Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14th 2011

Well now that was a busy one wasn't it? It is still weird to think that Jamie married Joe but that is cool cuz they will be fun to hang out with at family parties. That’s awesome that Maddie is going on a mission! It’s the greatest thing ever! So about the cook books mom. Honestly the only thing I've used mine for is the converted measurements in the front. We really don't have any time to cook. Well we could if we didn't work hard but then what’s the point of being on a mission if you’re not working all the time? So this week was good and long. We did have transfer calls but I'll tell you about them as we go. So Monday night we switched up for exchanges. I went with Elder Taufu'i in the Elk Grove park ward. I was with him all day on Tuesday. It was super fun and a good time. I love going back into that ward, I have a lot of good friends from serving there. We were able to teach a less active girl who is 17 and pregnant. But the lesson was good. We got her to believe that I was adopted by Asians and was raised bhudist. We told her it was a joke and she said she honestly believed us ha. We had a good day. We switched back up that night. Wednesday was a good day. It was starting to get warm this week which I am thankful for. I am willing to sweat if it means no rain and no cold. I had a meeting on Wednesday morning. It was good. We planned out a great district meeting for the next day and it was swell. The rest of the day we went and saw people we had appointments with. Unfortunately they fall through a lot. But we always plan backups and it works out good. I have a new planner for a new transfer so I can’t remember everything we did this week. Thursday we had district meeting. Our zone leaders made a giant Book of Mormon out of a large box and I wore it and sang Book of Mormon stories on Elder Garcia's Block Rocker with my iPod playing the songs as well. It was fun and I'm sure you can believe how much I enjoyed the attention. We then got into a more spiritual mode and all the leaders trained everyone in a different room of the church. I did the Chapel and did my training at the Sacrament table and related it to sacrifice and how we can sacrifice the little that is asked of us because Jesus sacrificed more and is there to help us. I thought it went good. Then we had a testimony meeting. It was one of the more spiritual district meetings. I have been going to Togo's a lot for lunch. It is a sub shop that is closest to Steve's than anything thing I have found. It’s a little expensive though. We had that for lunch. We had some more appointments later that day. I'm sure we taught someone but I don't remember. Friday we did weekly planning then we met brother Meisner at Mama Mia's pizza to have lunch with him and the Spanish elders. It was good. Bro Meisner is the kind of guy who likes dragons and fairies and mystical creatures... So I told my alien and skin walker stories. Of course I made half of them up but he enjoyed them and wants me to write them down so he can have them ha. We saw a few people that day. There was this kid who came running up to us as we were passing a store and these bullies were chasing him to beat him up. He is in our ward so we walked him home and scared those bullies nice and good. There were four of them all a year older and they were going to steal his money he had to buy an iPod. I feel bad for him cuz they will come back when were not around. His mom isn't a member but she thanked us so we hope it was a good example for her. The rest of the day was good. Saturday was good too. We got yelled at by some lady with a beard and her 80 year old husband. They were white but had black grandkids and don't like Mormons. They got mad cuz we knocked on their neighbor in the apartment’s door. Their neighbor is a less active member who asked us to come over. I just told them to go tell on us and leave us alone. They didn't like that especially cuz the office is closed on Saturdays ha. We taught a guy from South Africa later. He speaks Swahili but enough English so it worked. He was awesome and has an earnest desire to know the truth. The rest of the day we did stuff but I can't remember then either. Sunday was good. We had church and then we had dinner with the Childress'. They made us some bbq'd chicken. It was tasty. We had a blitz and it was good as well. Monday was a nice day. We saw a few people in the morning. No one was home but we met some nice people on the streets, we went to a less active member’s house for two hours after lunch. She told us her life history and man was it better than any TV show we could had been watching at 3 in the afternoon on a Monday. It was great, we tracted for a while then we had dinner, Afterwards we went and saw Clair. Her Caregiver was there for the first time ever. She’s Jehovah witness and she just bashed us for a while. Finally I told her, were not going to agree on most of these things, because we believe we have a Prophet that still receives revelation. She said she would research if we still needed a prophet and get back to us. I won't hold my breathe. We then got our transfer calls. President Jardine threw us for a loop. He is transferring Elder Garcia to Stockton to be in Spanish work, which will be good. I am staying here for my 4th transfer... that will be six months in Florin! I am also going to be training a new missionary. I am nervous but excited as well. I don't know who it is yet so I will update you all next week on him, its crazy being here for so long. I'm excited to learn more with this experience. I just hope I don't ruin him too bad. So last night we had a party and sang with the Block Rocker in our apartment. It was gay. I took videos so don't worry. I also videoed my Book of Mormon singing... Its long. Well I love you all.

Love Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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