Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15th 2011

Well this letter will be pretty short. I don't have too much time today. At all. So to start off, if you could get that inhaler to me as soon as possible that would be great. When I said it was out on Monday it was and we were on bikes this weekend so I almost died... But I survived. I am doing ok with the weight loss. It’s hard out here but I am now at a weight loss of 13 lbs. I am really trying to lose weight but I need food to live and we don't eat till dinner most days and by then I’m starving so I just eat a ton. This week was really good though. Because of time I will just tell you of a few high lights. I went on exchanges with Elder Maio from Hawaii and his mini missionaries, a kid whose bishop wants him to be a three week mission for the experience, Brother Olesen. It was a lot of fun. Brother Olesen reminded me a lot of Ethan Smith who I write on occasion. On Thursday I got a ride from Robert, the blind guy, and his new wife all the way up to Jackson to see Dusty get baptized!!! The family is almost complete. They want to wait 3 more years till Jr is 12 to get him baptized and they’re saving money till then to fly elder Bowman out to baptize him. I promised I’d be there so hopefully my wife likes traveling, assuming I’ll be married by then. It was good though and fun catching up with my girl’s Eve and Olga. I'll put some pictures on this email so you can see them. This weekend we found out that a girl we have been working with dad said she could baptized and we got permission from the mission and stake president to baptize her in our ward. Her dad lives in Antelope which is in another mission. Her mom lives in our ward both are not members. Her dad has full custody but he lets her stay with her mom on the weekends. So that was cool. On Sunday some guy came up to me and gave me a phone number for a lady who was looking for me. It is Christiaans Aunt Natasha. I will be calling her soon. She wants to take us out to lunch or dinner. So that was exciting. By next week I have a goal of losing 7 more lbs. so hold me accountable to that. Well have fun this week everyone. Love ya

Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

(For those of you who don’t remember Dusty is the wife of Rudy that lived in the hills, in Jackson that Tyler helped with converting them. Rudy the dad had belonged to gangs and made a huge change in his life. Two of the daughters were baptized and one son has been as well. So that is so exciting to hear about. Tyler fell in love with this family. Also one of Tyler’s best friends, Christiaan Schmid that live in our ward is his aunt Natasha. So that is pretty awesome as well.)

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