Monday, March 1, 2010

Yes, I do like to swing with Pandas...

Ok. So it is eight in the morning and I am currently eating an ice cream sandwich from dairy queen. Why you might ask am I eating an ice cream sandwich from dairy queen at eight in the morning? Because I just starved for the whole fricken weekend so I could PWN at my final weigh in. And I think I did. I know for a fact already that I did not win first place. Thats kinda bummer. But if things go how i speculate they will I will be in the top five which was my initial goal from the beginning. Even though in the contest I didn't win, personally I did. I weighed in at 229.2 which is 40.4 lbs. from my starting weight of 269.6... Yeah I know I was fat. That is 14.98%. Which is huge! I haven't been in the 220's since Junior Year! I am so happy with myself and now that I have a start it will be easier to continue.

Also other exciting news... my mission papers are officially in Salt Lake as of last Wednesday. So it should be about two weeks from this Thursday till I get my call. I am excited. I want to go somewhere awesome and foreign but I have a feeling I'm going somewhere in the States. But really it don't care where I go because wherever it is, it is for me. It's my mission and I am meant to go there. So I'm probably not going to make a group on the book saying "WHERE WILL TYLER GO". I think those are dumb. If you want to guess thats cool. If not, I'm not going to freak out...

Anyways so my last post was all about almost going to Six Flags and being scared that it was going to rain and freaking out over nothing. Well guess what?! I did go to Six Flags and it did not rain and it was AWESOME! The trip was amazing. I might have not slept at all for eight hours then walked around a park with creeper batmans all day then drove another two hours not sleeping because of the poor quality of roads California has then going to go to church without the girls because Christiaan was too scared to wake them up then strip down to my underwear and run into the freezing cold ocean on a Sunday then drive home another forever with no sleep and then yell and my best friends because a couple of girls were trying to piss me and Lucas off and then get home and gain a pound for my next weight and be bummed out and have to work harder the next week but the good things about the trip made it all worth it. Spending eight hours talking and getting to know six of my best friends then eating ihop for breakfast with six of my best friends then spending an amazing fun day at six flags with six of my best friends even though it was tiresome then driving another two hours and hearing Chloe freak out every time there was a big crack in the road then going to church without the girls being dead tired and wishing I was asleep but then realizing that Mitt Romney's wife Anne was speaking at the ward then meeting Mitt himself after church then driving three hours to eat with Lucas' sisters family for a delicious dinner then driving another three hours home with six of my best friends listening to Alex's wonderful laugh then yelling because the girls didn't want to listen to church music. It was awesome. It was so much fun I want to do it again. Maybe with a little more sleep. It was tremendous.

Well thats all for this post. I really like this whole blogging thing. Since the two people I told everything to aren't in a convenient location anymore this is great alternative.

Oh and BTW my life rocks...

That which we do not try, we will never do.


  1. Oh Tyler! That was a fun trip!! I am sorry you didn't win the biggest loser. But I am so excited to see where you go on your mission!! IT will be the best thing ever!!! :)

  2. You met Mitt Romney?! We didn't even know that! And that was the funnest trip. You are the best!