismal interview. She passed of course. I don't know how someone who hasn't missed a day of seminary in two weeks can fail. She is dedicated and loving it! Then we had a free throw contest with them. I lost horribly. Then we had to rush over to Elder Buttars and his new companion Elder George from Rexburg Idaho to their area so elder Byrum could do an interview for their investigator Kendra. She is 11 and excited to be baptized. Then we went to burger king for a late 2 o’clock lunch. Then we had to drive all the way home an hour because I refuse to speed no matter how tempting it is. Then we visited a few people. We didn't have a dinner again on Saturday because it was the adult session of stake conference. The people that were going to feed us on Sunday called and said they wouldn't be able to so they gave us money to buy some food and gave us some rice chicken thing to stick in the oven before church. We also don't have dinner tonight so it is 4 days without member dinners. Man it’s like I’m in Stockton or something. I got the package Saturday. It was a lovely edition to the wonderful day. I love the tie! It is my 3rd favorite just behind my two grandpa ties. I'm normally not a huge fan of paisley but the colors were awesome! Thanks a bunch father!

Sundays are always grand. We had stake conference. It was one of the broadcast kind. President Eyring gave an amazing talk on Modern Day Prophets. It was amazing and he is now my 2nd favorite speaker, God's mouthpiece being my first, President Monson. President Eyring jumped from third over President Uchtdorf. Those three are truly inspired men. Sunday we cooked our dinner then only went to see Rudy because we don't have any miles left for the month. He wasn't at church. He has been blessed with a lot of work lately but that blessing was a curse as well after taking on some poison oak and it didn't do him well on Sunday morning. Dusty had work so as a result the kids didn't have a ride with mom gone and dad down. So we went to see if they were doing good. They were. We went home and cleaned our apartment because we had inspections tomorrow. We will easily get over 100 with how well it looks. I made another video so you so can see the changes we made by comparing to the last video. Then Elder Buttars and Elder George came over to spend the night so they could have P day with us today.

Today we went to the Black Chasm! It is a super cool cave that a member runs tours of. It was real fun going through it and squeezing through some small holes. Me and Elder Buttars had to watch them on a couple of holes and not participate because we were too big. She said if we were just fat it wouldn't be too bad cuz fat moves around but the muscle we acquired from playing football doesn't go nowhere. But it was still a lot of fun. We went tie shopping after but the places hadn't re stocked since last week. So now I am emailing. I love you all and hope this next month brings lots of love and happiness.


Elder Tyler Pete Arnett