Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14th 2011

Well this week seemed to be fun. It sounds like things are normal back at home. This week was pretty good for me. I was sick for a little bit but I think I am getting over it. On Monday night we had dinner with a member and her nonmember husband. We had Chuck eyes. I guess it’s the meat between the Chuck roast and rib eye. It was pretty tasty. We also had red potatoes and some veggies. I didn't enjoy it as well as I would have liked because I didn't have time to take a breathing treatment and I was back on bike so my asthma was acting up a bit so I was quiet most the night and I couldn't eat that much. We stayed there the rest of the night and had a good family home evening type of lesson with them. It was real fun. Then we went home. On Tuesday we went to the Doctor cuz Elder Crager thinks he has sleep apnea, he snores super bad, so they wanted to check him out and see if they should refer him for a sleep study. They did want to so that will be coming up some time soon. Then we came home after the doctor and had lunch then the rest of the night we just kind of visited with a few people and went tracting. We went and visited a 13 year old girl who has been taking the lessons, her name is leili. She told us that she wanted to take about a month break from the lessons to explore other options. That was a bummer but I plan on being here and getting that rebound and then I'll dunk her! (basketball analogy) Wednesday we had a great district meeting. We learned a lot of really good things and it was just fantastic! Then we went and taught Nancy, had a lesson with a lady named Karen. It was a good lesson. We talked to her just about fun things in our families and our past and then we had a spiritual lesson. Then we went tracting. I like to tract. It’s fun. Then we had dinner with the Clarkes. They were nice. They kept telling us stories about themselves that seemed liked a huge achievement. Then we had a new member lessons with two girls that got baptized about a month ago. It was a good lesson. Then we tried to see a couple of people then we went home. On Thursday we went to a lesson with a member in the morning. It was really good and the member was perfect for her. Then he took us out to lunch to a place called Mama Mias. It’s a pizza place and is mediocre. I would rather have little ceasers. After lunch we had a good lesson with a lady that was found a while ago. Her name is Falisha. She is black and has 9 kids! It’s crazy. She has grandkids older than some of her kids. It was a pretty good lesson. She is looking for a church and wants to change things in her life. But she didn't come to church on Sunday so that was lame. We have a lesson with her tonight so we will see what was up. Then we tracted some more, always looking for new people to teach, then we had dinner with the Bartons. They are old and the husband spilt the soup on my hand and it was scalding hot! They talked our ears off and made us late for an appointment that a member was going to go with us to. The person wasn't home so we went to another recent converts house and taught them a new member lesson as well. Then we went home. Friday I was pretty sick so we didn't do much. I had a real bad cold and my allergies were bugging me a lot and like all sickness it made my asthma go all wack so we didn't do much other than teach Lexy, who is getting baptized this Saturday with her two 8 year old cousins! It is going to be awesome. One of the dads is a member and he didn't think he could baptize her so they wanted me to do it but we had him talk with the bishop and the bishop said it would be great for him to do it. I wasn't sad at all because I would way rather her dad baptize her than me. It made me so happy to hear that. Then we saw a few people and had dinner at home cuz a member brought it to us. We get fed pretty good. Not as good as past areas but pretty good. Saturday I was still sick but we had a couple of people we had to see. We went to the store to get some medicine the missionary health lady told me to get and it worked pretty good. Then we had lunch. We had a great lesson with Aunieshia, the lady that was a miracle. A member came with us as well and the lesson rocked! She is so elect it’s insane! She wasn't able to come to church because her 3 year old was sick so that was a bummer but we will give her a date to be baptized next Sunday for sure! We had dinner with the Welges that night. It was good. We had enchiladas and again it doesn't compare with my moms. She is just too good at cooking! We tried to see a few people at night but no one was home. Sunday we had a few meetings and then church. Lexy got her interview for baptism and she is set for Saturday. I have to give a talk... oh well. Then we had dinner at the Roberts. They were old and they fed us corn beef. The potatoes were good. We had a blitz with the members of the Elk grove ward that night and we went and visited a less active 80 year old black lady. Boy could she talk. It was fun though. She told us all about growing up in Virginia while that segregation was going on. She had just recently adopted a 15 month old black baby. Personally I think that should be illegal cuz when she dies he is going to have nothing. He was cute though and he kept climbing all over me so even though were not supposed to I had to hold him on my lap to keep him still. Today was a good day. We played Ultimate frisbee in the dark again. We all have glow sticks on our wrist and a light up frisbee. We line the basketball court with glow sticks so we can see the boundaries. It’s so much fun it’s amazing! Now I am emailing. This transfer has been pretty good. The check was exactly 179 dollars mom. Me and Elder Crager still haven’t got our new bikes though and this Wednesday it will be 4 weeks! Me and Elder Crager get a long pretty good actually. At first I didn't like him but I have started to just love him for him and have stopped trying to change him and instead just change myself and it has been great. He is kind of weird but then again so am I so I can't judge. They better not break the go kart! I want to ride it. Don't let anyone drive it anymore!! Fix it then lock it up till I get home. Just kidding but really I want to ride it. Well I hope you all have a nice week and everything goes well. It was good to hear that all the missionaries in Japan are safe. Everyone keeps asking us if they are. It’s as if they think we have some inside info or something. They actually have more access to information than we do! But oh well. Now we can tell em. Well have fun.

Love, Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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