Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18th 2011

Man I wish at my football camp we had a bonding hike... I guess that’s what the water tower was for. But this new coach sounds like he is really cool and nice. I like nice people. Maybe Porter should be a quarter back. He will be able to run the ball if he never learns to throw. This week was pretty good. I'll tell you about it. Monday night we had dinner with our bishop. He went to Italy on his mission, so he knows how to cook good Italian food. It was pretty good. Then we went and visited with Mark Childress. It was a good visit. We had left him a copy of The Restoration and were hoping they had watched it, but they hadn't and they didn't tell us till it was time to go. So hopefully they have watched it by this week. Tuesday we had a good leadership meeting. I like them. Afterwards we had lunch. We had some good Cheddar Brauts that Mark Childress gave us. They were pretty good but Brauts aren't my favorite. We went and taught Malachi afterwards and it was good. His mom who has Lupus was up and ready. I didn't even recognize her! She usually wears this dress around the house and she has no teeth. Well this lady had teeth and was all dressed up with makeup and ear rings and her hair done up and everything. I swear it was two different people. But she sat in the lesson and taught him faith better than we could have. It was real cool. She is already a member. We had a few other appointments but they all fell through. We tracted a bit as well. We had dinner with the Phelps. They are really nice funny people. We had spaghetti. I like spaghetti. But Dads is the best. We saw a few other people the rest of the night. Wednesday we had a good morning tracting. We had an appointment that fell through so we went to a pizza buffet for lunch. It was pretty darn good! It’s called Mountain Mikes. I don't know if we have it back at home but its real good pizza. Afterwards we went and saw a guy named Adam. We had found him tracting and he told us to come back at 2 and he seemed super solid, but he wasn't home. This week Elder Moss' family sent him a package and it had an article in it about Mormons and why they are successful in life and it said it’s because they go on missions. It was in Bloomberg I don't know where that was. It talked about Mitt Romney and it made me decide I want to be successful in life. I thought maybe if I just try really hard to learn in school and college then it wouldn't be as hard to just know things after that. I think I have been blessed with learning abilities and it seems pretty easy for me to learn things so I think I will write books for sure. I don't know how but I have some good ideas and I think if I try really hard I can learn how in school. Wednesday night Bro. Singh gave us dinner. It was pizza. How fortunate. Little Caesars. Good thing that’s my favorite pizza! We have been looking for some people that have disappeared randomly. We looked again on Wednesday night but we couldn't find them. Thursday we had district meeting. I trained on being committed, Pres. Uchtdorfs first presidency message this month. After doing my training on it I felt bad because of all the times I went with Dad before and I just sat they. Man how much I have changed. Now I can tell stories for an hour and tie it in to the Gospel making it really spiritual. It’s awesome how much the mission changed me. After Lunch I had to write up transfer reports for the Elders in my district. It was cool recognizing the progress of some elders from last transfer to this one. After that we went to teach Malachi again but he had friends over and there weren't any adults in the house so we didn't go in. We tracted later after seeing some other people. We had dinner with the Lindsay’s. She is super old and he is kind of old. He likes ice in his milk like grandpa did. They fed us Lasagna. I liked it. They are real nice and it is always enjoyable. After dinner we had a meeting with the district to talk about numbers and stuff. Friday we had the New Missionary Training meeting. It was super good. President and Sister Lewis are great but they sure are new, but I love them. We split up from our companions and all the trainers got together and talked. I realized how truly lucky I am. A lot of missionaries have said they don't like training but I have loved every minute of it. It’s because my boy is awesome! He is obedient and hard working. If I tell him to try something, he tries it. If I tell him that something is against the rules he changes it. It’s great. So I am super lucky to be with Elder Moss. Afterwards we went and taught Malachi. We went over the Baptismal interview questions because he was scheduled to be baptized this Tuesday but we might wait a few more days so the bishop can meet with him and his mom. It was fun teaching him and for a nine year old he really remembers a lot about what we have taught him. We saw couple of people after that and then had dinner. Bro. Singh gave us dinner again. His wife signs up if no one does because she is in charge of our Calendar. After dinner we tracted. It was good. We talked to a lot of people. Saturday morning we had weekly planning because we weren't able to have it Friday night. It was good. We have a good week planned up. We went to In N Out for lunch. It was a little bit of a drive but it was in my district so I was able to go to it. It sure was tasty. We had like five appointments on Saturday. All of them fell through. We had dinner with Bro. Chaides and his family. He made some real good enchiladas. They weren't as good as yours mom but they were some of the better ones I’ve had. Afterwards we had another appointment that fell through then we tracted for a min. Sunday no one came to church. Malachi was at a funeral. Marium wasn't drunk this time but her dog had puppies and she didn't want to leave it. So that was a bummer. It’s fun to hear about all the farewell talks going from our ward. We have a lot more than they do out here. Well this past week was great. I have started doing P90X again with elder Pelfrey. Sometimes it kicks my butt pretty good but I live. I hope everyone is having some good summer fun. It’s almost the end of July. Boy how time is flying. Happy Birthday to Braden tomorrow.

Love, Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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