Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25th 2011

It sounds like you had an eventful week mom. You should have ran the guy over. I would have... But you think a little more before you do things than I do. So this week was really good. We had a few ups and then some downs but everything is working out just great. Monday night we went and taught Clara then went to see the Childress'. Brother Childress is over 400 lbs. His wife is a member but he isn't but will be soon. Every time we go over there, no matter what topic we start off talking about, it always ends up that we talk about food. They love food and aren't bad at cooking either. It’s always a good time when we go over there. I forgot my planner again so I probably won't remember anything else for the rest of the week. Tuesday we did a lot of contacting people on the street and tracting. We have been blessed this transfer with super elect people that get baptized but it takes time out of the day to find new investigators. So we have been concentrating on that so our teaching pool just doesn't die when we baptize Kendra and Clara. On Wednesday we had district meeting. It went pretty well. I really like district meeting. We learned some good things about how to teach our investigators about repentance and faith in the atonement. Our zone has been doing really good with hitting our goals in teaching contacting adding new investigators and things like that so instead of them teaching us on those things they can teach us how to help others more. It’s great. Then we went and did some more tracting. We had a great lesson with Kendra and prepared her for her interview the next day. She was supposed to get baptized yesterday but I’ll tell more about that at the end. We then went to Clara’s. She has been doing real well. She was scheduled for this Sunday but she drank Coffee on Monday and has to be clean from all stuff for a week so we have it scheduled for the 30th, this Saturday. On Thursday we did some more finding activities. My allergies have been getting me pretty good so I have to take Benadryl and Sudafed to help me out and it makes me tired so I downed a mtn. dew to get me going in the day. We talked to some nice people all week and got some great return appointments. That night Kyndra (that’s how it’s really spelled) got her interview. She did great and her mom even signed the baptismal record so it’s great. Friday we had weekly planning. We planned some great things in. Then our zone leaders came over and shared with us our transfer reports. I grew a lot this past transfer but I definitely need to keep working on some things. We went out and saw a feel people the rest of the day. We had dinner with someone nice I'm sure but I can't remember. Then we switched up for exchanges with Elder Campbell and Elder Baumer. I went with Elder Baumer in his area. Saturday was fun with him. We taught a lesson first thing in the morning then we went and got some wings for lunch. It was tasty. Then we saw a bunch of random people in his area. We had another lesson with a couple of recent converts. They were pretty cool and reminded me of some of my friends back at home. Then we went to dinner with a member. Their son was super negative and annoying but the people were really nice. Then we went to a second dinner which we didn't know would be dinner. These hard core Jewish people