Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4th 2011

Joe is freaking marrying Jamie Peterson!!! That is crazy. I hung out with her a lot after we graduated. Good job Joe. You got lucky. So this week was just AWESOME! The light bulb has finally turned on for me and missionary work is the greatest!

Monday night we had dinner with a part member family. They made some great Mexican food and it was a lot of fun. We got along great with their family. Then we went and gave Clara her braille Book of Mormon. She wasn't home but we dropped it off. Then we went home. Tuesday was great. We had a lesson with a YSA guy named Curtis. We taught him a good lesson and it was fun. We had to pass him off to the zone leaders. Like everyone we teach. Then we had lunch. We went and saw a few people in the top of our area and this is where it happened!!!! I FOUND MY FREAKING BIKE!!!! We were riding and came around a corner and I saw it on someone’s driveway. I called our zone leaders and they came and picked it up with their bike rack. It was awesome. I got my new bike on Monday so now I have two. I made a video that was awesome. I told the story in it. I will send it home as soon as you send me my other card back. We had to flee the area after that because the guy came out of his garage and took a picture of us so we went to Lexys house and chilled with them for an hour. We had a lesson across our area but she wasn't home so we went tracting but had to end early because President Jardine wanted me to call the police so I was safe. We then went tracted closer to our apartment then had a good dinner. Wednesday was kind of weird but it was great because missionary work is great. It’s so easy to go out in nice weather that’s in the 80's when you like talking to people and you have an amazing companion that loves the work as much as you. It’s so amazing! We went and saw a few people in the morning. We talked to a lot of people on the streets and then had lunch. We saw some more people after lunch and then went tracting. We found some great people tracting and it was just great. I love it! We had dinner with Brother Meisner, one of the ward missionaries. He takes us out once a month for pizza and it was good. Then we had a great lesson with Clara the blind lady. She is solid and loves her Book of Mormon. She watched, or listened, to conference so when we go over there tonight we are going to give her a date to be baptized on the 24th which is a Sunday but its Easter so we thought that would be special. Then we went home. Thursday rocked because we had Zone Conference. It was amazing. It was on the Atonement and it made me realize how much it has helped me in my life especially as a missionary. Afterwards we had a good lesson with a Marshaleese guy. They are islanders around Kiribati but not Kiribati. He is a member but he is very less active but wants to come back. He was great. Then we had dinner with Brother Shaffer. He took us to Denney’s and it was good. We saw a couple of people afterwards and it was nice. Friday was a good day as well. We had a great weekly planning in the morning. Me and my companion get along great so it’s not bad being around him all the time. We have an awesome apartment and it’s just so much fun. We all get along and serve each other and no one talks bad about the others. I have been doing P90X with Elder Pelfrey in the mornings. I am getting in a lot better shape. It’s super hard and I’m so sore from it but it is improving the quality of my life and I’m happier from it. Exercising sends endorphins to your brain and endorphins make you happy and happy people don't kill people. Name the movie and get a prize (letter). Maybe. We saw a few good people. We got a return with a nice lady named Patty, she seems excited. Then we went tracting then had dinner with Brother Wheeler our ward mission leader. Then we tried to see Aunsieshia but she wasn't home. We had to push her date back a week cuz we haven’t talked to her for 5 days. Saturday ROCKED! We had conference of course and then went to Mr. Pickles, the second best sub shop in the world, Steve's being the best of course. The sub did make it into my top 10 though. Then we went back for some more conference. Then we went home and made some phone calls, then we went to priesthood. It was amazing as always with some big hitters. Then we went home and had dinner. Sunday was even better. We had conference again in the morning, the best session of the series. Then we went to another church building for lunch. A member cooked for all the missionaries. Then we went back for some more feasting of the spirit. After the close of conference me and Elder Hock went out and talked to 27 people in an hour. It was crazy! Then we had a blitz then a meeting with the zone. We set some good goals and I got everyone pumped with a vision I had. I'll write it and send it as a letter cuz I’m out of time. Well as you are all aware, or if your not you will be now, my birthday is coming up in less than a month. I don't care what you send me, I just have 3 requests. First I want a beautiful Red and Blue tie. I have 5 of them and they are my favorites. Not because of Mtn. View but because I love them. I would also like a tie rack that can be hung up in a closet like a coat hanger hangs. That would be cool. I also want a CD. Not any ordinary CD though. I want Another Testament. It’s the same as reflections of Christ but for the Book of Mormon. I like it but no one has it. That’s all I really want. Well I love you.

Love Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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