Monday, February 21, 2011

Stolen Bike-hard lessons to learn

February 21st 2011

Yeah sorry about that ticket. I didn't want to go to jail so it needed to be taken care of pretty quick so thanks a bunch. You are not going to be very happy at all now. I am sorry and I have learned my lesson. I don't want to tell you what happened but its necessary. My bike got stolen on Monday... Yes I know you’re probably angry with me and so was the guy from CTR bikes. He said he will replace it but it’s going to cost me 179 dollars. I don't know how much money I have in my account but if I have any I’ll pay it. I feel bad. We went to an investigators house and we were standing out front with our bikes and the mom got mad because we were letting all the hot air out so we stepped in for about 5 min and when we came out both bikes were gone. But they left our helmets. We are borrowing some for now and our new ones are on their way. He said they don't make the model I had so I am getting an upgrade. I was so bummed and I am keeping my eye open for my bike because I WILL get it back with vengeance. I won't hurt him if he gives it up but if he tries to keep it then I don't know if I can hold back. Plus if I get my bike back I can sell it and get some money back. So I am sorry. But the guy wants me to send him a check and I don't have checks... Mom in reading about the busy week you had I was glad to hear that you were still fulfilling your church callings. The Lord will always bless you as you serve him. It’s hard sometimes but when we do what’s right we cannot fail. I hope the go kart doesn't break before I get home because I wanna ride it! This week was good. Monday we got our bikes stolen. It sucked. We had to get a ride home from the black people we were visiting. Tuesday was pretty good as well. We tried to get our bike situation figured out. Our cell phones have area code restrictions on them so we couldn't call outside the area and the number was in Alabama. We went to lunch with a guy named brother Meisner. He loves mystical creatures and he loves star trek and stuff like that. We had pizza which he said was the best in the world, it wasn't, and wings. It was fun chilling with him though. We walked there and back. We borrowed a couple of bikes from other missionaries that don't use them. They suck bad but they are better than walking. Tuesday I can't remember what we did. Wednesday, we went to the church to use the phone. They don't have one other than in the clerk’s office and we don't have a key so we had to go to a members house to call CTR bikes. The guy chewed me out for not locking it up. He was mean about it but he said they changed their policy to that if you don't lock it up they will replace it but you have to pay an unlocked bike fee. So that is what I have to do. It’s a bummer but I need a better bike. My old bike needed a new rim anyways and the cheapest I could find was like 70 bucks so it’s like I’m only spending 100 on a new bike. So the rest of Wednesday we visited people and stuff. Honestly I can't ever remember what we do during the week. I am a lot more tired than I was when I was in the hills. Thursday we went on exchanges with the District leader. It was good. I went out to his area. We had district meeting as well and it pumped us up and set us on fire for Jesus! We visited some good people. We had lunch with a member at Golden Corral. It was super good. A lot better than the last time I went there last year when I was on my diet. I ate too much though. But don't worry I'm not going to die. I have lost 10 lbs. since being on my bike again. It’s tough sometimes but I am losing weight and that’s what keeps me going when I’m dead. On Friday we had a few lessons. We had one late at night and we were there till 9:30. We are supposed to be in by nine. The member that was with us couldn't take us home because he had drums in his truck. My companion bugs on a few things. One he tries to bug me sometimes when I tell him that if he is going to do something it will bug me, he will do it. I know annoying. Also he says he has things taken care of like rides and stuff when really he just assumes things will work out and he really doesn't do anything about it. So that puts us as well as others in awkward situations. That night he assumed the guy could give us a ride home so when I said at 9 that we should go he said no he can give us a ride and I said are you sure and he said yes so when nine thirty came around and he couldn't take us home I'm sure you can imagine how angered I was at him for that. I felt like I had just finished football practice that night after riding home. I was real tired from the day and I biked as hard as I could against the windy rain nonstop till we got home and it was more than a mile. I couldn't breathe afterwards. My asthma sucks right now. I can never breathe. On Saturday we taught a few people. We are teaching a nine year old girl and her two 8 year old cousins. They are all going to get baptized on March 12th. It was a cool story finding them. We prayed about where to tract and we went there and realized a less active member that the bishop asked us to visit lived there so we went to his house first. We helped him change a battery in his daughter’s car then he told us about their three girls who wanted to get baptized. We gladly accepted the offer to teach them. They are all real sharp and remember everything we teach them. It’s fun. Sunday was a good day. We had some meetings in the morning then we had church, afterwards we had dinner with a member then we had a member blitz. Instead of having all the missionaries get together to knock on doors for two hours they have us go out with a member and visit less actives and former and potential investigators. It’s cool. They ran out of members so I went with another missionary and it was fun. He is Tongan and it was a good time. Today I wrote three letters. It was fun. Well I don't know if I have much more to say. Oh yes we know who our new mission president is going to be. He will be coming July 1st. I hope he is half as good as president Jardine because I am going to miss him a lot. His name is President H. Benson Lewis. He is from Sandy, Utah has 6 kids, all married and his wife’s name is Julie. I am excited to meet him in a few months. I can't believe mom got in the Go kart ha. Elder Byrum called me from my last area to ask me something and he said Olga is getting baptized on the 5th of March so I will be going to that. I am sooooooooo excited to see Rudy and his family again in a few weeks. Well I think that is about it this week. I'll try and remember more for next week and I promise I will lock my bike up all the time now. There is a lady in my ward whose maiden name is Arnett. She said she can see the family resemblance but I don't think were related. She wasn't good looking like the rest of us. Oh well. I hope all is well. I love you.

Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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