Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Approach

Ok. So I think i'm just going to go into this whole blogging thing different. I think i'm just going to blog like a normal blogger. Writing a story is dumb. I'm just going to post whats happening in my life and maybe tell a few random true or false stories. I'll let ya'll decide what you think it is.

Ok so here is what has been going on in my life so far.

I am currently in a biggest losers competition with my cousins and some of their friends. It cost twenty dollars to enter and the winner gets 30% of the pot second gets 25% third 20% fourth 15% and fifth 10%. There are about forty people in it and i started off way good. I weighed in at a fat 269 lbs and I lost 16 lbs the first week! Since then I haven't gone below sixth place in the contest. I am down to 238 which is 31 lbs lost! I'm in second place and I've never felt better. My goal is 50 pounds and to be in the top five so I can win some cash!!! I think if I keep up what I'm doing and eat a little better I'll be able to reach my goal. So that is going pretty awesome for me. It's the best!

Also, for the past week I have been working on my mission papers. Today I have a doctor appointment and its the last thing I have to do to submit them to my bishop! Its so close and I'm getting way excited! Its been hard seeing my two best friends Andrew and Hudson leave but so far a few people have filled the void pretty well. It's Fantastic!

My life is good... Real good!

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  1. YAY!! I am proud of you for losing so much! You rock. Soon you will be like kirk, doing the single ladies dance. Woot woot!