Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28th 2011

Well this week just sounded like a blast. Well it sounds like things are going really fun other than that. Back to baseball and new sports. All i have to tell Braden is to try his hardest and don't quit because even though its hard its worth it in the end and even though your small now, you will grow and be able to handle it. Just work hard. Working hard is the only way to do anything. I learned that a lot this week. This week rocked and there are going to be Miracles coming up thats for sure. The rest of tuesday was spent cleaning up our apartment and visiting people so Elder Crager could say bye. It was good. Wednesday we got up and got Elder Crager and Elder Forrester off and then Elder Hock came in. President told me he was one of the most positive missionaries out here and i totally agree. He rocks!!! He is seriously one of my favorite companions already. He is super different and weird but he is so loving and he works his butt off no matter what and that is amazing. We waited for Elder Pelfreys companion, Elder Beveridge to get to our apartment. He didn't get there till 12 so we just had lunch went and talked with Nancy. She had talked to the Sherriff but we couldn't talk about what because the bad guys were around. After that good lesson we went and visited a few people. We taught a guy that is YSA age and so after the lesson we gave his info to our Zone leaders. It was a great lesson. Then we went tracting for a while. We found a lot of great people even though it was raining. It rained all freaking week. It didn't do me so well either. We had dinner that night with the Stake President. He is super awesome and very missionary minded. It was a great meeting. Then we visited sister Childress. She talked about food a lot. It was fun and we talked about health a little too. Thursday we had an awesome District meeting. Our leader’s rock and it was great. We went tracting after lunch, in the rain, and we found some good people again. We visited a lot of people after that and it was grand. We had dinner at home. We stripped down and let our clothes dry a little then we went back out and visited a few nice people. Friday we had an awesome weekly planning session. Elder Hock has some great ideas and a great attitude towards the work so it’s just awesome. The rest of Friday was spent biking around to appointments as well as talking to a lot of people. It wasn't raining so more people were out but then it started to rain later. We had poop for dinner which was in the form of nachos. If there was a lot of it i wouldn't had minded eating poop but i couldn't even get full off the half a plate i had. Then we saw a few people. That was when i got sick. I had a cold and i decided that i was getting sick because of the Mold in our closet. It’s not just a little bit either. After waking up and feeling like death on Saturday i called Sister Adams, the health coordinator, and she freaked that we had mold. I guess it’s a big deal, especially cuz i have asthma. So we have been sleeping out in the family room on the couches so we don't die. They wanted us to move in with our Zone leaders but i like the couch better than my bed. Yes mom the names of all the girls are correct and the date is as well. Saturday Elder Hock went to a baptism in his last area and i went with Brother Wheeler our ward mission leader to a lesson with Aunsieshia. It was awesome. She had a few concerns but we resolved them and the next day at church we committed her to work towards the 16th for baptism! It was great. We were supposed to have dinner with an Asian and i was super excited but they canceled on us so we had subway. That was a huge bummer. After dinner we went and taught a few people too. Sometime in the week, i can't remember when, we taught a blind lady named Clara. It was awesome. She is solid. She wants a braille book of Mormon and we got it for her today. It is six binders long. One binder only has the intro through 2nd Nephi. It’s crazy. As well i finally got my freaking bike today. It looks really pretty and rides like a champ. So now i can get back to work and step it up a notch and baptize a butt load!!!! Well this week was great and things are going awesome. I am so excited to serve with Elder Hock! My mission rocks!

Love Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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