Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Colors

Like everyone in the blogging world, I check my blog frequently to see if anyone has commented on it. Usually I am disappointed. But each time I look at my blog I think wow the colors in my blog look the like colors I used for my AIM profile and they don't really go together. So with that said and a little time on my hands I sat down and tried to figure out good colors. Then I thought I should probably make a post after I change the colors so people will actually see it. Pringles are delicious. Then I thought what I should blog about. Spring. Spring is one of the greatest times of the year. So I decided to change the colors of my blog to match spring. It was actually a lot harder than it sounds. There aren't very many colors to choose from. And when I finally finished a half hour later I decided that even though the colors I picked were quite feminine, I wasn't going to waste another hour of my life. Now I will blog about spring.

1. This is something that should be number one of everyones Favorites of Spring list. Orange Tree Blossoms!

The smell of them is just amazing.

2. Breaking out all your summer clothes and putting all your winter crap away. I hate wearing winter clothes. I hate the cold. I love the heat. Nuff said.

3. Seeing everything turn green again! Just seeing it is awesome but knowing what comes from having grass again is exciting as well. When the green grass grows you can play real sports again. Like Football! Though I didn't enjoy Toro Football like most did, I do love football. You can't not love something that was your whole life for four years. I like it a lot.

Ok so I guess the list isn't very long but trust me, I really do like spring.

but... there is one thing I absolutely hate about spring. And that is allergies. I have so many. I hate it. It seems like the first week of March my nose has to start getting all runny and I get all stuffy again. Some might be saying its not that bad but it is. To go along with my allergies I have Asthma. So when I start to have any side effects from allergies my asthma gets all excited and goes out of control and with those two things combined it ruins all the stuff I love about spring. I can't breathe or smell so I don't get to enjoy orange tree blossoms. Also I can't play football because I can't breathe. That is why if you ever see me ever, I will have my Inhaler on me. Its not a joke. Ask anyone that knows me. And to add to that I have to take a breathing treatment twice a day or I will die. Ok probably not but close.

Anyways this is my spring post.

Only 46 more days till I leave!

From the mouth of Andrew Nicoll "Live long and Prosper. Hazzah!"


  1. i love spring. but, the yellow kind of hurts my eyes. maybe i'm sensitive. luhh you.

  2. Thanks for having a blog! I sent your mission call experience to Elder B. :)

  3. its true you always do have your inhaler!! and yes i agree orange blossom is my favorite smell EVER!!

  4. Tyler its crazy that before I thought of my recent post (I wake up in the morning feelin like p-diddy) I almost made a post titled (Wildflowers and Oraange Blossoms). But I can't seem to top your post because it is a masterpeice.

  5. These new colors are very spring-ee, and ya, maybe a little bit fem-ee. But, nonetheless, the post was great. Spring does rock. And, having been in Utah for the last like 8 months, I would have to totally agree that the cold is terrible. I miss that Arizona sunshine.