Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Duetts! Jump Ropes! Tiger Lilies!

Ok so a few things have been on my mind the past all day and I kind of wanted to blog about them.

First is... car karaoke. It is the greatest thing EVA!!!

Here is a list of the song me and my sister Jackie like to DUETT (personally i think duet should be spelled with two t's because two people are singing) to. List is random not in order of favorites.

1.The Phantom Of the Opera- Andrew Lloyd Webber
2.The Mirror(Angel of Music)- Andrew Lloyd Webber
3.All I Ask of You- Andrew Lloyd Webber
4.Down Once More- Andrew Lloyd Webber(we love Phantom)
5.This Is Me- Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas
6.Start of Something New- Gabriella and Troy
7.Breaking Free- Gabriella and Troy
8.Lucky(feat. Colbie Cailat)- Jason Mraz
9.No Air- Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown
10.All You Need Is Love- Moulin Rouge
11.Come What May- Moulin Rouge
12.Umbrella (Remix)- Rihanna
13.What I've Been Looking For- Ryan and Sharpay
14.Total Eclipse of The Heart- Air Supply
15.Alone-Glee(ultimate favorite!)

And thats it for the Duett list. We have an awesome time jammin!

Oh and me and Christiaan jam pretty hard to Dashboard Confessional as well.

Ok so also one thing I have been thinking about a lot today is Jump Roping!
So last Tuesday I decided I wanted to buy a jump rope because I love jumping. Not many people know that about me. They also don't know that during football I led the team in jumps per min. with 217! Yeah Imma baller. I also did 72 consecutive double jumps. Not stopping at all. It was Crazy. Anyways so I went to Wal-Mart with my little sister and I bought a plain nylon rope wooden handle jump rope. I thought it would work good. It didn't. It sucked actually. It doesn't weigh enough to move as fast as I'm swinging it. So today I went to Wal-Mart by myself cuz I didn't have work and I needed more deodorant and I thought oh I'll go check out the Jump Ropes again. So I did and I decided not to be cheap so instead of buying the two dollar crap one again I bought the nice seven dollar one with removal two pound weights in the handle with a thick rope(which is rubber) part and some new deodorant. When I got home I decided to try it out! (The Jump Rope not the deodorant I still had some I just don't like running out) and It was awesome except I'm not as good as I used to be and I kept whipping myself in the legs and it hurt real bad and I was wearing my TOMS so it hit my toes and kind of hurt. But I did like twenty double jumps and it was amazing to Jump Rope again! So now I'm adding Jump Ropes into my list of Favorite Things in life! My goal though is to ultimately buy a jump rope identical to the ones they have in the Toro Annex because its like going back to basics which is always good(even ask Christina Aguilera). Soo those are a few things that are great in life!

Remember-If you pile up enough tomorrows, you are surely to find yourself left with nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays. I don't know about you, but I'd like to make today worth remembering.

What are your favorite Car Karaoke songs?


  1. I think it is verrrry important to add
    1. you and i- by ingrid michaelson
    and 2. a whole new world- aladin and jasmine.
    Oh, and if you're feeling a little country, you add Picture by sheryl crow.
    Other than that, your list rocks
    You rock!

  2. Tyler I was disspointed not to see a Taylor Swift song on your list of duett's but regardless the list is solid but nothing without taylor. Also I would have never have known about your mad jump roping skills without reading this post...proof that blogs are cool

  3. Fav. car song... (1)It's all coming back-celion dion (2)Chemical React-aly & aj (3)4ever-The veronica's

    By the way... your title says something about tiger lilly's but i don't see anything you wrote about tiger lilly's

  4. I'm soooo happy you made that list!!! I'll listen to those songs often and miss you, while you're gone!!!
    And I Love that I'm the best Car Karaoke partner ever... the songs above are mine and Jamie's duets!!! As for Lucas's comment about no Taylor... She isn't very duetish... but we do sing her alot :)