Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22nd 2011

So Sis. Adams might have told you I would get my package on Saturday but that didn't happen. The office elders thought I was elder Manu and it was his package that was there but it did come today so the Assistants to the President came down and brought it to me so I didn't have to wait two more days. It sure was nice to just puff my inhaler and instead of do a 15 min. breathing treatment and then have it run out in 4 hrs. The cool thing is I feel like that since I went two weeks without it my lungs started to get a little stronger so now I feel like I can breathe amazingly. Now i can get back on track with the weight loss. I gained some of the weight back so now i can run again. This week was pretty good as well. It was a little off because of exchanges and interviews with President Lewis but it was good. Tuesday I was on exchanges with elder Forrester. I lived with him a little while ago in Florin so it was fun to catch up and have fun. I got to do an interview that night for a little Tongan boy. It was fun. Wednesday we had a super busy day. We had district meeting in the morning and that was good. After lunch our recent convert came out with us to teach people. He did really good. He is a little off in his head because he shot himself in the head so he is a little slow but the spirit made up for it in the lessons. We are teaching this black lady named Sylvia. She is real nice and stuff but even though she claims she isn't concerned about blacks in the church she sure does bring it up a lot and she keeps saying she is going come to church and doesn't want us to check up on her on Sunday morning and she never comes. We taught her on Wednesday. We went on exchanges with the assistants to the president or aps. It was fun. I went with elder Bellingham who was my zone leader a little while ago. We had great interviews with President Lewis on Friday. Elder Manukailea and I did a training while some others were getting interviewed and then President and Sister Lewis gave us some training. Saturday we went around and saw all the people we were trying to get to church. Sunday we had church. A Native American guy named Martin came. He seemed to really enjoy it and wants to come again next week. I had to teach the lesson in Gospel Principles. I volunteered last week to do it but they called me on Saturday night and told me I had to teach the Gospel Doctrine class as well so I taught everyone that isn't in youth. It started out slow but after a bit people actually started participating and it went pretty good. We had a blitz on Sunday night. I went with a Spanish elder from another zone named Elder Grover. He was a pretty cool elder. So that is it. Things are going great and it’s a lot of fun. We stay really busy which is good cuz then you don't have time to think about home and other things. So that is good. The lady that got baptized was found tracting. Elder Weirich and Elder Forrester taught her. The 70 came to interview someone else but heard about it and wanted to go to the baptism. The lady had dinner with the missionaries and President Lewis to talk about and they said it might now happen because of legal things and the fact that the church can get what it wants when they want it. Idk. This is all second hand info so it might not be super accurate. Brother Yardley’s wife seems like a catch. I couldn't imagine taking a family on the road and then even consider taking my little brothers and sisters. Just kidding but really. What a saint bonnie is. Well I hope things are going good. Love you.

Love Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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