Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28th 2011

Well this week just sounded like a blast. Well it sounds like things are going really fun other than that. Back to baseball and new sports. All i have to tell Braden is to try his hardest and don't quit because even though its hard its worth it in the end and even though your small now, you will grow and be able to handle it. Just work hard. Working hard is the only way to do anything. I learned that a lot this week. This week rocked and there are going to be Miracles coming up thats for sure. The rest of tuesday was spent cleaning up our apartment and visiting people so Elder Crager could say bye. It was good. Wednesday we got up and got Elder Crager and Elder Forrester off and then Elder Hock came in. President told me he was one of the most positive missionaries out here and i totally agree. He rocks!!! He is seriously one of my favorite companions already. He is super different and weird but he is so loving and he works his butt off no matter what and that is amazing. We waited for Elder Pelfreys companion, Elder Beveridge to get to our apartment. He didn't get there till 12 so we just had lunch went and talked with Nancy. She had talked to the Sherriff but we couldn't talk about what because the bad guys were around. After that good lesson we went and visited a few people. We taught a guy that is YSA age and so after the lesson we gave his info to our Zone leaders. It was a great lesson. Then we went tracting for a while. We found a lot of great people even though it was raining. It rained all freaking week. It didn't do me so well either. We had dinner that night with the Stake President. He is super awesome and very missionary minded. It was a great meeting. Then we visited sister Childress. She talked about food a lot. It was fun and we talked about health a little too. Thursday we had an awesome District meeting. Our leader’s rock and it was great. We went tracting after lunch, in the rain, and we found some good people again. We visited a lot of people after that and it was grand. We had dinner at home. We stripped down and let our clothes dry a little then we went back out and visited a few nice people. Friday we had an awesome weekly planning session. Elder Hock has some great ideas and a great attitude towards the work so it’s just awesome. The rest of Friday was spent biking around to appointments as well as talking to a lot of people. It wasn't raining so more people were out but then it started to rain later. We had poop for dinner which was in the form of nachos. If there was a lot of it i wouldn't had minded eating poop but i couldn't even get full off the half a plate i had. Then we saw a few people. That was when i got sick. I had a cold and i decided that i was getting sick because of the Mold in our closet. It’s not just a little bit either. After waking up and feeling like death on Saturday i called Sister Adams, the health coordinator, and she freaked that we had mold. I guess it’s a big deal, especially cuz i have asthma. So we have been sleeping out in the family room on the couches so we don't die. They wanted us to move in with our Zone leaders but i like the couch better than my bed. Yes mom the names of all the girls are correct and the date is as well. Saturday Elder Hock went to a baptism in his last area and i went with Brother Wheeler our ward mission leader to a lesson with Aunsieshia. It was awesome. She had a few concerns but we resolved them and the next day at church we committed her to work towards the 16th for baptism! It was great. We were supposed to have dinner with an Asian and i was super excited but they canceled on us so we had subway. That was a huge bummer. After dinner we went and taught a few people too. Sometime in the week, i can't remember when, we taught a blind lady named Clara. It was awesome. She is solid. She wants a braille book of Mormon and we got it for her today. It is six binders long. One binder only has the intro through 2nd Nephi. It’s crazy. As well i finally got my freaking bike today. It looks really pretty and rides like a champ. So now i can get back to work and step it up a notch and baptize a butt load!!!! Well this week was great and things are going awesome. I am so excited to serve with Elder Hock! My mission rocks!

