Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16th 2011

Well this week sounded like it was exciting... Monday was a good night. We went by to see a few people most weren't home but we had a good lesson with Nancy, the lady we had dropped but we felt like just seeing how she was doing. It was good. She and the guy living with her said they wanted to get married and quit drinking together so we said we would start working on that with them. When we were done with her it was time to go home. Tuesday morning we had a leadership meeting for the zone. It was good. We just talked about some of the things going on in our district and what we were planning on training on in the next district meeting. We had a lot of appointments on Tuesday but they all fell through except one. It was a bummer. We talked to some people; it was a fairly nice day. After dinner we had a lesson with a less active lady name Cynthia. She has 4 unbaptized kids so we are teaching them and getting them ready for baptism. After that we headed home. Wednesday we had district meeting.

It’s kind of weird being the one training rather than being trained too but it was good I think. It went pretty smooth so I liked it. Afterwards we had a lesson with a Jehovah Witness lady named Anita. We had a good lesson and agreed with many things. We have an appointment with her again this week and I have a feeling we won't agree as much when we teach the First Vision. We had a few other appointments that fell through. We had an appointment at one corner of our area and then we had dinner 8 miles away at the other corner. It was a good bike ride.

That day we had to of biked over 25 miles. After dinner we went home and waiting for the Zone leaders to come over so we could switch up for exchanges. Elder Clark came into my area. He is super awesome. On Wednesday Elder Clark and I had a great time. We went and taught Nancy in the morning. The guy that lives there wasn't there and she expressed her true feelings and she is terrified of the guy. On Tuesday he broke a mirror over her head! So she gave us her sister’s phone number and stuff so we can work with her to get him out of there. I feel like a secret agent. He is a bad guy.

He lied to our face about having beer. He had 3 cans of it in a sack and told us they were hot dogs. We had lunch at a Taco Truck. It was super tasty. Elder Clark was called Spanish so he likes Spanish missionaries more so we had lunch with all of them and it was cool.

Later we saw a bunch of people. Thursday was the day of crazy people.

I can't wait to tell people at home about the crazies here in Sac Town. I had to just walk away from people because people were making me laugh so hard from being so ridiculous. Elder Clark got a flat tire so we had to patch it up but we didn't have a pump then we had dinner at a buffet, then I had to go do my first baptismal interview. She failed. I felt bad but she will be baptized soon. She had to get another interview the next day from President Martinez in the mission presidency. Then we went and saw a few people and then went home to switch back up. Friday was a swell day. We had weekly Planning, went tracting then had a great lesson with a lady named Mrs. Kelley. She is like 80 years old but is totally solid and ready for the gospel. After the first vision she was crying and said, that’s what I want. We had dinner then another lesson with Cynthia and her kids. It was tight.

Then we went home. Saturday was crazy. It was cold so after going out all morning, thinking it would warm up; we had to go home to get sweaters on so we weren't freezing. We didn't have lunch till 3 then we had dinner at 5. It was too much food. We went to see a few people then we went to Cynthia’s to set them up for church even though they didn't come... Church was good on Sunday. Mrs. Kelley came. She loved it but had to leave after Sacrament meeting. She is awesome. We had good church then dinner then we had a blitz. Then we set some goals.

It was a good Sunday. We are still trying to find people to teach, it’s going great. The mission is on track to hit a record for May, I wanna help but people have to be ready first. Clair will count for May cuz she was confirmed in May so that helped. Well I hope you all have a good week. Good luck to Porter on Play offs, and Hayley graduating. I love you all. Oh yeah and if Brother Chaides reads this on my blog, know that the pizza was good and you rock! He found it a little while ago ha. See ya

Love, Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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