Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30th 2010

August 30th, 2010
Ok! What a great letter!
Mom you are correct! I have it stuck in my head all the time! I don't know why but at least its not bad music. So it was great to hear all about home and stuff. I got a letter from Grandma about her trip and it sounded like it was really fun and exciting. I am so proud of her Missionary Work. That is pretty scary about her health. I hope everything goes good. Well this week was a crazy one. As you can see I am emailing earlier! Its cuz i'm in a new Zone. So I am in Elk Grove, California. It is like an exact replica of Gilbert! Its super weird. They have like a little old town part of it just like gilbert and it started getting really big but has died down now that the housiong market isn't great. I'm serving in the Elk Grove Park ward and the Waterman ward. Its great having two wards because we get fed every night! Its great! Both wards are awesome! They are both big family wards with a lot of families with kids all ages. I loved sunday because it actually felt like the church I'm used to. A bunch of memebers are very missionary minded and it helps the work progress so much. Historicaly the Zone has baptized a butt load so lets hope I don't screw it up... So my new companion Elder Holyoak. He's awesome! He is the dictrict leader so he is a great missionary. He has been out like 14 months and he really knows whats up! I have learned so much from him already but he doesn't show me everything so he is still giving me room to learn and grow on my own. So he is a great kid. We really don't have a bunch of stuff in common but we do get along pretty well and we laugh alot so i can tell this is going to be a great transfer. We are still on bike which I'm not too excited about but its not too bad. We have the same bike too! His is black and silver and mine is red and tan but they are the same exact bikes! It was funny when we noticed it. He is from Chicago but has family in utah and arizona. He is cousins with a friend of mine named Kristen Roberts. So its pretty cool. So on Wednesday when i got to this area it sucked super bad! It was hecka hot! It was like being at home again. It got up to 110. Now your all probably saying yeah its like that every day here but give me a break. Its been in the eighties or nineties for like the past three months with only a few days over a hundred so one of 110 is killer! It was so hot... but it wasn't too bad. Then the next day it was cold?! it was like 75 all day. it was super nice. and since then its been pretty cool and stuff i love it. I thought for sure California was going to burn to death because of how on fire my testimony was but i guess it lucked out and the Lord is blessing us. Our mission president whats us to study humility this week ha. So yeah on wednesday we taught a couple of people. We taught a 14 year girl along with the whole mia maid class. She was nerveous so she didn't want to do it alone. Let me tell ya 14 year old girls are crazy! And it doesn't help that i'm rediculously good looking either. So that was insane but it went really good and we plan to invite her to be baptized on the eighteenth on wednesday when we teach her again. So that is exciting. We taught a couple of other people later on in the week. It was real good. So, so far I am just loving Elk Grove. There was a funny joke the other morning. I woke up and weighed myself and then got dressed and stuff. Then I was super tired and my companion had to go early to a meeting so the Zone Leaders picked us up to take me to another missionary and when i got in the car one of them, Elder Selk, said so Elder Arnett what are you up to this morning and before i could think about what he was really asking i just blurting out 243 and they were all like what? and then they figured out i was talking about my weight so it was pretty funny cuz he was asking me what i was going to be doing not what i was up to in weight. So thats a great inside joke now. But good news since that day i am now down past 240 and like 238. I don't know how but i am just dropping weight. Probably cuz my companion makes me work out in the morning and rides his bike like a dog is chasing. I love on remember the titans when the little girl says that the guy is getting beat like he stole something... So yeah that has been way good. Well i don't really know what else to report on. One of my Zone leaders is from Hawaii and has a uke with him so i played one this morning for the first time in 3 months. It ws awesome! I miss it so much. So yeah. I can already tell this transfer will be a blast so i am super excited. I know that what i am doing is the greatest work on the earth. The message of the restored gospel is the greatest message there is. We had a meeting with all the missionaries in our zone and our stake president and he told us his conversion story which was way awesome then he bore his testimony about the church. Its like president Hinckley has said over and over again. Either the Book of Mormon is a true book and is, along with the Bible, the word of God. Or it is not. There is no grey area. If it is true then Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and truly did restore Christ's church on this earth. If its fake then Joseph smith is the biggest fraud there was and a horrible man. I know it is a true book. I have prayed about it. And i received and answer. The first time i told about my experiance reading the book of mormon cover to cover, the spirit testified to me of its truthfulness. Since i know it is true i know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and that this is the only true church on the earth today. The greatest thing about the Book of Mormon is that EVERYONE can know it is true. Its as easy as looking at a brass serpent to be healed. All you have to do is ask. It takes less effort than writing a letter or even calling someone on the phone. It truly is an amazing thing we have on this earth and it all makes sense. I love my family and friends so much and i love hearing from all of you! I hope you all are doing well!

Love Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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