Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 3rd 2011

So before I start. Mom I have done initiatory since I have done them for myself. I don't know if you remember or even ever knew but me and a friend would go to the temple once or twice a week in the morning every week until I left on my mission and once we did initiatory because we were late to our session. And just a month ago Elder Manukailea and I went to the temple and were again late to our session and decided to do initiatory there so I have done it a couple of times and I agree it really is neat. Sounds like your week was great mom. It’s nice to have one faithful writer to me each week. I think the family should write me more... I mean I do send a general email home every week so they can all read it. I am just curious about everyone’s life. All I get is moms. So Tuesday I went with Elder Taufu'i from slc Utah. He is half Tongan half Samoan. We had a really good day. He serves in the Tongan ward so we saw a lot of Polynesians. We taught probably the prettiest Tongan I’ve seen in my life. They are working with her to get baptized. The day was kind of boring. We had leadership but Elder Manu went and taught a lesson so it was just me with our two district leaders. After we went to lunch and it was swell. Wednesday we had another good day. We had a really good district meeting and then we taught a few people through the day. We went on exchanges with Elder Buttars and Elder Correia because Elder Buttars back is hurt. I went with Elder Correia who is originally from Hawai'i but has lived in Utah for a while. We tracted forever and then had dinner and while we were in dinner Elder Manu called and told me to come out because we had an appointment. I was a little bummed because we were planning on skipping dinner that night and that way I would get it but i didn't... We had a few more appointments then we had a meeting with our new Ward Mission Leader Brother Lopez who is Philipino. He is great and is willing to do everything we ask him to. He said if we wanted to mold our ward mission leader, now would be the time because he has no idea what to do and is going to do anything we ask him to. It was great. Then we switched up for exchanges with Elder Seigfried and Elder Heaton. I was a little bummed because I had to stay in my area with Elder Seigfried. Elder Heaton is one of the coolest kids in the world. But we made the best out of the next day and we taught some good lessons that day. Friday we had Zone Leader Rountable, where all the Zone Leaders meet together with President and Sister Lewis and we sit in a big circle(to make it round) and discuss matters in the mission. The last one was kind of lame because 7 of the 26 zone leaders were going home so they didn't participate much but only 2 this time are and Elder Manu is one of them and he is more focused than ever. Also most stressful, to my demise but its good. We had a lot of appointments on Friday and we taught all of them! Saturday was a mighty fine day as well as the day hell broke loose. Glen and Georgina were scheduled to be baptized. When we went to get Georgina up and ready for her ride she had disappeared and we didn't get in contact with her till 9 that night even though we went over there numerous amounts of times. She didn't have white underwear...! She has hurdled all the opposition that’s come her way so far, even someone being beat half to death in her home and she freaks on not having underwear. We would have bought it for her! But she will get baptized if not tomorrow, Saturday. Glen got baptized though and it was one of the greatest things I’ve experienced ever. It was my 23 baptism and probably the first time I got semi emotional while they were getting baptized. It was such a huge miracle. General Conference probably added to the spirit of it as well. Glen was baptized in between the morning and afternoon sessions. He added all sessions but Sunday evening because his blood sugar was up to 450 and i guess over 400 you should be in the hospital. We just hope he lives till next Sunday so we can confirm him and save his soul. That conference sure was good though. I learned so much and received so much revelation for how to become a better disciple of Christ. I hope Elder Holland got through to the boys well enough to make them 100% sure about serving a mission and being worthy to do so. I worry sometimes about them, not that I think they are bad, but that there is so much temptation in this world and we really do have to be alone sometimes in standing for what’s right.

So today is my first day on the Master Cleanse! Its sounds ridiculous and probably is but I am doing it. I don't eat anything for 10 days. All I drink is a special mixture of Cayenne pepper, lemon juice, Maple Syrup and water, as well as a smooth move herbal tea laxative at night as well as the Salt Water Flush in the morning to make me poop out all the toxins in my body. So when we eat fast food we take in a lot of fat, but along with it is all the preservatives that the company has to put in to make it legal to sell year old meat. Well those preservatives are what makes it super had to burn off the fat. So the Cayenne pepper goes into your fat cells and takes the Preservatives out. Now it’s all just chilling there so the lemon Juice, Squeezed from real lemons, absorbs that up and the water makes you pee it out. Now you can't live off of no calories so the maple syrup gives you all the needed calories for the day. But its pure maple syrup. Not the artificial kind. So that is what I am doing for the next ten days. They say you lose 2-5 lbs. a day but you gain half of it back after you start eating again. What I want from it is to, one jump start my weight loss( I will weigh less than dad even if it’s the last thing I do), Two shrink my stomach ( the inside one) cuz I can eat way too much and have to be full, and three save a lot of money on not buying food. After the preservatives are "cleansed" out you can burn fat a lot easier and so that’s it. You might think I am retarded for doing it but hey I’ve got to do something and nothing has worked too well yet. So yeah. Thanks for your love and support.

Love, Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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