Love Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


March 22nd 2011

Well that was good to hear about all the missionaries and the church in Japan. We have been getting storms like crazy here. They say it’s because of the radiation. Actually an Asian lady made that up and told the elders I live with that speak Asian languages. But it has been raining a lot. It’s not that bad though. I have sort of gotten used to the rain. The crap part is when it’s so windy you have to stand up and pedal your hardest into the wind so that you can actually go forward and not be pushed backwards. It’s fun though. This week was really really good. On Monday night we went to a less active kids house to teach him a practice lesson. He didn't want us to teach him but he showed us his instruments and it was cool. He had a ukulele so I had a nice time playing that. Our mission president changed the rules so we can actually have them now but I don't want mine cuz if the new mission president changes it back then I have to send it home and I don't think it would be worth it to have it after he’s here and we know his rules. Then we went to the stake center to switch up for our exchangeganza! We did a zebra exchange where every missionary in the zone goes with someone random. I was with Elder Campbell. He is from Prescott so it was fun being with another person from Arizona. We were together all day Tuesday. Tuesday was fun. We went and saw a crazy less active lady. She talked to us forever! She is crazy though. She would jump up and down when she got excited, she didn't ever stop smiling and she would run around in circles and yes she is black. Then we had lunch. After lunch we went to Nancy’s. We taught her a drop lesson and we won't be going over there as much. Hopefully this puts her in a position to make decisions. It started raining afterwards her lesson and I didn't think it would and home was too far away so I just got soaked from head to toe. My shoes normally keep the water out but I wore my new shoes I found in my apartment. I call them my Michael Jackson shoes. They are penny loafers and they fit perfect. Well they let water in so it was a bummer. We had dinner with the relief society because it was its birthday. It was good. The lady that said she is related to us did a presentation and now I know she is. It was fun though. Then we switched back up companions. On Wednesday it rained some more. We went and visited a bunch of people. It was a good day. We taught Karen, that was good. We tracted a lot and the day wasn't too bad. On Thursday we had a good district meeting. We didn't have a district leader because one of our zone leaders left to go be the new assistant and so they took our district leader and made him the new zone leader. So me and Elder Pelfrey had to tag team train. It was really good. Then we had dinner and then had to rush over to Lexys house to teach her and her cousins Sabrina and Ariana. We had a good lesson with them about the gospel of Jesus Christ and went over the baptismal program. Then we went and made the baptismal program. We had dinner with the Hahn’s a Japanese family. They are amazing and it was really good. Then we went home and slept.

Friday it was raining again real hard. We had weekly planning then went to see Lexy again, when they get close to baptism we try to see em every day, and it was real good. We had a return appointment with the crazy less active lady but she wasn't home so we tried to visit with some more people. No one was home. We had dinner with a Mienh lady. It was super super good but she wanted us to eat all of it and it sure was filling. Then we tried to see a few more people in the rain then we went home. Saturday was a special day once again for we had a few really good baptisms! Lexy Vela, who is nine, Sabrina Mejia, whose dad Joe baptized her, and Ariana Abeyta all got baptized. Sabrina and Ariana are eight but they all have helped activate their families. It was amazing. Sabrina’s dad, Joe said afterwards that he would like to go to the temple and be sealed as a family and asked us who to talk to to see what steps he would have to take. We told him the bishop would love to see him about that. After the baptism we had lunch with their families. Some Mexican lady came and cooked for us and it was super good. Then we split up with the zone leaders and I went with Elder Kelley to teach a lesson to a girl that was YSA but is getting married so she is ours now. It was a really good lesson. After that we rode our bikes all the way to the church. The wind was so strong it was like biking straight up hill but harder and much colder. It didn't rain though. We helped the Elders quorum set up chairs for our ward pot luck then we had the ward pot luck. It was super super good. Some lady makes me get her food for her every time there is a ward function with food. I don't know why she picked me but its ok, just annoying.

Then we walked home because the church is right next door to our apartments. Sunday we had church ate dinner and then had a member blitz. It was fun. Monday was transfer Monday so we didn't have P day as I’m sure you have guessed. It was a good day though. From 10 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon we tracted as a zone in a few different areas. I was with Elder Gentimen from Kansas. Elder Frost, I think Caleb? is serving in his home ward and eats dinner there all the time. Elder Cannon trained him after I left the area. It was a lot of fun and I got to say Hello to Asians in three different languages.

Then we went and saw some people. We made a ride on our bikes that normally takes us 45 min in 30 and it was crazy! We biked so hard. But we were on time for dinner. My Asthma is doing a lot better. We got transfer calls again. I am disappointed every time. I really wanted to stay with Elder Crager. We started getting along great and we are doing great work but he is going down to Tracy with Elder Bernatz who went to high school with Taylor Swift, lucky dog. So he is leaving and Elder Hock is coming in to be my companion. President said he's putting him with me because he has had some hard times with past companions and he thinks I am good for him because I am very loving.

Elder Crager taught me how to be that way because he needed it himself but that means it’s probably going to take some effort with this new guy. Oh well I’m excited. He was companions with Elder Faka'i in the past and I’m sure they got along great! So that is what’s going on. Oh and Elder Pelfrey is getting a new companion. Elder Beverage! I am so excited to say the word beverage and not have people look at me like I’m crazy! My bike also came yesterday so I just need to go to the mission office to pick it up. Well I have to go. I love you all bye.

