Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19th 2011

Well this week was good. That game sounded exciting, too bad they lost. Hopefully they win a few more. It sounds like Braden is working real hard and is getting more playing time. That’s great keep it up. This week went pretty good. Monday night we went to dinner with a Tongan member. He took us out for Chinese food. It was good but not the greatest I’ve had. Late that night we switched up for exchanges with Elder Morgan and Elder Forrester. I went with Elder Morgan in his area. He is in Lao work so it was fun. He lives with Elder Buttars so we stayed up late that night and talked for a long time. On Tuesday we were on exchanges nothing too exciting happened. We had a delicious dinner at these peoples. They fed us steak and baked potatoes with a delicious juice she made. It was swell and well worth the exchange. We switched back up after dinner. On Wednesday we had district meeting. It was good. We have great district leaders which leads to a lot of the success in the zone. We went on bike most of Wednesday. We biked so freakin far it was ridiculous. Like so much. It wasn't too bad though. I need the exercise. We had a couple of lessons and it was good. We had a good dinner with a young family and it was nice. Then we switched up for another exchange with Elder Johnson and Elder Jones. Elder Johnson came into my area with me. Thursday was good. We got to teach a lot of people. We taught Glen the old guy and it was good. He is still set for the 1st of October. We had a few other lessons that were good too. We have dinner with the Grover’s. We had enchiladas. They weren't as good as moms because no one’s is but they were ok. They were a fun little family. Then we switched back up. Friday we had weekly planning and then some more appointments. We rode bikes a lot on Friday too. Our ward had a chili cook off on Friday night and there were some good chili’s. Then we played catch with a football with some of the ward members. Saturday was good like all the other days. We set a lot of people up for church and it went good. We went to In n Out for dinner and I got my double double animal style with animal fries. It was good. Then we tracted some more and set more people up for church. As a zone leader they give us 20 more dollars on our cards so I still have 100 bucks with less than half the month left. So that’s good. Sunday we had a good church. Five investigators were there and all five are set up to be baptized on Oct. 1st. So were excited. I don't know if well hit our goal of 8 but we will be close. So that’s pretty much all that is going on now. Oh and I bought some new 20 dollar shoes today so I can go running more and be comfortable. I plan to weigh less than dad when I come home no matter how hungry I have to get. It might also mean less double doubles and animal fries... starting tomorrow. Well I love you all. Hope all is good.

Love Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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