invited us over to have their Satur or whatever it’s called. It’s supposed to be for Passover around Easter. Well it turns out it is a big ol dinner where they eat a bunch of Jewish food that symbolizes some of the things their people went through. They go through it for like two hours and it takes a long time so we just ate and talked about the symbolism then we had to leave. Some of the food was interesting but most of it was really good and it was super fun to hear more about their religion. They have a lot of similarities to ours with some of their rituals and stuff. They were super nice people and I enjoyed visiting with them. Too bad Satan is covering their mind about Jesus Christ being the savior of the World. Then we switched back up from exchanges. It’s nice to take a break from your own area and stuff but I was glad to be back with Elder Hock and in our area. Sunday was a roller coaster. We called Clara in the morning and she said she wasn't coming to church and that she wasn't sure she wanted to join anymore... we were so shocked. So we talked her through it all, had her pray and ask God what he wanted for her and then we had a friend of hers who is a member give her a call to reassure her. She ended up coming but way early with a member who sings in the choir so I went early to sit with her while Elder Hock went to pick up Kyndra and Aunieshia with a member. We were super stoked for Kyndras baptism after church. I got bored so I ended up going and helping the choir out and practiced with them. They needed help. Trust me. Not every ward can rock like ours and with Brother Coffin as the new director I’m sure they rock even more. Well Elder Hock didn't show up for a while so I called him and he said Kyndra wasn't coming to church... if she doesn't come she can't get baptized so I was straight trippin. Her mom ended up calling us during sacrament meeting to tell us she wanted to move the baptism back two weeks so more family and friends could be there which I am all for. But that would have been some information that would have been better brought to my attention yesterday. (Name the movie, Jackie can't answer cuz she knows it for sure) So that was a bummer on Sunday. To top it off, no one signed up to feed us on Easter Sunday... but it was a good day overall. It was great singing with the choir and we had some great testimonies of people that the bishop selected. I taught the Gospel Essentials class on baptism, something I’ve learned a lot about, and it went well. We got to help out in sharing time again in primary and it was real fun. I love little kids. That evening we had a blitz. It was real good. We walked a lot and it was for the Spanish ward so I didn't say one word to anyone the whole time cuz I know no Spanish at all. It was fun though talking with the missionary I was with. Then we had a goal setting meeting and then we went home. This week was good and I can see great things coming up with in the week. Hopefully I get to stay another transfer with Elder Hock. I won't be emailing till Tuesday next week because of transfers. Also let me know what time I should call on mother’s day, I have church from 1 to 4 so probably not then, so just let me know what time and what number to call that day. But if I get transferred then it might be different so we'll see. I'll let you know for sure next week. Well I love you.