Love Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14th 2011

Well this week seemed to be fun. It sounds like things are normal back at home. This week was pretty good for me. I was sick for a little bit but I think I am getting over it. On Monday night we had dinner with a member and her nonmember husband. We had Chuck eyes. I guess it’s the meat between the Chuck roast and rib eye. It was pretty tasty. We also had red potatoes and some veggies. I didn't enjoy it as well as I would have liked because I didn't have time to take a breathing treatment and I was back on bike so my asthma was acting up a bit so I was quiet most the night and I couldn't eat that much. We stayed there the rest of the night and had a good family home evening type of lesson with them. It was real fun. Then we went home. On Tuesday we went to the Doctor cuz Elder Crager thinks he has sleep apnea, he snores super bad, so they wanted to check him out and see if they should refer him for a sleep study. They did want to so that will be coming up some time soon. Then we came home after the doctor and had lunch then the rest of the night we just kind of visited with a few people and went tracting. We went and visited a 13 year old girl who has been taking the lessons, her name is leili. She told us that she wanted to take about a month break from the lessons to explore other options. That was a bummer but I plan on being here and getting that rebound and then I'll dunk her! (basketball analogy) Wednesday we had a great district meeting. We learned a lot of really good things and it was just fantastic! Then we went and taught Nancy, had a lesson with a lady named Karen. It was a good lesson. We talked to her just about fun things in our families and our past and then we had a spiritual lesson. Then we went tracting. I like to tract. It’s fun. Then we had dinner with the Clarkes. They were nice. They kept telling us stories about themselves that seemed liked a huge achievement. Then we had a new member lessons with two girls that got baptized about a month ago. It was a good lesson. Then we tried to see a couple of people then we went home. On Thursday we went to a lesson with a member in the morning. It was really good and the member was perfect for her. Then he took us out to lunch to a place called Mama Mias. It’s a pizza place and is mediocre. I would rather have little ceasers. After lunch we had a good lesson with a lady that was found a while ago. Her name is Falisha. She is black and has 9 kids! It’s crazy. She has grandkids older than some of her kids. It was a pretty good lesson. She is looking for a church and wants to change things in her life. But she didn't come to church on Sunday so that was lame. We have a lesson with her tonight so we will see what was up. Then we tracted some more, always looking for new people to teach, then we had dinner with the Bartons. They are old and the husband spilt the soup on my hand and it was scalding hot! They talked our ears off and made us late for an appointment that a member was going to go with us to. The person wasn't home so we went to another recent converts house and taught them a new member lesson as well. Then we went home. Friday I was pretty sick so we didn't do much. I had a real bad cold and my allergies were bugging me a lot and like all sickness it made my asthma go all wack so we didn't do much other than teach Lexy, who is getting baptized this Saturday with her two 8 year old cousins! It is going to be awesome. One of the dads is a member and he didn't think he could baptize her so they wanted me to do it but we had him talk with the bishop and the bishop said it would be great for him to do it. I wasn't sad at all because I would way rather her dad baptize her than me. It made me so happy to hear that. Then we saw a few people and had dinner at home cuz a member brought it to us. We get fed pretty good. Not as good as past areas but pretty good. Saturday I was still sick but we had a couple of people we had to see. We went to the store to get some medicine the missionary health lady told me to get and it worked pretty good. Then we had lunch. We had a great lesson with Aunieshia, the lady that was a miracle. A member came with us as well and the lesson rocked! She is so elect it’s insane! She wasn't able to come to church because her 3 year old was sick so that was a bummer but we will give her a date to be baptized next Sunday for sure! We had dinner with the Welges that night. It was good. We had enchiladas and again it doesn't compare with my moms. She is just too good at cooking! We tried to see a few people at night but no one was home. Sunday we had a few meetings and then church. Lexy got her interview for baptism and she is set for Saturday. I have to give a talk... oh well. Then we had dinner at the Roberts. They were old and they fed us corn beef. The potatoes were good. We had a blitz with the members of the Elk grove ward that night and we went and visited a less active 80 year old black lady. Boy could she talk. It was fun though. She told us all about growing up in Virginia while that segregation was going on. She had just recently adopted a 15 month old black baby. Personally I think that should be illegal cuz when she dies he is going to have nothing. He was cute though and he kept climbing all over me so even though were not supposed to I had to hold him on my lap to keep him still. Today was a good day. We played Ultimate frisbee in the dark again. We all have glow sticks on our wrist and a light up frisbee. We line the basketball court with glow sticks so we can see the boundaries. It’s so much fun it’s amazing! Now I am emailing. This transfer has been pretty good. The check was exactly 179 dollars mom. Me and Elder Crager still haven’t got our new bikes though and this Wednesday it will be 4 weeks! Me and Elder Crager get a long pretty good actually. At first I didn't like him but I have started to just love him for him and have stopped trying to change him and instead just change myself and it has been great. He is kind of weird but then again so am I so I can't judge. They better not break the go kart! I want to ride it. Don't let anyone drive it anymore!! Fix it then lock it up till I get home. Just kidding but really I want to ride it. Well I hope you all have a nice week and everything goes well. It was good to hear that all the missionaries in Japan are safe. Everyone keeps asking us if they are. It’s as if they think we have some inside info or something. They actually have more access to information than we do! But oh well. Now we can tell em. Well have fun.

