Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 16th 2010 Transfer Day

November 16th 2010
That was an amazing email. I don't think I’ve felt the spirit so much reading an email as I did this time while reading what everyone wrote about Stamatia's funeral. All the elder's probably think there is something wrong with me cuz I couldn't help but cry when reading them. It is such a sad thing to lose someone in a fight like cancer but how comforting is it to know where they are, who they are with, what they are doing, and also that we know, as members of this wonderful true church, that Brian and his kids will be with her again someday and that the time for that is not too far off... I think a lot about our family while I'm out here. Not just my brothers and sisters, but all of our aunts and uncles and cousins. I miss everyone so much. I felt a lot like Jill and Noah being so far away from home and from the family but reading things like this helps me remember the feelings I had when I was home. I am a fourth of the way done and before we know it I will be back with our family once again. I'm sad I won't be able to make it to the family reunion this year but just like Nehemiah (I can't spell) I am doing a great work and I cannot come down. I hope it is great fun for everybody.

So now after the sad crying stuff. Here is my past week. I am sorry to say that I probably won't be keeping my promise in having the most amazing email this week. I had a couple of emails to read and so my time is short today and I can't remember anything.

So last week we met with a recent convert and her kids. One of her daughters is 8 and so we have been talking to her a lot about baptism lately. She had told us about three weeks ago she wanted to wait till she was 12 but then on Monday she said she was feeling, after praying about it, that she should be baptized sometime in December so we told her to continue praying to know when in December she wanted to be baptize. Well we had dinner with them on Thursday and after dinner we talked about her baptism and she said she felt like she should be baptized on her birthday, December 1st. Her ninth birthday so that will be a convert baptism. Now the only problem we have now is her dad. He is a member but not active and he almost didn't let the kids go to his ex wife’s, their moms, baptism. But he did. Well we met with them again last night and she had asked him for permission to be baptized on her birthday and he is going to let her! So she will be baptized on December 1st! That was super super exciting to here.

All week long we worked real hard to find more people to teach. Well we didn't find anyone but we did meet a lot of good people. We had a couple of appointments that fell through so that was a bummer but on Sunday we had an investigator come to church so that was awesome and we have a lesson scheduled for her tomorrow night and Elder Cannon will be giving her date in December to be baptized. So that will be awesome. She has a sister in another ward that we feel should be baptized as well and we feel she is ready. So there are going to be a lot of baptisms in this area this next transfer.

Now the sad news. I won't be here to be getting them ready for their baptisms. I am being transferred from my area. Which also means I will not be having dinner with the Asregadoos. It’s really sad because they are such an awesome nice, missionary minded family. They also have two ukuleles and I was planning on playing them all day on thanksgiving but now I won't be able to. Elder Cannon is staying and will be training, good luck for the new guy. I am going to be going to the Mountains. They call them the hills because it’s not very big mountains but my new area will be the Jackson and Ione Wards which I believe cover most of Jackson County. It’s in the Lodi stake and my area will be huge! So I will be in a car so that’s exciting that I won't freeze my butt off this winter. My new companions (I will be in a threesome) will be Elder Brantley and Elder Bowman. It will be cool. But I hear they are very different missionaries. Man my mission president must be trying to build the Christlike attribute Patience in me. I just have faith that he is inspired and knows what is best for me and the mission. So that will be fun. My new area isn't too high in elevation but a little part of it will get snow... Not too excited about that part but I am excited to be in the Hills. So that is what is going on now. I don't know if I have too much more to report on. Yesterday we were riding our bikes and I was thinking of random stories in my head. (That’s how my weird head works, when I'm not thinking about something, stories form in my head and they play like movies) Well this one story was developing a lot! It was crazy and it was a good story too, so I stopped immediately and told my companion the ideas for it and he thought they were really good so I got out my planner and in the back I wrote down all the main points and last night I wrote in a notebook the whole basic outline for the story. I presume by the time I'm home I could be working on writing it and then when I take my writing classes I’ll perfect it then I’ll get it published and it will be a good book. Then I plan on writing another real good book after that, then the plan is to write an amazing book which will make me a lot of money then become a publisher where I will make the big bucks for the rest of my life by publishing the biggest and best writers. Man I have my future all figured out.
All because my mind thinks of random crap while I am not conscious to the world.

Well I guess that last part was a little weird but I felt like sharing it with all of you. Oh I almost forgot! Grandpa Pete and Sister Adams are going home this Thursday! It is super sad. Sister Adams gave me a big hug and then Elder Adams (Grandpa Pete) came up and said "I'm going to be seeing a granddaughter of mine soon, what do you want me to give her" So I gave him a real big hug and told him to give Alex a big hug for me and he said "I'll give her a hug but it won't be for you. It will be for me!" I told him to give her two hugs and one can be from me and he said "Both will be from me!" It was real funny. We took a picture on his camera cuz he said he needed proof he actually knew me. It was a good time. I will miss them but I'm sure I will see them again soon.

Good news about Coach Joe. Finally he's out of there. Hopefully they can find someone good to take his place. I have been working on my Coach Joe ugly face so I’ll take a picture and we'll see what ya'll think. Well I think I am just about out of time for now. I will have more to talk about a week from Thursday on thanksgiving. We won't have pday next week on Monday but it will be on Thursday which is thanksgiving.

Well I love you all.

Love, Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

It makes his mother really sad that he doesn’t get to have Thanksgiving dinner with the Asregadoo’s. I hope someone in his new area will be just as kind.

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  1. Elder Brantley! : ) Sounds like he's doing great!