Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6th 2011

Well it sounds like everything is going good with sports and work and what not. It was fun to hear about Dads missionary work. Who knows maybe one day when a crisis happens in his family the missionaries will knock on his door (cuz that’s how it always works) and he will say hey I had a friend named Max that ate my food. Sure come on in. And then he will be baptized. Of course the wife will take a little longer with the kid’s cuz they didn't work with dad but then he will baptize his kids later. That might happen. Who knows?

I got a letter for Jackie this week. It was real good and fun to read. The candy didn't do me any good especially during planning at night but it did help when I was falling asleep during personal study. This week was good. Monday night we went Tracting. It was good. We talked to a lady who told us she was going to start working with LDS missionaries where her mother in law lives but if that doesn't work out she wants us to come by every week just in case ha. Oh well as long as someone’s teaching her. Then we went and visited with Mark Childress. He is a large fellow that loves to talk about food but it’s always a good time at their house because they are so nice and make us feel at home. After we met with him it was time to go home. Oh yeah and Elder Garcia bought a new speaker at Sam's Club. It’s called the Block Rocker. It looks like a guitar amp but it has a hook up for an ipod on top and also a microphone. I love it! It was totally an unnecessary waste of money but I enjoy it cuz I didn't pay for it ha. I like to sing with the people on my Ipod. So the Block Rocker has been playing every second we’re at home except when we’re sleeping of course. Tuesday I had a leadership meeting. The Zone Leaders were playing Hide and Seek and we had to find what room they were in. Not easy in a building that has two chapels two relief society rooms two primary rooms and numberless class rooms. Maybe not numberless but I haven’t counted them yet. We finally found them in a supply closet where we had our meeting. Then we had lunch. We had a bunch of appointments that day but sadly all of them fell through. And it rained. It has been storming a lot lately. The weathers been in the sixties. Not June at all... But we still saw a lot of people. It was good. We knocked on doors for a while. It was fun. We met some nice Spanish people. That’s when I just hand it over to Elder Garcia. A member brought us dinner. Later that night another member drove us all the way down to Elk Grove where we switched up for exchanges. Being a District Leader you have to do a lot of them. And I’m not a huge fan of them. I was with Elder Nugyen in the Elk Grove Park ward. It was a lot of fun being back. This is his second transfer in that area but he doesn't know it very good yet so I actually navigated most of it. We had correlation and that was fun also being with some old friends again. We taught a couple of nice people and it was a good day. We had a great lesson with a less active girl at her dad’s house. He is very active and has been a bishop before so it was great. Her nonmember cousin was there as well. She has cancer so she is putting her priorities in line. It’s sad that it takes something like that for people but hey God knows what’s going on. We switched back up that night. On Thursday we had district meeting. It was good. I hope. I trained on not worrying about stupid crap and worldly things and just forgetting yourself and going to work. Then I trained on teaching people not lessons. Basically about how you teach according to someone’s needs instead of a set lesson. It went smooth and it was a good day. We had lunch. Then I went with Elder Bevridge on an exchange. It was good. We saw a few people and tracted a lot. We switched back up at dinner because they had appointments with Meinh people and Elder Pelfrey speaks it better. I was bummed cuz I thought I was going to receive the gift of tongues for one night. Oh well. That was a joke btw. So the night ended. We saw a few people. It was good. Friday we had weekly planning. Then lunch then I had to do transfer reports on all the Elders in my District. It was good. The weirdest part was doing my own... at the end it asks for my recommendation on what should happen the next transfer. Well in interviews President Jardine said he wants me to be a Zone Leader either next transfer or the one after that, the latter he wouldn't have control over. Well I didn't want to sound all prideful and think I’m the man so I just put get transferred somewhere with a car, cuz my bike is being destroyed under my weight. Which it is. So we'll see what happens. We had a lesson with a Mexican named Anna. Elder Garcia wanted to teach her first before we passed her to the Spanish elder’s cuz she has the same name as his sister. She didn't understand half of what we were talking about. Later we visited some good people. We talked to some nice people that night and had dinner and then we went home. Saturday morning we called a bunch of people to see if they wanted to come watch a baptism at the church. We got a couple of flaky commitments but then a solid one so we got our suits on and went on over there at 11:30. No one showed so we just watched it. Then we had lunch. We had a couple of appointments but once again they all fell through. We talked to some nice people though and we had good backups. Brother Boyd, the man whose computer I usually email home on, took us out to Golden Corral. It was great. It was out of our area but thankfully all you have to do is get the District leaders permission to leave your area. So I pulled some strings and he let us go... We knocked doors the rest of the night. That night I did a duet with Taylor Swift, don't worry it was a Christmas song, on the Block Rocker. It was good. We filmed it. Sunday Nancy was the only one to church. We found out that the guy living with her is in jail right now so once we find out for how long she can get baptized! Church was good. We had a blitz and I was able to give a blessing with a member to a guy who is going to die soon. It was sad. He is 34 but wears diapers. The night was good. We played soccer this morning... not my favorite sport but it was fun. It is raining still. I hear it’s the tail end of the long storm and then this week in will go up to the 80's. Finally some not wet and cold weather. I would say warm but of course you’re all dealing with 100's right now so it’s just not cold in the 80's. So that was this week. It was good. I hope you all have a wonderful week. It’s kind of weird to think of summer vacation because we don't get one so it’s all the same thing all the time. So thinking that people are doing something different than school sounds weird. I love you.


Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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