Tuesday, January 10, 2012


January 10th 2012

So this week was pretty good. I know my last two emails were pretty long and informative. I had a lot of time to write them but this week I don't have near as much time so I regret to inform you that this one will be short... And we just played ultimate frisbee and my team lost so I’m not happy right now. So yeah I’ll tell you about my week.

Monday was pretty good. We ended our P-day at 4 again because of the long holiday week end. We went out and tracted and then had dinner with Robert and Sandra. It was really good and we had a real fun time visiting with them. I can't really remember all that we did that night but it was good. Tuesday morning we had Zone Leader Round table where all the zone leaders in the mission meet together to talk about different things that are going on and about our goals and what not. It was a real good meeting. President Lewis wasn't there because he is still recovering from his surgery. We found a little more out about it this week. He had a blockage in his intestines and so they went in and removed six inches of them. He is recovering good but he had to go back into the hospital because of infection. So you should pray for him. After that meeting we came back and had another meeting with the two district leaders in our zone. It was good. Then we went over to the Call's to have dinner with them. They are really cool people and we have gotten close with their family. The Dad's name is Aaron and his wife is Jeri. They have four really cute little kids and the oldest is 7. So it was a good time. Then we went and saw some people. We had a rough week teaching wise. We didn't teach very much but the people we did get to teach are all preparing to be baptized so thats good. All the people we were teaching before got baptized so I guess we need to find some new people to baptize. Wednesday we had a good District meeting in the morning. After that and lunch Elder Jones and I drove up to the Mission Office so he could get his shirts his mom sent him. Oh and I got my shirts on Tuesday. We also had to pick up a bunch of much needed supplies. We came back in time to teach a family we are working with. They are a part member family and the young grandson is not a member. We went to dinner with the Lopez Family. Not Jordan, our ward mission leader, but the other family we have had dinner with a lot. It was good and we had a fun time visiting with them as well. We have been having some good dinners lately with some great families we have gotten to know pretty good. After dinner we met Matt and Malissa Ott at Megan Hall's house to teach her. We had a really good lesson with her. She is getting baptized on Thursday. Thursday we went and inspected a couple of the missionary’s apartments. It went good and they actually cleaned them so that was nice. We saw a few people then had lunch. We went and visited Glen, the old man we baptized in October. He was in need of a large print Book of Mormon so while we were at the mission office we picked one up for him. So we took it over to him and had a nice visit. He will be going to get the rest of his toes cut off. He has diabetes so they took off some already and he needs the other ones removed. He is getting old. He tells a lot of the same stories over and over again but thats ok. He is thrilled every time we come over and visit with him so it’s fun. I like old people anyways. I think they have cool stories. We saw a bunch of people throughout the day. I can't remember who we had dinner with on Thursday. I also can't remember what we did that night. Friday was a good day. I started my diet. I was 275 lbs. on Thursday night. Oh on Thursday night we taught Annabella and Tom with their son Max. The lesson went very well and the spirit was strong. I think we resolved a lot of their concerns. We have been going to the gym in our apartment complex every night to go running. We didn't go last night because of Transfers. So I did really good with my diet on Friday and ok with it on Saturday. Sunday I did horrible except it was fast Sunday so how much can you eat on a fast Sunday. Yesterday I did terrible with it but I will do good the rest of my mission I swear it! I am down to 268 so I have lost 7 lbs. so far and it’s good. We had weekly planning on Friday so that was good. Then we inspected the rest of the missionary’s apartments. We had a really good lesson with James the miracle guy. We took Robert with us and it was great. He wants to be baptized and he is feeling like it is true. He does have to make changes before being baptized, one of which is getting married so we will be working with him on that. He is reading from the Book of Mormon and is reading more than what we tell him to so that is good. He didn't come to church on Sunday though so that’s a bummer. We did other things on Friday but I don't remember what they were. Saturday morning we went out and helped a young family move. The husband is a non-member. They are a very young couple. The girl is my age and had a two year old