Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6th, 2010

September 6th, 2010

If they were on the six yard line i'm sure it wasn't coach joseph calling the play. It that situation, if they were in the Rambo formation it would have been the quarter back calling the plays. They lost to Mtn. Ridge. They suck. Anyways. So this week has been a very interesting week. They said it was going to cool down but it has stayed high 90's to 100's all week. Now i know that is better than Arizona but i'm riding a bike all day long so its not too nice. But i do love my new area. It is so much nicer than Stockton and the members do so much more missionary work up here. Its really nice that when more than half of the people your teaching came from people that the members found. So its great. This week was super weird though. I honestly can't remember what day I did things. Time goes by so fast that it all jumbles up together. And there is never enough time to do everything so its very weird in my head. Something i have decided is that i have been exposed to more second hand smoke out here than in any other time in my life. Every one smokes and we have to talk to everyone ergo, i talk to a lot of people smoking. So this week my bike sucked! On tuesday i was riding it and whenever i would stop pedaling the chain would bunch up and get all tangled then it started getting super hard to ride. So naturally i took it into the bike shop to get it fixed. I thought about just calling CTR bikes and having them send me a new one but i decided to just take it in. The guy was like i'll take a look at it have it ready to ride in 2 hours so we went out with a member then came back and the guy asked me how i was even riding it. I guess the bearings and stuff all locked up and he said it was almost impossible to pedal. So he put a used part in it and now it rides like a champ. So you would think that getting new bearing thing in my wheel would make pedaling super easy after not being able to all but now... my legs were dead from working my bike so hard that it was just as hard to pedal but is now easier. So like two days later we were riding our bikes and i was like "hey watch my wheely" so i popped a wheely and when i came down my freaking bike broke in half! just kidding. But a spoke on the back wheel broke so i had to take it to the bike shop and ask him to put a new one on cuz after one brakes they all need readjusting so its all ridiculous. So i took it in and he said he would squeeze me in and have it done in about an hour. So we came back and it was fixed so now i hope that my bike takes a break from dying for a little while. Elder Logan my zone leader is playing his ukulele right now and he is super good. So its nice to listen to that. This week we went to a members house for dinner and it was cool. We walked in and they had two Ukes just sitting on their piano so i naturally pick one up and start playing and it was way out of tune so i tuned it and their Dad walks in and says do you play and i was like "why yes i do" so he asked me to tune both of them then relates to me the sad story of his wife buying two Ukuleles and no one in their family even knows how to play. they didn't even know what the notes were supposed to be to tune it so i tuned em both and played them for a bit. It was super nice to play. I'm going to suggest that the new mission president i get lets us have instrument. So i might need it sent out at like the year mark. We'll see. So that was great. So this i believe will make my father proud. This week in one of our wards we got a new bishop so everyone was speculating who it was going to be. So like father like son i decided to jump on in it. I made my pick only knowing the ward for like a week and a half and i told like 20 people my guess and when the stake president announced it everyone looked at me because i was totally right! So i thought that would make Dad proud. So this week was weird and i don't know if there is anything else to report on. So yeah. I will have a lot to talk about next week so yeah. I hope you all have a fantastic week. I hope things are awesome. Me and my companion get along super good. We are way better friends than i was with any of my companions which is funny because we have like nothing in common. I miss all my friends. I miss Taylor Swift. I miss Krazy Sub. Tuna on wheat, extra onions oil and vinegar and mustard, with pepperchinis. I will eat one the day i get home. I miss my family a bunch.

Love Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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