Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3rd 2011

The royal wedding eh... Ha that was a random paragraph but it was good. So Karen, Dad and Jackie are all right! It is the Wedding Singer. One of the best movies ever. This week was great. Things have been really happening here in California. On Monday we went to see Clara. She is doing awesome! We shared some good spiritual thoughts. It was a good visit. Tuesday was a crazy day. We saw a few people in the morning. We talked to a lot of random people on the streets and stuff. Then we had lunch. We saw a few people afterwards then did a lot of tracting. Then we had to ride to the farthest part of our area for dinner, it was fun though and we had Costco pizza for dinner and I love Costco pizza. We tried to see some people after dinner but didn't have much luck. We went to Kyndras house to talk to her but she wasn't home yet but we had an awesome conversation with her mom. She is a nice lady but just doesn't know the truth and doesn't want to know. Kyndras grandpa was sick and wasn't going to make it and he really wanted to be there so they decided to push it back to mother’s day which made our ward members mad but I don't care because her mom is letting her get baptized so we won't argue it. Then we went and visited Clara again. She was getting her interview for baptism on Wednesday so we decided to prepare her for that. She is awesome. Wednesday was another good day. We had an awesome district meeting in the morning. It was good. Then we went on exchanges with random people in the zone. I went with Elder Watko who lived in Scottsdale till he was ten then moved to Utah. He is super cool and it was a lot of fun. I got the packages on Wednesday! It was awesome, even though it was confusing with three things celebrated at once. It honestly does not feel like I'm coming up on a year in the next couple of days. The last 6 months have gone by so fast it’s crazy. Elder Watko and I tracted a lot. He is in Spanish work so it was cool to talk to Spanish and actually talk to them. We had dinner with the Williams. He is the Elders Quorum president and she is the Young woman’s president. His dad is also the Stake President. It was fun though. We were able to help them learn how to do more missionary work. Then we went and picked up Clara with our ward mission leader. He is a great guy. We were early to the church so we took her into the chapel to play the piano for us. She is good. It was cool to see a white female version of Ray Charles. Then she had her interview with President Dalton, one of President Jardines councilors. He is a great guy. They both had a great experience. He said she was totally ready for baptism and said she prays so good she could teach a class on it, which is totally true. Clara gives amazing prayers. And we found out that night that her name isn't even Clara. It’s Clair but she didn't care. Thursday we went out and talked to a lot of people on the streets. There are some crazy people out here. The rest of the day after lunch was kind of lame. We didn't have anything cool really happen. We saw some people had a really good dinner though. An older couple took us to On The Border and I got me a chimichanga and man did it make me miss Mattas! It was good though. The wind has been ridiculous this week! It was so hard all the time and it’s only going with you in one direction but is against you in three. My legs are getting a great work out, that’s for sure. We saw Clair again because she was getting baptized on Saturday! Friday we had a great weekly planning. We saw a few people that lived on opposite sides of our area, which takes an hour to bike across and it was against the wind. Both weren't home but that’s how it goes sometimes. We had to get things ready for the baptism and we had a blitz in our area on Sunday we had to prepare for so we did that a lot on Sunday. We made calls and programs for the baptism. Then we went to Clair's to go over the program and show her or tell her how the baptism will happen with the hand placement and stuff. It was good. Saturday Clair got baptized! It was awesome. She slipped getting into the font and landed on her butt on the steps and she yelped out a loud scream and it scared everyone there. It was sad but she got in fine after that. She had asked me to baptize her so I did and it was awesome. She is great. Afterwards Elder Hock bought my lunch at subway for my birthday even though it was two days away. Then we went and saw a lot of random people. We had to finish up some stuff for our blitz on Sunday. A blitz for those who don't know is where all the missionaries in the zone go to one area to knock doors or if it’s a member blitz the members go with a missionary and see investigators in the area and part member families and potential investigators. It’s cool. So we had to make routes for everyone and maps and stuff. We went tracting and tried to see some people but no one was really home. We tried to see Kyndra like five times during the week but they never answered the door and she didn't come to church this week so were hoping for the best. Sunday Clair was supposed to get confirmed but she is an epileptic (spelling is probably wrong) and she had two really bad seizures that morning so she was in the hospital so that night Elder Hock went with a member and gave her a blessing. She is doing real good now. We had church and it was good. The blitz went great. I got to teach a Hindu guy and it was the biggest waste of time because he tried to teach us the whole time. He was nice though but said we shouldn't eat meat. I like meat. Monday was another day of goodness too. We blitzed two other areas from 10-12 then from 1-3 with a lunch buffet in between. It was a warm day and it drained me of all energy. It was fun though. We had dinner with the Bishop last night. He is super cool and loves cheese so he always has a bunch of different kinds and it was good stuff. We tried to see Kyndra again with no luck then we got our transfer calls... I was not expecting what happened. Elder Hock is getting transferred to be a senior companion with Elder Crager my last companion. I thought I was going to leave and he was staying but not so. I am staying to be the District Leader over the district I'm in. Hopefully I don't preach too much false doctrine. My new companion is Elder Garcia from San Diego. He is a Mexican and couldn't go to the MTC cuz he couldn't cross the California border. Ha. He is cool I hear and I’m excited to serve with him. He's been out for about 4 and half months now. I think.

So I have church at 1-4. We are planning on having a baptism for Kyndra after church at 4:30 so we probably won't be able to call till 5:30 at the earliest after church but that’s fine with me. We will have to see what my companion can do. So probably plan on 5:30 to 6 for the call. Well I have to go. I'll be speaking to you on Sunday so bye.

Love, Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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