Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20th 2011

So this letter will be short. I wasn't feeling good Thursday night, Friday and Saturday, then on Sunday I got real bad with a lot of chest congestion and my asthma acting up so at night I called our medical lady, Sister Adams and she said I should had called earlier cuz she wanted me to go to urgent care. But she said just sleep at home and go in the morning. So this morning I went to Urgent Care. The doctor was concerned so he did chest x-rays and I’m sure you can guess what’s next mom. Yup I have pneumonia. So he gave me a shot and a prescription for some good meds. So next week’s email will probably be pretty short as well, beings I can't do anything for a week. I have to go in for a check up on Sunday and he said he'll give me the go to work or not after that. I don't think it’s very serious but it is pneumonia so we're not going to take it lightly. So mom can you send me some more medicine for my breathing machine. Taking a treatment every four hours depletes my supply fast. So my boy (that’s mission lingo for my new companion I’m training) will be going on a lot of exchanges this week so he can still get experience. So about my boy. He rocks! His name is Elder Moss. He is originally from Utah but for the past two years him and his family have been living in Gilbert AZ! So you'll have to hook up with his parents and gossip about us or something. I'll get their info from him for next week’s email. So he is a cool kid though. He is tall and skinny but is athletic. He plays golf and loves it. He is a hard worker and has taught me a lot in the short time we've been together so far. So yeah he is a really cool guy. It is starting to get warm out here. This week we had a couple of days in the nineties I think. They say it will get up and over 100 this week. I'll be inside all day so I won't have to worry about that. Training has been a really cool experience. It is teaching me a lot and it feels good helping someone learn this stuff. The best part is when I tell him something he listens! Some of my past companions weren't like that. So it’s great. So far we have been getting along really good. He is a cool and calm kid but I can tell he can be really goofy. I'm trying to get it out of him but he's still new and shy. So yeah that’s about it for today. I think I’ll go sleep now. Oh and don't worry about me. I am sick but not dead, so it will all be good. Plus I'm one of the Lord's servants so he will bless according to his will. I have complete faith that all will be well in time. I love you all.

Love, Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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