Monday, February 13, 2012

February 13th 2012

OK maybe not Anderson Cooper but someone else that gets to do cool things and is on TV a lot. Oh well. So yeah that is what is going down. So with both Hudson and Andrew getting home it makes me trunky to hear all about their cool things and their homecoming talks and what not. Also a kid in our ward gave his homecoming talk this week so yeah that’s what has been going on. You should remind Hudson and Andrew to write me and to give me some advice to help me sprint to the finish. I feel like I’m doing pretty good but I do think about home a lot and I need to be focused on baptizing. But I did have a crazy dream last night that did help out. I have some pretty vivid dreams a lot and this one seemed kind of like a vision or something crazy to teach me a life lesson. I'll tell you two dreams I’ve had since being on my mission that taught me some good lessons. So this most recent one being last night... So in my dreams for some odd reason I was allowed to come home for one day. I flew in in the morning and had to be on the airplane by 7:00 pm on my way back to Sacramento. So of course the beginning of the dream I spent some time with the family and everyone cried and we all had a good time just enjoying each others company but around lunch time I started to get antsy and I decided I need to leave and that I need to talk to Andrew. So I left and I was walking around for a long time. I would see people every once in a while that I knew and they would walk down the streets with me and we would talk for a little while but then they would kind of tail off. Around three I started to get really nervous because I knew I had to be on my way to the airport by 5 or I wouldn't make it on time for my 7 o clock flight. So after walking for a few hours Andrew and Hudson walk up from behind me and Andrew said "Hey Pete, what did you want to talk to me for?" We just started casually talking about random things for a little while and then it was getting time for me to leave to the airport so I asked Andrew and Hudson "Being just barely home from your missions experiencing where I am at with three months left what would be your advice for me to continue on strong for the rest of my mission when I get back, I'll remind you at this time that yesterday was the 12th which was exactly 21 months since I came on my mission which is the same night I am having this dream... So Hudson responded by saying that they had talked about it and that Andrew would say what he was going to say so I looked to Andrew and asked him the question and he told me about his last three months and how he was just trying to make sure he was as obedient as possible and working as hard as possible focusing on his mission. He said that that’s what I need to do. I needed to be as obedient as I could because it will get easy to have the mindset that I’m going home soon and it won't matter if I’m obedient or not because not much can be affected in that short time. (Honestly that thought has entered my head but I have taken it as from Satan and have been trying to be as obedient as I can) He also said it would be very easy to get preoccupied with getting things ready to go home, packing, writing people, and other things that would take up time that would be good things to do but things that I could do last minute and on down time such as at night. He made sure I understood how fast the time goes and how important it was that I just kept working hard. Then we parted and I woke up as I was driving back to the airport. I woke up and thought, man that was a trunky dream but then I started thinking about what happened in it and I was like man that was crazy. So it felt like God was letting me go home and experience a little bit of it now and to ask some of the questions to returned missionary friends I have wanted to ask about the end so that I could learn and apply it. So that was pretty cool. It’s kind of like Lehi's vision but with no fruit and no trees... So yeah I liked it. The other dream I had was like 5 months ago when I was with Elder Manukailea. In my dream I was in a room and there was a really pretty Blonde girl there that was really cool and super nice and funny and had a great personality and then there was an attractive super good looking brunette girl who was like the most pretty girl in the world. And I was getting married in the dream. But I wasn't marrying the blonde girl. I was marrying the attractive Brunette and I didn't really feel happy about it. As I was standing there I had three things in my arms. One was a bad a starburst, the kind that are big and have a lot in them but there were no star bursts in it, instead it was full of a bunch of money, both Cash and Change. The second item was a box of raisin bran and the third was a tub cylinder thingy of oatmeal, but the great value Wal-Mart brand kind. And while I was standing there a couple of men came and picked me up and took me away in a van. I wasn't scared or anything. I really had no feeling. After we had been driving for a while they open the sliding door and throw me out on the street. I don't get hurt or anything and nothing spills anywhere or anything. I get up and I am next to a huge field and I start walking in the direction I know home was in. So as I was walking this Older Lady just appears in front of me and stops me. She points a finger at my face and asks "What did you learn today?!" I replied with, "I learned that my wife needs to have a good personality or I won't be happy in life. I'll still have the things I need in life and stuff and I’ll be able to provide but I won't be happy and life won't mean as much if my wife doesn't have a good personality." The old lady again pointed at me and said "That is exactly what you were supposed to learn!" Then she disappeared and I immediately woke up. So that was a crazy dream too. The Blonde girl was still very pretty and stuff but the brunette was just amazingly gorgeous. The weird thing is I had another dream later on in my mission with the same blonde girl and I was getting married to her and I loved her. It was a feeling that I have never had before and I can bring it back to my chest and memory when I think about that dream but nothing else has made me feel that way in my chest. So that is cool. Maybe she is my future wife...? Oh well. So those were the two dreams that I had randomly that I learned some good lessons in. So yeah that was cool. So this week not a whole lot went on. I got sick on Tuesday and was not feeling good at all. I only slept for like 3 hours that night and when I woke up I felt horrible and I have gotten the mission medical people so scared of my asthma and pneumonia that they assume the worst every time I get sick which I think is a good thing. So when I called her she called the regional dr. over all of California and he said it didn't sound too bad but with my history I need to have an antibiotic so I had to get amoxicillin from Walgreens and I have been on that. I have also been on Sudafed and mucinex because I already had the mucinex and it was just the cough kind to get the mucus out and I needed a nasal decongestant so I got the Sudafed. I have been taking breathing treatments every four hours since Tuesday and I think I have beaten it this time. All day Wednesday and Thursday I was in sleeping. I had to get up and walk around every hour so I didn't get pneumonia so that sucked but I do feel a lot better by today. I just have to get my lungs back into activity mode cuz I get tired easy now. I was getting close to a fever the whole time in the 99's so I was taking ibuprofen and I never went too high so I am glad he got me the antibiotic because I might have had an ear infection. I just want them to take my ears off when I get home. I'd rather be deaf then get an ear infection everything 4 months. So yeah I was basically getting better all week so we didn't do too much. I was able to read a butt load of ensigns which was fun cuz I love reading them. I read February and it was really good. I also read September and august and the august one had stories about mentally challenged kids and that stuff always make me cry. It’s about the only thing that makes me cry so I had a good couple of ones. I have always had a feeling that I will have a special needs child but we will see. Well I have to go. I love you all and I hope you all have a good week.


Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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