Monday, May 14, 2012


This week is transfer week so we will not get a letter from Elder Arnett until Tuesday, May 15th.  By that time Marilyn and Max, his parents, will be on their way to pick Elder Arnett up.  His release date is Thursday, May 17th.  We will be having an Open House for him at our home at 635 N. Windsor Circle at about 8 pm until when ever the evening of May 17th.  Come by and say Hey to him!

His homecoming talk will be Sunday, May 27th at 8:30 am at the Stake Center on Brown Road in between Gilbert and Lindsay Roads.

Monday, May 7, 2012

1 WEEK & 3 DAYS TO GO!!!

May 7th 2012
Well it sounds like everyone is having a good time. Maybe Porter grew too fast and that’s why his back is jacked. Jackie sent me the picture of the family in front of the tree and porter is taller than all the girls. Braden is too but Porter is young for that tall! You should get it checked out. That’s awesome about Braden and Hayley getting their blessings! I have loved mine and it has helped me out on my mission knowing what i need to do and how and what not. So that’s cool. That would be cool if Braden was a General Authority. And as for Hayley. Man two dates with Brian? That seems fun. He would be a cool brother in law. I got David's announcement for graduation on Thursday which was the day he graduated so that was fun. It was actually kind of funny well no it wasn't but on my birthday i didn't get crap in the mail. The day was actually kind of a bum day altogether but then on Thursday i got a bunch. I got Jackie's parcel in the mail a letter from a friend and David's announcement. It’s like they always say, Better late then never, but never late is better. So yeah that was good. I got my blue suit dry cleaned last week and it looks pretty good. It’s a little big on me but it’s a nice suit. On Monday night we had dinner with our ward mission leader and it was fun. His family is pretty awesome and it was a good time. I had to sing my Phantom of the Opera for them as well. I think about half the ward has heard it now... People are starting to film it now. It’s really not that good. I just get into a lot. If you can remember the piston choir concerts with Mr. C-Rap. It’s even better than that. Tuesday was fun. We had a Zone Leader Conference. I like spending time with all the other zone leaders and President Lewis. It was a good meeting. We visited a lot of people this week and we saw a little bit more success. Wednesday was my birthday. We had a cool little miracle in the morning. So Dewey Ray writes to the missionaries in the ward pretty often and he puts some scripture studies on the back. Well one day i was reading through one and it was similar to a lot of the others. He said it helped his mission baptize 1000 people in a year. So i thought i would piece a few of them together and call it the Bible/Book of Mormon connection. So we made pictures and stuff and had the scriptures marked and we have been trying to share it with a few people. Basically it takes someone through the bible showing what it is who wrote it and stuff and then you show that there were people in America and since God loves his children (which you use scriptures showing that he loves them anywhere in the world) he would raise prophets there. So we went tracting in the morning which usually isn't too effective but we didn't have anything else to do so we did it and it was in a nicer neighborhood which usually doesn't result in much but we were following the spirit and we went there and met a guy named John. He was old and invited us in right away. He got us some water and told us he was a Catholic Bishop. He asked if we were going to share our message with him or if he could share one with us so we said well how about both and he said ok. So we shared our bible/book of Mormon connection lesson. Some of the things we read in the bible he didn't know and he didn't even know where the book of Mormon came from and who wrote it. He was amazed and intrigued. He then shared his message which the Catholic Church sends to his Ipad every day and it had to do with Paul and another person in the bible being set apart to preach the gospel. He looked at us and said that's what we were. We were set apart to preach the gospel and we were sent to him. So that was cool. But then he said he wanted to invite us to a study group he has every Wednesday night but it wasn't at his house that week so he didn't want to be impolite to the people so he said the next time it’s at his house he wants us to come share it with his whole group of about 8 couples. He said they need to know about the book of Mormon because people don't understand where it came from. So it was pretty cool. The rest of the week was good. We were able to teach a few new people and reach many of our goals. Things were going slow but we can see that they are steadily picking up which is good because it feels like our success will be lasting and consistent in the future rather than just spurts of baptisms here or there. So yeah it was pretty good. So this week on mother’s day i will call around 4:30 or 5. I don't want to Skype because i am still on my diet... But i will call. I am excited for you to come here and meet some of my friends! Well i hope everyone has a good week. Love You!
Sorry it’s so short. I will see you soon enough. Next week i won't email till Tuesday and by then Mom and Dad will be here! Man it’s gone by so fast and its not slowing down these few weeks. 
Love, Elder Tyler Pete Arnett