Monday, January 23, 2012


January 23rd 2012

Hi, so I am not sure about how it all works. I was talking to the lady that does it all and she was saying that the church just gives you a time and it’s in the morning. I will talk to her more about it today and see for sure if we can request a time. If so then all I want to do is visit some of the families up here in north sac and any I get cool with here in Carmichael other than that I should be good. If you and dad wanted to come out a few days early I am sure that would be fine, you probably wouldn't be able to see me till Thursday though. We'll see. We still have a little bit of time to plan it out but the time sure is flying by isn't it?! It’s crazy. You could visit some of the families in other parts of the mission but there are not very many of them. I guess you could see the sights but I haven't really seen anything too cool. The Sacramento temple is real pretty and I am sure you could do a session while you’re here and maybe even one with me! So we'll see how things work out. If the church will only let me go home at the time they give me in the morning then we'll take it. That would give us time to be home in time for Krazy Sub for lunch. And I’ll still be a missionary so I would get the missionary discount! We'll see. Man two years is a long time. But I am still working hard and I have a lot of time so a lot of miracles can happen! We had a pretty cool miracle this week. You are right, we are getting plastered with the rain. People were getting worried because it just wasn't coming and it usually comes in October or November. But it came and it’s making up for it! So the other day Elder Hatley and I didn't have any appointments so we dedicated the whole day to trying to find more people to teach and baptize. So we went out and started knocking some doors. When we started it wasn't really raining all that bad. It wasn't even enough to get our hair wet. So we just left our rain coats in the car, well then it started to pick up so we got our coats and continued knocking doors. So you know I hate rain. I hate being wet except for when I am in the shower. And even then I get to dry off right after. So we were talking to people but no one was really interested. The other day we had been reading through Preach My Gospel and we read that we should ask everyone, even people we meet on the street, for people they know that we could teach. So we have been trying that a lot. It also says that missionaries who do this usually have a lot of people to teach which is what we want and need to get this area booming. So we had been asking people if they knew anyone and these people don't live on a street like ours and no one knows their neighbor. But one lady pointed out a few doors that she said would be interested. Well the first one she gave us was a guy who is a member but he is Less Active and doesn't want to go to church. A lot of time people give us people that are already member’s cuz that’s what they think we are looking for. So the second door was Patty. She was probably 30ish and she was nice. She tried to invite us in right off the bat which usually hints to us that it’s a member so we asked and she said yes she was. She had gotten baptized like 10 years before when she married her husband; she said they had split up a couple of years before so she hasn't been to church in a little while. Well we were talking and asked if she had any kids. She did. She had an 11 year old son named Gavin. She had him come over so we could meet him and talk to him. He was a nice kid and he was excited to learn about scouts and stuff. Then his mom, Patty asked him if he would like to go to church and get baptized and he said yes and she said she wanted that for him so we will be going over tonight to teach them and we are excited to baptize Gavin! Also at church this larger black American lady came up to us and said her husband claims he is a member and got baptized as a teen but the church cannot find any record of this guy in their system so he needs to be baptized or rebaptized if he has been and that she wanted us to find out and if he needs to be baptized to come over and set a date. So Howard, the husband of the large black American lady, is going to get baptized too! Then I was able to talk to Elder Jones last night and he said Jennifer is getting baptized this Saturday so I will be going back for that, so things are looking good. We still have a lot of work to do over here to get things really rolling but we are seeing really cool huge miracles and it’s awesome! Too bad the 49ers lost last night. Now everyone is going to be sad. But Jesus will mend their broken hearts. We didn't teach too much this week. We had a lot of meetings but we were able to find some super solid people that we will be teaching this week. I have decided that I am not going to tell you how much I weigh. You will all just have to wait and see when I come home. We have been dieting and I have been doing really well. So this was a good week with weight loss. I am ahead of my goal thus far and I feel so great! Maybe if I keep doing this well I will revise my goal... We'll see. I sent that letter to Hayley the same day I sent Jackie’s so I don't know why it got there so late. I don't think I said anything about you mom or anyone else at that. I don't see any reason why they wouldn't let you read it. Oh yeah I almost forgot. I need more Breathing Treatment Medication. I only have like 15-20 vials left and I take one every morning. They don't forward our mail from the mission office because we are here so often so I should get it pretty soon after you send it. This will probably be the last package I ask for before I come home. I won't need a birthday one. Cuz I’ll be home 3 weeks later! So yeah. I didn't have much time today and the computer I am on is poopy so I have to be done now. I love you all and I hope you have an awesome week! Oh and I received Jackie’s letter as well so that’s good. Bye.

Love, Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

We received a letter from Elder Arnett’s mission president with his release date which will be Thursday, May 17th 2012. We are super excited! Just under 4 months left.


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