Monday, April 12, 2010

One Month

I leave on my Mission in exactly one month. Now that its getting closer I am starting to realize a couple of things. First, I am going to miss some of my best friends soo much for two years. You know who you are (if you think your one and your not then oh well go you). Second, I won't get to work at Krazy Sub and eat delicious food and enjoy the company of my awesome Aunt and Uncle and my cousins and friends. Its awesome working there! Ok enough of that.

My face got sun burned on Saturday and I wanted to get into a fight and made a total fool of myself. I haven't done that for a long time.

I am so greatly blessed.

I got a letter and an E-mail from one of my best friends Elder Halm all in the same week! Its awesome!

I freaking love this song!!!!

Oh and my AWESOME shirt I made on the internet came in the mail today. I'll wear it


  1. hahahaahahahahaahaha i totally loled at the song!! how funny!! and i'm glad you did not get into a fight that would be bad news bears!! love love love you!!!

  2. dude our time is coming close till we report,i leave in 50 days...wooah....dude I can't wait to see the shirt that you made!

  3. I want to see your shirt!! I am so sad you are leaving in a month but I mostly excited for you! It will be great. :)