and the guy is like a year older. They are from Arizona but they are moving to Las Vegas. It was ridiculous! Who would have thought that a couple so young with such a small apartment could have so much stuff! And it was all heavy. I was super sore on Sunday from it. It took a little bit so after we finished and got all ready we went with Brother Bland to lunch. He had signed up to feed us on Friday but he had a company party so they said they would leave a $20 under the door mat but they forgot so he felt bad and wanted to make it up. We went to Chevy's. It was cool. It was right next to the American River and we ate outside and it over looked the river and the weather was amazing so it was a good time. It made me sick to my stomach though cuz I hadn't eaten breakfast. We went and did some other things all day but honestly I can't remember. Sunday was a good day. We had a meeting early in the morning with the stake presidency and it was good. We were 3 short of the goal of 100 so that was a bummer but it’s the most the stake has baptized since anyone could remember. So that was exciting. We went home and studied in the morning. I was feeling ill in the morning. I haven't slept very much lately. But I feel real good now. We had a good church. Megan Hall had her baptismal interview and that went good. We had to watch her 2 year old while she was in there. I'll just say they need a new nursery leader. If two 20 year old guys can entertain a 2 year old long enough for his mom to get her 20 min. interview and the nursery can't for more than 5 min. then they need a new one. But it was fun. He's a funny little guy. We had Ward Council after church and that was fun. We have an awesome ward and its always entertaining. We had dinner with the Green family and that was good as well. We got stuck in traffic on our way to the blitz at the church. They had a King's game at Arco arena which is in our area and it was getting over as we were leaving so it was ridiculous traffic. We had a good blitz. Then we went home. Yesterday was a day. I don't like Transfer Monday's very much. They drag on and make me nervous for our calls. We went tracting first thing in the morning. Usually you hear stories about missionaries who find someone who is super prepared on the last door of the street at the very end of the night. Well we were tracting first thing in the morning and on the very first door of the day in the apartment complex we were tracting a black guy answered the door and wasn't interested. Well we were persistent like we always are and tried to set up another time we could come by and finally he said, “Well you might as well come in now if you’re just going to come back later, I need to talk to someone anyways cuz I’m going through some stuff.” So we went in and taught him a really good lesson and set up another appointment for later this week. It was pretty cool and he said he would be baptized again. He has made a lot of changes already in his life and I think he was being prepared to find the gospel. We got permission from the Assistants to the President to go out of our zone to Down Town Sacramento to go visit Megan Hall at her work. We went there and the place is like a 5 star restaurant with valet parking and super expensive so we went and got pizza... After that we went and saw some more people and that was good. We saw a lot of people and things are good. We had dinner with the Call family again. We had a feeling I was getting transferred so they wanted us over one last time. They said they found me on Facebook and added me as a friend so in four months I’ll accept their request. We had a good time. While we were there we got our Transfer calls. I am getting transferred sadly. I am a little bummed but change is good sometimes and it had to come sometime so it might as well be now. I am going to the Carmichael Stake. It is the stake that the mission office is in and it is also the stake that borders the North Sacramento stake so it is really close. I will see the missionaries from this zone a lot at meetings and what not so that’s good. I will be companions with Elder Hatley. He was made a Zone Leader a transfer ago and is a great guy. He is sort of quiet but he's real humble and cool so I think we will get along great. I am super excited too. Also the Assistants to the Mission President are in our zone so that will be fun as well. Elder Jones is staying of course and his new companion is Elder Streeter. One of my old companions, Elder Holyoak trained him and he is a real cool guy. So yeah that’s our transfers which is a bummer but hey it’s all good. I will probably stay in this area for the rest of my mission so that is exciting. I get to come back on Thursday for Megan's baptism and Brother Call said he would come pick me up so that is cool too. Well that’s pretty much it. I am excited for the next transfer and its going to be awesome. It’s a great zone. So yeah. Have a good week!

Love, Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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