Love, Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7th 2011

March 7th 2011

Make the check out to CTR Bikes... Man mom I don't want to be rude and I do want to know what is going on at home but I think it would be best if you didn't tell me about near death experiences in our family.

I worry enough as it is having my dad travel to and from Yuma every week. I don't want to worry about him dying there as well! Sorry if that was blunt. So I remembered my planner this week! Monday was a good enough day. I took a nap and it was nice. Tuesday was a good day.

We were on exchanges and I was with Elder Burns. He is a really cool guy and it was a lot of fun. I don't know the area that great yet but I managed with only getting lost a few times. We saw a lot of people and got a lot of return appointments. It was a good day. Wednesday was a pretty good day as well. We had interviews. It was awesome!!! So don't be alarmed about this part. On Tuesday I tried to get an inhaler I got out here cuz it helps and my asthma has been pretty bad so I went to get it and the insurance only covered like 70 dollars of the 300 it cost so I called our medical coordinator and she asked me some questions and said that I should be in a car if my asthma was bothering me that bad so on Wednesday in my interview President Jardine talked to me about my asthma and made a call for me to have a car. So since Wednesday I have had a Ford Fusion. It is a super nice car. I had to give it back today though because a sister needed it. So I will probably finish this transfer out on bike and then probably get a car and be in a car most of the rest of my mission. I will probably try to lose some weight to help out as well. But the rest of the day was kind of bum. We talked to like two people then had dinner. Then we talked with an excommunicated member and he is just about done with the repentance process. Then we went home. On Thursday we went on exchanges with our Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Kelley. He's the one that reminds me of Joe. It was a lot of fun. He is in the Waterman ward and that is where I served for one transfer so it was a good time. Friday we had a good day. We had weekly planning then we got to go see a bunch of people in our car. We taught a couple of good lessons. It was a really good day. We had dinner at home like every night last week because the members brought it to us. Saturday rocked!!! I went back up to Jackson to see Olga get baptized! It was so good and real nice to see some of my good friends again. Rudy shaved his beard so he looked like an old man. It was funny. After wards I came home and we went and taught a lesson to a lady named Aunieshia. She was a miracle find. We went to see a guy we had talked to on the street. It turned out he gave us the wrong address but the lady there was looking for guidance in her life. It was amazing. We taught her on Saturday and she came to church on Sunday. She has a lot of faith. Her daughter’s name is Latavia. After that we had Mr. Pickles, a sandwich place. It compared to Steve’s more than anything out here but doesn't even come close to the goodness. We later went tracting then saw a bunch of people. It was nice having the car for those few days. Sunday we had church then went to dinner then had a blitz with the Spanish ward. It was good. This guy told an amazing story about a frog that another guy translated for us. I will write it and send it to you in a letter to save some time. Then we went home and I went to sleep early cuz I was tired. So this weird thing keeps happening to me. I keep seeing random stories at the most random times. They pop in my head and they are very intricate and vivid, so I write them down. I don't know if I should be doing that or not because I’m on a mission but its cool! I have a couple of good New York Times best sellers. Tonight we are having dinner with a nonmember and his member wife. They are feeding us rib eye and I am super excited. It is making me hungry just thinking about it. I'm excited.

But I am not excited to ride my bike and I guess Elder Crager got an email saying our bikes haven’t even been shipped out. It sucks. I demand service!!! Just kidding, but really. So yeah that is it. The emails of my friend’s emails will work out great thank you mom. Things are looking great and I have seen myself grow a lot in this last week. I am glad to be doing this great work.


Elder Arnett

P.S.- I prayed for dad’s safety on Tuesday too. I always do.