Love Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18th 2011

Man it sounds like you all had a fun jam packed week! I thought the letter was a good one. I'm glad Ellie liked hers cuz it took me sooo long to write ha. Oh and Hayley I don't recall a letter from you that I didn't reply to and it took you forever to get that address for me so I think I deserve another one. And Elder Buttars didn't want to write Hayley back because she didn't seem like she was that excited when she wrote him back. I don't know... So this week was really good! I hope you all are ready to hear of another miracle. So Monday we had dinner with our bishop and then we went and visited Clara. She is the blind lady. We taught her and her roommate and it went really good. Her roommates name is Trisha but she isn't that interested she just wants to listen. Then when we got home Elder Pelfrey and Elder Bevridge told us the miracle. So this 13 year old girl named Kendra came to church with their investigator and she was white so she is ours to teach well we went over to her house last week and her mom was a super jerk and was really mean and told us she couldn't come to church or be baptized and a bunch of other crap. Well when the other Elders got home they told us that Kendra told their investigator that her mom had changed her mind and that she could be baptized. So on Tuesday we had Zone Training from President Jardine and it was amazing. We told everyone about the miracle. Now it’s a miracle because both Elder Hock and myself fasted for it on Sunday and it happened! It was amazing. Well President loved the story and so that was good. And then in training I made Sister Jardine cry by telling a story that made me into the missionary I am right now. It happened at the beginning of the transfer. I don't know if I ever told you or not but I’ll write it in a letter to make sure. It’s a good one. Then we went and saw a bunch of people. We had a few appointments fall through so we went over to Kendra’s house early to talk to her Mom but she wasn't home yet so we just talked to her and she said that her mom said she could be baptized if she got her grades up. We were still weary though because we wanted to hear from the mom first hand. Then we had dinner and then saw Aunsieshia. We had a really good lesson with her then we went and saw Nancy and she isn't progressing at all so we dropped her. Then we went home. So Wednesday we did service for a lady that thinks she needs a wheel chair but walks fine and it was stupid because she had me mow her grass with a weed eater. Then we had lunch and then we went tracting. It was a good tracting. We talked to a lot of Mexicans and I speak no Spanish at all. Then we went to see Kendra again to talk to her Mom but they had company so the Mom asked us to come back the next day and she was actually real nice about it. Then we went and talked to Aunieshia for a little bit then we went to teach Clara again. We had another really good lesson with her on the Plan of Salvation and then we went home. Thursday was another awesome day as a missionary! We spent the whole morning biking around just talking to random people on the street. Then after lunch we tried to see this girl we had an appointment with. She wasn't home so we went and visited the Mejias who is Sabrina’s family who is eight who got baptized with Lexy. They were having meat sandwiches and they were really tasty. Then we tried to go to another appointment but that guys address didn't exist. Something we run into a lot with the ghetto people of Florin. Then we went to Kendra’s. She wasn't home from school yet because she is trying to get her grades up so she can get baptized. So we said we would come back later. We had dinner with the Lindsey’s. They are old and he originally married her sister but she died and her husband died so they got married. Then we went and taught Aunieshia. It was good. We then went over to Kendra’s for reals this time. We went in and taught the restoration. Her mom was real nice again and the spirit was super strong. At the end of the lesson Kendra’s mom told us that Kendra had been asking if she could get baptized and she was wondering when we wanted to do that. Her mom asked us! What a miracle change of heart! We said the 24th which is this Sunday and Clara is getting baptized then as well. Kendra told us that she only had a few pages left in The Book of Mormon and she had only had it for a little less than a month! How awesome is this girl?! Then we went home. Friday we had weekly planning and we saw a lot of random people and tracted then had dinner then we went to visit Aunieshia one last time before her baptism the next day. She is great and will be an awesome member. Saturday we got everything ready for Aunieshias baptism. Lina and Brandon two Lao kids got baptized at the same time. Our ward has a Lao and Meinh group in it. That’s what you have before a branch. So Elder Pelfrey and Elder Bevridge are in our ward. It’s great. Aunsieshia asked me to baptize her and it was real cool. She is a bigger gal so I had to dunk her hard and the water flew up over the steps ha. Then we went to lunch with the zone leaders. We saw a bunch of random people and then went tracting. We had dinner with a guy who got baptized last year and is working on going to the temple soon. He is awesome and has a lot of faith. Then we went and taught Clara. She was doing good. Sunday Clara got her first interview before church. She will need two because she has had an abortion well actually three but it only takes one for a second interview. So that went good. It was weird having a blind lady to church because she had to hold on to my arm and I had to walk her to all her classes. But it was nice. Kendra came as well with Lina. Aunieshia was confirmed by the bishop during sacrament meeting. It was great. We had a blitz that night and I went with Elder Baummer and we went tracting. It was fun. Today we went to Old Sac. Which is like the first place settled in Sacramento. It’s nothing really special and its only fun if you buy stuff. I got a shirt with the Sacramento flag on it. So that was my week. It was awesome and we had a huge great miracle. I was excited for Aunieshia and am excited for Clara and Kendra. Well I have to go. The Lord is blessing us so freaking much it’s amazing. Who knew hard work and exact obedience would pay off this much. Love ya.

Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

P.S.- oh yeah and if you want me to get my birthday package by my birthday you will probably need to send it Monday the 25th or I won't get it in time. Cuz my birthday is the day before transfers and they hold our mail starting either Thursday or Friday so it won't get to me probably till a week after my birthday. Just saying...

Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11th 2011

There are four of us in one apartment. It’s so much fun too! We all get along this transfer and its super fun to be around each other. Me and Elder Pelfrey get along the best. It’s funny because my best friend dated his cousin. Andrew being my best friend and Analiese Mecham (I don't know how to spell her last name) being his cousin. It’s a lot of fun. I'm not really losing any weight though. This stage of P90X is mostly just making me build muscle and me and Elder Hock have been riding our bikes pretty hard lately, so I have stayed the same weight but I feel and I think I look a little slimmer and life is getting slightly easier for me. Elder Pelfrey said the next stage, which I think we start this week, will make me lose more weight cuz it’s not as much strength stuff as cardio and stuff like that. I have no clue if the guy stole my bike or bought it from the guy that did but I know for a fact it’s mine. It had the CTR bikes sticker still on it and they only sell bikes to missionaries, as well it had my speedometer and fender and you can just tell when it’s your own possession. He drove down the street after us and took a picture with his phone. We will be ok because I needed it for a good reason. I like my new bike better so I ride it all the time. Elder Hocks bike has been broken since Christmas so he has been borrowing another missionaries but it’s being retarded and gets a flat tire like every day. So he is riding my old one now but will be getting his bike fixed today. I made the decision while listening to President Monsons talk in the priesthood session to not watch Glee when I get home. It was one of my favorite shows but I can do without it. I'll just listen to the music from it. This week was swell. It got kind of cold and my body almost got sick but I take 1000 mg of vitamin c every day and it helps a lot with colds as well as allergies. That along with Claritin every morning has helped me fight off allergies so far. They say Sacramento is the worst place for allergies so that’s kind of dumb for me to be here but maybe I’ll experience it here so my immune system will get stronger and it will be like I don't even have them when I get home. Hopefully I can continue to fight it all off. So this week was good. We had a great lesson with Clara on Monday night, she’s the blind lady. It was really good and we committed her to be baptized on the 24th of April and she accepted but didn't come to church this week so we might have to push it back a week. Then we switched up for exchanges with Elder Campbell. He came with me in my area and it was really good. Tuesday we did a lot random contacting. We met with Kendra the friend of a thirteen year old Lao girl that Elder Pelfrey is baptizing. She is awesome! She has come to church twice and wants to be baptized so bad, too bad her mom is full of Satan. She went to a lesson with the Lao girl and Elder Pelfrey gave her a book of Mormon and told her to read 2 Nephi 31. When we asked her if she read, she got all embarrassed and said she read that and everything from the beginning through that chapter! She is awesome but her mom won't let her get baptized and she can't come to church until her grades are up. Wednesday we had a wonderful district meeting. We taught Clara again and went by Aunieshias house. She was set for the 16th but we hadn't talked to her forever. We went over and she wasn't home again but her sister said to try and call her. So we did and she said we could come over the next day and talk with her. I was a little nervous because I honestly thought she was going to drop us but when we taught her the next day, she was super solid. It was amazing. We taught her the Big 3 (word of wisdom, law of tithing, and chastity). It was real good and she said she wanted to still be baptized on the 16th, so she came to church yesterday and got her interview and is now set for Saturday! It was so awesome to hear that. Thursday was good. We taught Nancy and she is a bogen. She is drinking again, and she refuses to kick the guy out. So we will back off of her for a while. Friday was another good day. I can't remember what we did but I assume it was good. Saturday we had a great day. We taught Aunieshia again as well as Clara. They are both great! I forgot my planner this week so I honestly can't remember anything we did this week. It felt like a really long week. It’s going to get back up the 70s this week so that is great. Sunday was a good day. We had an amazing testimony meeting. All four of us missionaries serving in the ward bore our testimonies. It was good not only because of that but because everyone who got up there centered their testimonies on the savior. Then we taught primary. The teacher for the 8-11 year olds didn’t show, they have a small primary. So we taught their class and then had singing time with them. It was a lot of fun. We got to help out with sharing time and talk a little about baptism. It was fun being in there but its weird cuz they just sing random songs and it’s random. We found out that the annoying black family that lives above us in our apartment complex went to another ward where their son recently got baptized and they want us to teach them so that was a miracle. The son actually got baptized in the Elk Grove Park Ward, where I used to serve. He lives in a group home but his family lives above us and they are super interested. Idk why they didn't just talk to us. They see us multiple times a day. Oh well. Well I get to write my email to my mission president with in the next ten min so I got to go. I love you all.

Love Elder Arnett

P.S.- Ellie I did get your letter! I loved it. I will write you back a letter today. I love you and miss you! Also Hayley if you want a letter a good way to get one is to write me one... just saying.

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4th 2011

Joe is freaking marrying Jamie Peterson!!! That is crazy. I hung out with her a lot after we graduated. Good job Joe. You got lucky. So this week was just AWESOME! The light bulb has finally turned on for me and missionary work is the greatest!

