Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7th 2011

March 7th 2011

Make the check out to CTR Bikes... Man mom I don't want to be rude and I do want to know what is going on at home but I think it would be best if you didn't tell me about near death experiences in our family.

I worry enough as it is having my dad travel to and from Yuma every week. I don't want to worry about him dying there as well! Sorry if that was blunt. So I remembered my planner this week! Monday was a good enough day. I took a nap and it was nice. Tuesday was a good day.

We were on exchanges and I was with Elder Burns. He is a really cool guy and it was a lot of fun. I don't know the area that great yet but I managed with only getting lost a few times. We saw a lot of people and got a lot of return appointments. It was a good day. Wednesday was a pretty good day as well. We had interviews. It was awesome!!! So don't be alarmed about this part. On Tuesday I tried to get an inhaler I got out here cuz it helps and my asthma has been pretty bad so I went to get it and the insurance only covered like 70 dollars of the 300 it cost so I called our medical coordinator and she asked me some questions and said that I should be in a car if my asthma was bothering me that bad so on Wednesday in my interview President Jardine talked to me about my asthma and made a call for me to have a car. So since Wednesday I have had a Ford Fusion. It is a super nice car. I had to give it back today though because a sister needed it. So I will probably finish this transfer out on bike and then probably get a car and be in a car most of the rest of my mission. I will probably try to lose some weight to help out as well. But the rest of the day was kind of bum. We talked to like two people then had dinner. Then we talked with an excommunicated member and he is just about done with the repentance process. Then we went home. On Thursday we went on exchanges with our Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Kelley. He's the one that reminds me of Joe. It was a lot of fun. He is in the Waterman ward and that is where I served for one transfer so it was a good time. Friday we had a good day. We had weekly planning then we got to go see a bunch of people in our car. We taught a couple of good lessons. It was a really good day. We had dinner at home like every night last week because the members brought it to us. Saturday rocked!!! I went back up to Jackson to see Olga get baptized! It was so good and real nice to see some of my good friends again. Rudy shaved his beard so he looked like an old man. It was funny. After wards I came home and we went and taught a lesson to a lady named Aunieshia. She was a miracle find. We went to see a guy we had talked to on the street. It turned out he gave us the wrong address but the lady there was looking for guidance in her life. It was amazing. We taught her on Saturday and she came to church on Sunday. She has a lot of faith. Her daughter’s name is Latavia. After that we had Mr. Pickles, a sandwich place. It compared to Steve’s more than anything out here but doesn't even come close to the goodness. We later went tracting then saw a bunch of people. It was nice having the car for those few days. Sunday we had church then went to dinner then had a blitz with the Spanish ward. It was good. This guy told an amazing story about a frog that another guy translated for us. I will write it and send it to you in a letter to save some time. Then we went home and I went to sleep early cuz I was tired. So this weird thing keeps happening to me. I keep seeing random stories at the most random times. They pop in my head and they are very intricate and vivid, so I write them down. I don't know if I should be doing that or not because I’m on a mission but its cool! I have a couple of good New York Times best sellers. Tonight we are having dinner with a nonmember and his member wife. They are feeding us rib eye and I am super excited. It is making me hungry just thinking about it. I'm excited.

But I am not excited to ride my bike and I guess Elder Crager got an email saying our bikes haven’t even been shipped out. It sucks. I demand service!!! Just kidding, but really. So yeah that is it. The emails of my friend’s emails will work out great thank you mom. Things are looking great and I have seen myself grow a lot in this last week. I am glad to be doing this great work.


Elder Arnett

P.S.- I prayed for dad’s safety on Tuesday too. I always do.

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