Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 21st 2012

Well this week was really good. We had a lot of good things happen and we worked very hard. So I am now completely over my sickness so I can get back to working out in the mornings and what not but... my inhaler ran out on Friday and we didn't have time to get into the pharmacy on Friday or Saturday and then of course everything is closed on Sundays doctor stuff wise and so I was excited to get it all done on Monday but of course it has to be Presidents day and so they weren't open then either. So bright and early this morning I went over to Walgreens and they didn't open till 8 at the pharmacy so I had to wait for that but they faxed Dr. Burrell and asked him to refill my prescription and so whenever that happens I can go in and buy my inhaler so hopefully I have money... So yeah that happened. So I am excited now to get back into working out and stuff. We have to go outside to do some of our work outs and stuff and its cold so it messes with my asthma so I need to puff my inhaler before I go out there but it was out. I could take a breathing treatment but they take 20 min. and I don't want to wake up 20 minutes early to be able to work out after a breathing treatment. So yeah that is good. We were able to have a good lesson on Monday with a lady named Jennifer and her son. They had attended the Gladys Knight event and requested missionaries. It turns out she has taken all the lessons before when she was younger. Her sister was baptized a while ago and she took the lessons with her but didn't want to get into religion. She said she was living a different life then but that she is now ready to get spiritual and to make changes in her life so that was exciting. We were also able to teach a lady name Angela who has been investigating the church for a while now. Her husband and son were baptized in September of last year and are waiting on her so they can all go to the temple and be sealed together. Well Angela hasn't wanted to set a date for a while but she had made the comment that she wanted her friends that she grew up with, that are LDS, to be there and so she is trying to figure that out. Well I had dealt with that before with Megan Hall and so we went over Monday night and told her to contact her friends and set a date. Well she hadn't by last night so we went by again last night and set April for the month she is getting baptized. We don't have a specific date yet but that's a start for how slow it was going before. We were able to teach Rose a few times this week. We talked with her mom about a date for her to be baptized. I don't remember if I told you about her or not. I probably didn't because the past few weeks I was telling you all my dreams and life ambitions. Well Rose is 11 years old and her two older sisters Felicia who is 16 and Kayla who is 15 along with her mom and dad are members. Rose is the nonmember. Well we have been working with her to be baptized but her mom said she needs to be more obedient to them and stuff because she is a problem child. So we were working on that and this week we brought it up and her mom said she isn't as good as she feels so we talked about it and about how if she is just shooting for nothing she will never get there but if we set a date she can work to be good by then. So we set the date for March 3rd for Rose to be baptized. Since that lesson her parents said she has been doing a lot better. I think it might also have to do with the fact that the day before they bought her a phone and said if she is bad they will take it away so that has been helping as well. So we have them preparing to be baptized soon. So not this past Sunday but the Sunday before we had our blitz and I went with Elder Kelley who is one of the Assistants to the Mission President or AP. Well he is going home this week so they would be needing a new one and they call the new AP a week early so he can be trained on all he needs to do. So I was with him when he made the call and guess who it is?! Elder Jones! So that was super exciting. He has been in our zone for about a week now and it has rocked. I love him and now I can finish my mission with him! It has helped a lot with the trunkyness. Well on Thursday at District meeting he told me some awesome news. Logan Ferguson was going to get baptized on that Saturday! I had worked with the Ferguson family, or as I might have called them the Inglis Family since my first transfer with Elder Manukaila. We were teaching one of the older sons Dominic and he wasn't progressing at all. Then Elder Jones came in and we started working with little ole Logan. He is 10 I think. So we taught him a lot but his Grandma Sis. Inglis would never come to church. She along with her son Roger are both members. Roger never came either because he was a truck driver and was on the road 20 days a month then home for 10. So it was hard for him to come on his day’s home because he had so much he had to get done. Well right before I left north Sac he had had a seizure while on the road across the country and had to come home. Well they didn't like that so his trucking license was revoked and he lost his job... Well because of that he was humbled a lot and decided he needed God to make it through so he returned back to church. Then he started bringing Logan and then Logan started going to scouts and then he wanted to get baptized! So it was awesome. Brother Call from North Sac came and picked us up from over here in Carmichael and took us over to the baptism. Elder Jones and I miss him so much. He said the ward misses us a lot too because the new guys aren't like us. So the baptism was good and I was able to see a lot of old friends. Some of them I told we would come by right before I left so I could introduce them to you. So that will be good. So Elder Jones is really good at singing so he sings at all the baptisms. Well another missionary had been asked to give a musical number so he asked elder Jones to sing with him and they were going to sing A Capella. Well Elder Jones knew I sang so he invited me to sing with them and so I did. We sang Abide with Me Tis Eventide. I never really listened to the lyrics but singing them I understood them and I love that song now. It was fun to sing again with some people that knew how to sing. The guy that plays the piano for all our baptisms in north Sac was in the military band and he plays like 5 different instruments. He said he has perfect pitch and said that none of us went off pitch the whole song so that was fun. Also it was fun because Brother Call said that was his favorite song and he loved it. He thought it was a shout out to him from us because he told us it was his favorite song but the other elder who had never met him before chose it. So it was good. So this week was a good week. I bet you all are wondering what is going on with Transfers? Well I am staying here in Carmichael! Hopefully to finish my mission or as we call it die. Elder Hatley is leaving to go be a zl in El Derado zone. It’s just like Jackson and Ione but it’s another part of the mission so that's exciting. It’s not a moment too soon either. Honestly we haven't gotten along all too well. Hopefully now with a new companion I can have an opinion again. Or at least an opinion that doesn't make me wrong or dumb because that's what I like. Apparently A1 sauce is for people who don't like good steak. But my new companion is going to be Elder Fitt. He was trained by my trainer as well, Elder Faka'i so that's cool. I am kind of nervous because he hasn't been too obedient his whole mission but he is an amazing missionary and he works very hard. They want me to mold him into the best leader possible so I hope I can overcome the bad. Good always does so this should be fun. He is a cool guy. He was an all-state QB in high school but has gained a lot of weight since then but he is still real athletic so I think we will have a good time. So yeah that’s what is going on right now. I wrote Ellie a letter for her birthday but I didn't send it till Friday so it should be getting there soon. Well I love you all and I hope you have a good week. Way to go Porter in winning City. You’re a beast. Love you!

Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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