Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 8th 2011

February 8th 2011

This week was a real good one! I feel bad for all of you at home in the cold. It is usually up in the high 50's or 60's! We get fog occasionally that lowers the temperature a bit but it has cleared out pretty good. I love warm weather.

On Monday after we emailed late we went out and saw a few families. No one was home. So we went home. Tuesday was just another day. We saw a few people in the morning then had lunch. After lunch we went up north to the snow to see some people because we had dinner up there that night. After dinner we went with Brother the old ward mission leader, well I guess he's still the ward mission leader until he gets released. He just got called to the high council so he has a new calling. We will miss him. We went with him to a less active he home teaches. She was nice but has no desire to come back to church. Then we traveled down the hill and went to Rudy's for a minute to set a for sure time for Eve's baptism on Friday. Then we went to Baskin Robins for ice cream and to visit Jenny, Brother Burtons project. It turns out she is still prego, even though she told us she lost the baby. Oh well. We went home after that. On Wednesday we had a good day. We visited some people that we had worked with in the past but haven’t been in contact with. I should say we tried to visit them but they were not home. We had dinner with the Saldates. They are nice so it was good. Thursday we had district meeting over in San Andreas with the other elders over there. It was good. Then we played a quick game of two on two b ball in full church clothes. I did ok. Actually I was on fire and had like 15 of our 20 points. But we lost by two points to Elder Byrum and Elder Buttars. Afterwards we came back over and started visiting people to let them know about the baptism. They were all excited. We had dinner with nice people but I don't remember who. On Friday we had a baptism! It was awesome. We spent most of the day preparing for that. We made programs and little music sheets cuz the songs were from the primary song book. The baptism started at 6 or it was supposed to but it really didn't start till 6:30 cuz everyone was late. Rudy being everyone. We got some good pictures. Then we cleaned up afterward and went home. Saturday was a special day. And by special I mean the same as every other day. We visited some nice folks down in Ione. It was fun. No one signed up to feed us on Saturday so we starved. Just kidding. It’s February at subway so it’s cheap to eat poop. Subway is poop compared to Krazy Sub. I miss it tons. We saw a few more people. We went to Rudy's to make sure they were coming to church cuz Eve would be getting confirmed but then we remembered they were going to the bay area to visit Rudy's other daughter and grandson. We went home shortly after that. On Sunday Eve was confirmed. They gave us a scare by walking in as the Bishop stood up to greet the ward. It was nice. Then we had a wonderful lesson on family history work and temples. It answered a lot of questions for Rudy. Elders quorum was on missionary work so we participated a bit more than usual because we’re experts on the new up to date missionary stuff. We had dinner with Rudy and his family. It was really good. We had Fajitas and seven layer dip. It was good. Oh and some soda pop. No one out here calls it just pop. It’s either soda or soda pop. Who would a thought? Also people look at me weird when I call it a beverage. I guess it is kind of weird. We visited with them for a while and it was nice. I sure do love that family. Then we went home. Yesterday sucked. I got my transfer call and boy am I bummed. We wanted to stay together so bad. But I am leaving. Going to back to Elk Grove but this time I will be in the Florin ward and I will be the senior companion. I have a lot of pressure on me because it was the 5th highest baptizing ward in the mission last year with some legend missionaries serving there and President Jardine wants me to keep that trend there. Man that guy has a lot of faith in me. He gave me a nice compliment though. He said he wanted to let me and Elder Byrum stay together but he needed me to be a senior because there were a lot less capable people than me already seniors and he needed me to come be one. So I will go with enthusiasm ready to ride my bike some more! My new companion will be Elder Krager. I know nothing about him. So next week be expecting some great news on Elk Grove hot stove. I love you all.

Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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