Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11th 2011

Man Uncle Chet that was a good one. I don't know what I was thinking when I said I didn't like McDonald's because I really do. I get 3 Chicken Sandwiches and 2 McDoubles and a large soda pop for about 6 bucks. You can't beat that. Who’s ever idea it was to do $1 pops is a genius and should be rewarded. Ronald McDonald knows how to run a worldwide corporation better than any president I've heard of. So I hope that makes up for my Hatin on Mikey D's. (His mom also let him have it about McDonalds because they have the best Diet Coke in the whole state and it’s only a dollar.)
For the 4th we had an all-day P-Day. We went to an Asian person’s house with the elders we live with and it was pretty good. I have built up a resistance to spice pretty good now so I can handle a lot more than they give me credit for. So they laugh when I put a lot on my food then get confused when I can eat it. It was a good meal though. I'm not a big fan of fish but somehow Asians make me like it. For the rest of the night we got together as a zone and played the Standard Works Trivia. It was a lot of fun. But it got pretty competitive and a lot of people were pissed off at the end. On Tuesday we had a good leadership meeting, then we switched up with the zone leaders for exchanges. It was good. I went with Elder Kaloohiokalani from Hawaii. We had a lot of appointments that fell through but we made it a good day. We taught Malachi and his cousins. They were so rambunctious so it was difficult to teach them. But we had a good lesson. We tracted for a good long while then had dinner with the Armonds. They fed us some burritos they made. They had ground turkey in them as well as peas and avocado's, which I’m allergic to. But I made do with the potato salad that I filled my plate with. Then we went and switched up for another exchange with Elder Nguyen and Elder Archer. I went into Elder Nguyen's area and got to take my car. Sister Adams said that as long as I need to puff my inhaler at least once in a day I can't ride my bike. What she doesn't know is that in the past five years I don't think I’ve gone a day without puffing it, so it looks like the bike will be getting rest for the next 10 months. On Wednesday Elder Nguyen and I had a great day. We tried to see a lot of people. I met his ward mission leader Brother Newton who lived in our stake on brown and gilbert for about 3 years 13 years ago. His wife is from Snow flake and knew Sister Allred. It was fun chatting. This really nice member in one of his wards took us out to dinner at a Pho restaurant. It is a Vietnamese soup and it’s pronounced Fu. Its super good especially when you get it spicy that it burns your lips. I also did an interview for one of their investigators to get baptized. She is a 9 year old girl. She said the longest prayer with the least amount of words I have ever heard. But she was nice and tried so I am proud of her for that. We then tracted till it was time to switch back up again. Thursday was meet the president day. President Lewis rocks! It’s amazing how we can share so much love for each other before we even knew each other. I know he is supposed to be here. He is very nice. He's a little guy. Maybe as tall as me but probably more than a 100 lbs. skinnier. Then after the meet the president he interviewed our zone. It was great. He said he was grateful for me being candid. I didn't know what that meant so I looked it up. It means frank or honest. He asked everyone the same question which was a big one. He asked if I felt like he could trust me where ever I was with whomever he put me with. I told him 4 months ago I would have had to answer no but that I can honestly say that now I can. Interviews took so long we were not able to make it to our dinner appointment so when all else fails we go to... Taco Bell! I got the 5 buck big box meal. It was good and what a deal?! Then we went and visited Mark Childress. We had a great evening with them and then we left them a copy of the restoration DVD. We'll be going by tonight to see if they watched it and see how it went. Friday we had a good morning with weekly planning. For lunch we went out to Wendy's. Elder Moss has been craving it for a while now so I took him there because I’m the only one that knows where the hidden one in our area is. Elder Pelfrey has been in this area for a year and he didn't even know it was there. Sadly their chicken sandwiches aren't as good as McDonald's but their double stacks or "Stack Attacks" are exceptional. We taught Malachi later. His cousins were living with him because their mom didn't want them anymore. Well the mom came back and took them which was against the rules and they don't know where they are, so Malachi will be the only one getting baptized. We had a few other appointments that fell through but that’s ok. We kept busy. Bro. Singh made us some good wings for dinner. He always drops them off at our apartment so I watched Joy to the World on our DVD player during dinner. It was good. The rest of the night we tracted and it was a lot of fun. Elder Moss is a Boss and has some great missionary skills. He's just still new but as he gets more experienced, he is going to be awesome. Saturday was a weird day. The morning was amazing. It was 70's until noon then it got to around the 90's. We saw some great people all day but unfortunately none of them were home. We had dinner with the elder's we live with again at an Asian's house. We had pig hooves... they weren't that bad. They also had wild boar meat and beef short ribs. They were super good. They also have this plant that they cook with onions and it is amazing. They love it when you can eat a lot so they love me and Elder Moss. He is always hungry ha. After dinner we tracted some more. We had a lot of success on the street we tracted two days in a row. Church on Sunday was fun. The morning was filled with meetings. After lunch Elder Moss went with Brother Boyd and they picked up Malachi and Mariam. Mariam is a lady that rode up to Elder Moss and Elder Clark when we were on exchanges. She was drunk and crying and said "Can you help me?! I need to stop!" They said yes and then she came to church drunk. I had to prepare the lesson for Gospel Principles because Brother Wheeler, our ward mission leader, had a death in the family so I took the honors after his wife asked me to that morning. It was a good lesson, I hope. It was on honesty, and honestly I told stories I know for the last 15 min. because it was too short of a lesson. Luckily our old mission president, President Jardine, wrote a book on honesty and gave us a couple of pages from it. I used it a lot. Sunday night we had a blitz. I was with Elder Beveridge and Jacob a priest in the ward we were blitzing with. It was fun. We met 3 girls that Jacob goes to school with and knows and they were so funny and he was so awkward it was a mighty fine time. They weren't interested in the gospel though and after they declined our baptismal invitations we continued on. We had root beer floats and brownies afterwards as well. Today we played soccer with another zone and some Mexicans. I tripped a lot of people and almost scored with my belly but I tripped over a Mexican I had tripped and missed... Karma. Today should be a good day. We have dinner with our bishop tonight. Well I am done now. I love you. Bye.

Love, Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

P.S. - Elder Moss' parents’ names are Richard and Sharon. They live near power and queen creek rd. They are in Ceville ward. Anything else?

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