Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27th 2011

So this week was fun... Psych! They gave me a shot at the doctors and I was feeling better by Monday night so a week inside feeling fine just isn't that fun. So Elder Taratai and his brother Brock Allen did get to meet. Brock met up with him on Saturday and was able to do 5 hours of missionary work with him and have dinner as well. Man what a miracle. President Jardine told everyone at zone conference that, that is just one of the reasons me and Elder Taratai were called to this mission at this time and that it was one of the many miracles he was able to experience. I feel so happy for him. Elder Taratai hugged me and thanked me like 10 times that day. Every time I see him he does. I just tell him that we were both doing what was right so the lord blessed him. That is something I will remember forever. So pneumonia is a funny thing. After you break your fever you don't really feel sick. So this week was pretty boring. I'll tell you some of the things we did. I read over 20 ensigns, all of a marvelous work and a wonder, cleaned the apartment including all the dishes the closet all my bedding and desk and what not, played phase 10 multiple times with Elder Moss, we started and completed a 750 piece puzzle, slept almost as much as I was awake, wrote in my journal, wrote the outline to a story I’ve had in my head, talked a lot, watched church dvds because they gave everyone in our mission portable dvd players for study, and walked around the apartment and then to the church to borrow some of their ensigns then home and stuff. So it was a very boring week. We went out maybe 5 hrs. total which I wasn't even supposed to do that. It is really hard to do missionary work when you’re sick. Thursday sister Adams did let me go to zone conference. It was amazing! It was full of the spirit and we learned some amazing things. I am sad to see President Jardine go. He is my mission president but I will love President Lewis as well. The work will be the same either way so it’s no big deal. Yesterday, Sunday, I went back for my checkup. The doctor said my lungs sound amazing but they did x-rays just in case and he said I am 100% clear of pneumonia, so that is some good news. He said he was actually surprised I got better that good. It was the blessing I got. So now I am allowed to work. But my lungs are weak so I have a car. They gave it to me on Thursday and I’m not giving it back until they ask for it. But I think I will start jogging in the morning so my lungs can get stronger, biking just isn't enough. But the car is nice now that it’s hitting the 100's. Everyone says, "Oh you’re from Arizona this must be nice weather for you" but hot is hot no matter where you go and 100 is hot. So yeah. This week I am going to work Elder Moss like none else. He had a nice vacation but now it’s on. But I will set limits this time. I think that’s how I got pneumonia, working too hard to get him work, and not resting. So that is it for this week. I have to write a letter to President Lewis about myself, so that is what I am going to do now. I hope everything goes well at home.

Love, Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

P.S.- I just want you all to know how much I love being on a mission. Sometimes it’s hard and things are the greatest but as a whole a mission is the greatest thing ever. I wish everyone could experience it.

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