Monday night we had dinner with a part member family. They made some great Mexican food and it was a lot of fun. We got along great with their family. Then we went and gave Clara her braille Book of Mormon. She wasn't home but we dropped it off. Then we went home. Tuesday was great. We had a lesson with a YSA guy named Curtis. We taught him a good lesson and it was fun. We had to pass him off to the zone leaders. Like everyone we teach. Then we had lunch. We went and saw a few people in the top of our area and this is where it happened!!!! I FOUND MY FREAKING BIKE!!!! We were riding and came around a corner and I saw it on someone’s driveway. I called our zone leaders and they came and picked it up with their bike rack. It was awesome. I got my new bike on Monday so now I have two. I made a video that was awesome. I told the story in it. I will send it home as soon as you send me my other card back. We had to flee the area after that because the guy came out of his garage and took a picture of us so we went to Lexys house and chilled with them for an hour. We had a lesson across our area but she wasn't home so we went tracting but had to end early because President Jardine wanted me to call the police so I was safe. We then went tracted closer to our apartment then had a good dinner. Wednesday was kind of weird but it was great because missionary work is great. It’s so easy to go out in nice weather that’s in the 80's when you like talking to people and you have an amazing companion that loves the work as much as you. It’s so amazing! We went and saw a few people in the morning. We talked to a lot of people on the streets and then had lunch. We saw some more people after lunch and then went tracting. We found some great people tracting and it was just great. I love it! We had dinner with Brother Meisner, one of the ward missionaries. He takes us out once a month for pizza and it was good. Then we had a great lesson with Clara the blind lady. She is solid and loves her Book of Mormon. She watched, or listened, to conference so when we go over there tonight we are going to give her a date to be baptized on the 24th which is a Sunday but its Easter so we thought that would be special. Then we went home. Thursday rocked because we had Zone Conference. It was amazing. It was on the Atonement and it made me realize how much it has helped me in my life especially as a missionary. Afterwards we had a good lesson with a Marshaleese guy. They are islanders around Kiribati but not Kiribati. He is a member but he is very less active but wants to come back. He was great. Then we had dinner with Brother Shaffer. He took us to Denney’s and it was good. We saw a couple of people afterwards and it was nice. Friday was a good day as well. We had a great weekly planning in the morning. Me and my companion get along great so it’s not bad being around him all the time. We have an awesome apartment and it’s just so much fun. We all get along and serve each other and no one talks bad about the others. I have been doing P90X with Elder Pelfrey in the mornings. I am getting in a lot better shape. It’s super hard and I’m so sore from it but it is improving the quality of my life and I’m happier from it. Exercising sends endorphins to your brain and endorphins make you happy and happy people don't kill people. Name the movie and get a prize (letter). Maybe. We saw a few good people. We got a return with a nice lady named Patty, she seems excited. Then we went tracting then had dinner with Brother Wheeler our ward mission leader. Then we tried to see Aunsieshia but she wasn't home. We had to push her date back a week cuz we haven’t talked to her for 5 days. Saturday ROCKED! We had conference of course and then went to Mr. Pickles, the second best sub shop in the world, Steve's being the best of course. The sub did make it into my top 10 though. Then we went back for some more conference. Then we went home and made some phone calls, then we went to priesthood. It was amazing as always with some big hitters. Then we went home and had dinner. Sunday was even better. We had conference again in the morning, the best session of the series. Then we went to another church building for lunch. A member cooked for all the missionaries. Then we went back for some more feasting of the spirit. After the close of conference me and Elder Hock went out and talked to 27 people in an hour. It was crazy! Then we had a blitz then a meeting with the zone. We set some good goals and I got everyone pumped with a vision I had. I'll write it and send it as a letter cuz I’m out of time. Well as you are all aware, or if your not you will be now, my birthday is coming up in less than a month. I don't care what you send me, I just have 3 requests. First I want a beautiful Red and Blue tie. I have 5 of them and they are my favorites. Not because of Mtn. View but because I love them. I would also like a tie rack that can be hung up in a closet like a coat hanger hangs. That would be cool. I also want a CD. Not any ordinary CD though. I want Another Testament. It’s the same as reflections of Christ but for the Book of Mormon. I like it but no one has it. That’s all I really want. Well I love you.

Love Elder Tyler Pete Arnett