Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Ok so right about now I am getting way fricken excited!
I'm going to Six Flags
Magic Mountain on Saturday!
with seven awesome friends. We have every little detail planned out and this trip is going to be amazing! but... the weather forecast for Saturday currently says
Occasional showers possible.
I copied and pasted that straight from If it rains and the park is closed I might go on an outrage and beat up a child. Ok maybe not but still. I have never been to six flags and I really really want to go. But yeah I'll get over it. Anyways this whole blogging thing is awesome because I can just sit and write about the random stuff in my life and I love doing that so yeah. My Biggest Losers competition is going good still. I have two weeks left and I'm still in second place but I'm right behind first place. I've lost 35.2 pounds which is 13.05% weight loss. I've still got 15 pounds more to lose to reach my goal but I believe I can do it and if I reach I don't know how I could lose the contest. Everything is going good in life. Live long and prosper.


  1. your life does rock. i'm jealous... i want a vacaction.

  2. This weekend= amazing, even if it does rain!!

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