Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 30th 2011

Well it sounds like things are just moving along. I saw the picture Jackie took at the cemetery. Everyone looks the same except the boys with their long hair and 5 inches taller. Ellie looked taller as well. It’s crazy how much goes on in a year. This week was pretty good. Monday after emailing we had a bunch of time to do stuff so I wrote 10 letters! Some of them were longer than others but still that’s a lot. Hopefully that will result in some mail. We'll see. My companion really likes to take care of his skin and stuff so at 5 we went to a nail salon and got our eye brows waxed. I had never done it and I am willing to try anything so I went ahead and did it myself. I probably won't ever do it again. It wasn’t bad or anything. The lady looked at me and told me I don’t really need it cuz my eye brows aren't that crazy. I'm just not a very hairy person I guess. The rest of the night we just saw a bunch of people. Tuesday was a great day! We had interviews with president Jardine and then training as well from sister Jardine. It was great. They trained on correcting out of love as well as accepting correction even when it isn't done out of love. We didn't get done with those till 5! So we went home got ready to go then the Spanish elders picked us up cuz we were going to have dinner with them and a Mexican family in their ward. Elder Garcia hooks us up because he is from Mexico and he will talk to them at church and stuff and then they want us to come over. They love it when you eat a lot of their food because they think that means you like it so they love me as well. Little do they know I’ll eat anything. Afterwards we went out and visited an investigator named Lashanda. It was good. We set up an appointment with her for Friday. We also met another Mexican member and they invited us over for dinner on Saturday when they fed their elders ha. It’s awesome because I do love Mexican food. Wednesday I had a leadership meeting in the morning. It was good. Then we had lunch. We had to rush over to a lady named Anita’s house. She is black and is African American. She is also Jehovah Witness. We pretty much bashed the whole time. She said we can come over this Wednesday again but probably not anymore. Probably because she couldn't explain to me why her church doesn't have a prophet when her bible says there will always be one. Then we had to ride our bikes as fast as we could for a long time to have a lesson with a girl named Lachelle. She is YSA so we were going to be teaching her with the zone leaders so they could take over afterwards. She wasn't home though. Then we went to see a lot of people. We then had dinner with the Lindsey’s. It was pretty good. We had fried chicken ha. Then we had a correlation meeting with our ward mission leader and ward missionaries then we rushed over to an appointment but the guy wasn't home so we went and visited Nancy. Then we went home. Thursday morning we had a district meeting. It was good. I hope. I trained on inviting people to make commitments, how to get them to commit then how to follow up on it. It was good. Then we roll played committing people to living the Word of Wisdom, the Law of Chastity, or the Law of Tithing. It was fun. We had lunch then I went on exchanges with Elder Taufu'i and Elder Shelton. They are in a three some so it was fun. They are in the Elk Grove Park ward. The one I used to be in. It was fun. We switched back up that night. Friday we had weekly planning. Then we had an appointment with Lashanda. A member came with us and it was good. She has a lot of really good questions; she just needs to let us teach so we can answer them. Then we went tracting. We had dinner with a member and they took us out to hometown buffet. It’s the same thing as old country buffet. It was super good. They had steak. Then we went and talked with a less active member. After that we went and visited Clair. It was her birthday. Saturday we had a lot of appointments but only one held. We just talked to a lot of people other than that. The appointment was with a kid named Brian. He was a joke. He let us teach the whole restoration lesson but then told us reading and praying would be a waste of his time. Oh well people can do what they want I guess. We went tracting later that day then hurried up to our dinner with the Mexican family. We had Chicken Mole (molay) which I know Uncle David would be jealous of. It was super good. Then we stopped at the pharmacy to get some more Sudafed cuz I hadn't been taking it for a month and my allergies were getting bad again but now I’m all good. Sunday I went to sacrament meeting at the Elk Grove building with the Elk Grove Park ward. It was awesome. I was down there doing a baptismal interview for a guy named Anthony. Finally someone passed... Church was good and I got to say hi to a lot of old friends. Then I went back up to church in our ward. It was good. This guy gave an amazing talk on being a disciple as well and being disciplined and how they are the same. I took notes it was so good. Then we went home had dinner then went on a blitz it was good. Then we went to sleep. Today I am sad to say I did not do anything fun. We played soccer but had to leave early cuz our ride was leaving. Now I am emailing. We are going to go to Sam’s club with a member now and it should be fun. I hope everything back home is going good.

Love Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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