Thursday, May 27, 2010


All right I'm sorry I was slacking... we got this last week I just didn't post it...
Hope you enjoy :)

Hey Familiy! I only have a half hour on these computers and it times me so
english rules are out the window. So this week has been crazy. Like you
heard Elder Skousen was my host missionary! It was awesome to see as
familiar face and be greeted by family first thing walking into the MTC.
This week has been pretty crazy... It seriously feels like its been forever
since I've left. I'll get this out first. Since my time is limited i would
request that until I get out to the mission field write me through I get the letter the day after you send it and can read it
anytime! Mailed letters are good as well but take a little bit longer to get
here but whatever best for you is fine. Yeah Elder Holland came the day
BEFORE I got here and the missionaries who heard it don't let us forget it.
The MTC is a great place. Everybody is friendly for the most part and the
spirit Is SOOO strong here. I love it. We sing like a hundred hymns a day
and pray even more. No one thinks your weird when you walk down the hall
singing a random hymn cuz its accepted here. It was nice to receive a letter
from Jackie. The pictures were great. I've taken a couple of pictures but
i'll wait a little bit until i send a card home. you don't know how much
joy it brings me to hear about my new debit card! I was starting to freak
out. You see i've been checking it every day! I hope I can remember the
code...well things are just great here. The second day I was here I was made
district leader over my district. My district consists of me my companion,
elder buttars and elder kapp, and sister betancourt all going to sacramento
and then Elder fenlon and summers along with sister hansen and sister
mccready going to peroria Illinois. Our district is fun and everyone gets a
long pretty good for the most part. Elder Fenlon is a cool guy. He's from
sandy utah. Hes not my companion but on the first day here we discovered
that we both dated hudson and Jacksons cousin Kylie ha. He says i remind him
a lot of his brother in law so he didn't have to get used to me. It is a lot
of fun here. One of the phrases that has brought new meaning to my life is
"always tired but never weary". Its not a physical tired. Its a mental and
emotional. We learn soooo much stuff in on day that it is totally fills your
brain up completely full. But I am learning so much. The other night we had
a devotional and Elder Christiansen from the seventy spoke at it. It was
awesome. He spoke on using the book of mormon as much as possible in
missionary work. We sand Called to Serve and it was an amazing feeling. All
the hymns about missionary work have brought on a new meaning to me now. The
second and third day I was here I kept thinking to myself wow! this is it. I
am a missionary! Its crazy. Everything I've been working for these past 19
years is here now. I try not to think too much about the future because
thinking about being gone for two years is a little overwhelming but i get
over it. I'm glad to here everything is going good at home. Congrats porter
for the win in the election. That makes me proud! I hope everything else is
going good. I'm proud of you mom for taking everyone to church. Way too go!
can you say new lifestyle? Yes! I hope dad gets better. I have a little bit
of a cold myself hopefully it doesn't get too bad. I would love for you to
send me my machine to my mission. That would be great to arrive to. Oh and
the veteran elders here say that if you don't receive any packages from home
with treats and stuff it means your family doesn't love you so ya'll better
get on that one... ha seriously though... our zone leaders are pretty
awesome. We have elder touli from hawaii. He is amazing at singing and
playing the uke and he has sung at both the sunday fireside and the tuesday
devotional. Our other zone leader elder sell is cool. He is really
spiritual. Oh! and Sterling or Elder Jones is in my Zone! What are the odds
that a singapore and a sac town from mesa get in the same zone. its awesome.
Well I'm almost out of time. I love you guys so much. Even though I've been
away from home longer this experience really has showed me how much i really
do love and care for my family. I'm so glad our church has the knowledge of
eternal families. Its awesome to know i will be with you guys forever. I
know this church is true and I love all of you. Hope to be receiving some
mail soon! See ya.

Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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