Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12th 2012

Well things sound good back at home. I don't have much time to email so i will try and just give a quick update on things. This week was really good. We were able to teach a lot and we had fun doing it! Rose is still doing good. She is reading her scriptures more so that is real good. We are still just trying to get her mom to pick a date. We were able to talk to her mom for a few short minutes but they were pretty busy this week with dentist appointments. But things will work out. We made a fancy reading calendar for Rose and her sister Felicia so hopefully that helps them with their reading. Angela is doing real good as well. We weren't able to meet with her at all this past week because we were pretty busy at the beginning of the week and were planning on the end of the week to meet with her and her family but her and her son both got sick so we weren't able to make it over there and teach them. She did come to church though so that was awesome. She is telling everyone about her baptism so hopefully things can work out by then. They should because it is over a month away! Matthew is the kid that has been coming to church that was just given permission to be baptized by his parents. He is 17 and a great kid. We were able to sit down with him on Thursday and teach him. Man has he done his research! He knew everything! We went through all the lessons and just asked him to explain each one and he gave some really good answers as if he has been reading out of Preach My Gospel. We watched the 20 min. restoration video with him and he told us he has watched it a bunch of times on He says it is one of his favorites and we could tell because he quoted along with the video half the time. Then we went over the Baptismal interview questions and he was giving some amazing answers to those as well! He was able to get his baptismal interview on Sunday and will be getting baptized on the 24th of this month! So that was pretty awesome! Initially we had set him up to be baptized on the 17th but our ward is having meetings all day and everyone wants to be there so we pushed it back a week. That’s not too bad because it gives us and him more time to prepare. So things are going great! Sorry i can't email too much this week. We are short on time. I got an email from Hudson today too! So that was good. I wrote him a letter and he responded so maybe you can get me Andrews address and he will follow suit. Well i got to go love ya. Bye!
Love, Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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