Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8th 2010

November 8th2010

This week was a good week. Not a lot went on but I can tell that good things are going to come from the things we did this week.

So first off I just love the ward I am serving in. Its freaking awesome. The members are super super nice and they love it when we come over and visit them. I gained like 5 lbs. this week because people would invite me into their homes and make me eat a treat like pumpkin pie and we went out to fast food a lot this week. No more of that. But I Fasted for a long time yesterday because we didn't get back to our apartment till eight and we didn't have time for a member to feed us so I lost the five lbs. And today I ran a whole bunch in playing basketball. But I hurt someone. He jumped up and I ran under him and he fell and hit his head but he’s ok. Its Elder Roberts. I live with him. He's cool. We are good friends.

So I think I mentioned last week the goal the mission is having of a "White Christmas". Well to assist us in our goal President Jardine has asked us to let the members know the goal and to ask if they would fast and pray to know who they could invite to church or refer us to. So this week we saw a lot of the active members in our ward. It was fantastic. They were all welcoming to us and invited us in. It was a great week all week. The weather was amazing. It got to 90 like once but was in the eighties most of the time. I don't know about rain though mom...? It did rain yesterday though. I wasn't too excited about. But we were inside most of the day so that made it better. By the time we were out of church and on our blitz it had already stopped raining, so I was happy. I'm not too much of a rain person. So we talked with a lot of members and it was cool to see the spirit working with them and helping them know who they could help bring the gospel to. So that was cool.

So normally the rule for Christmas music is you can't play it until after thanksgiving. Well since being on the mission I have realized that time is an illusion man has created to feel like he has some sort of control of something, but just like everything else in this world he has lost track of that too. So last week we threw that rule out the window and started listening to Christmas music. Also I thought I was going to die if I didn't listen to my future wife's sweet voice soon. (Taylor Swift for those who don't know of my secret engagement) So that has been great putting us in the holiday spirit. Also we bought a couple of Christmas scented candles and we plan by candle light every night now.

Our mission President told us that he is going to be keeping us in our areas another transfer if at all possible because he wants us to see the fruits of our labors for the white Christmas. I am torn between the news of this. I really really like this ward and we are working with some great people right now who could be baptized in December but I can't stand my companion. It will take a lot of prayer for patience to not to hit him in the face if we stay together next transfer. And the worst part about it is he doesn't even have orange juice! So we will see how that all goes. If Elder Roberts stays and he gets a way cool companion then I think I will live.

I'm grabbing at air now. I honestly can't think of what to write. We are working with a couple of great people and things are going good. We are working hard and praying a lot for miracles in our area so we can help the mission reach the goal and get a baptism in our ward. Our goal is to have two in December and we, along with the ward council, think that that is definitely an obtainable goal. I'm sorry this email is so short. My mind seems to be fried at the moment. To make up for the lame email this week I will take notes during the upcoming week and make sure I have lots of details in the email to come. Hope all is well with the Families. It was sad to hear about Stamatia but the things I have come to know true and the more I have understood about the plan of salvation makes me rejoice because I know all will be well with it. My prayers are with Brian and his family. I love you all.

Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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