Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10th 2011-Baptism of Rudy & Tristian

January 10th 2011

Wow it seems like the family reunion was a hit! I'm sad I missed it but in 2013 things will go down hard core! It sounds like everyone really enjoyed it. So I am pretty much out of time to email so I will tell you pretty much the most important thing that happened this week. So Rudy and Tristian had a date for the 8th. So this past week we were over there working with them every day. On Monday they got their interviews from the Zone leaders and we thought Rudy would need a second one from one of the mission presidency because of his past but the Zone leader said that he could really tell he had repented and he felt it wasn't necessary. So that was super awesome. We went over a few things with them and then spent most of the week visiting them making sure they resisted temptation all week. We also visited a lot of members this week letting them know about the baptism. We had Zone Conference in Stockton on Wednesday. It was a lot of fun and we had a lot of good training from President Jardine and his assistants. It was good. We had to stay down there later because we had gotten a flat tire a few days before. I went around a corner a little fast and the roads are always wet and there is always fog so I slid into a bank and it popped the tire. So we had to use our spare and on Wednesday they repaired the other one and put it back on. I have learned my lesson and only go fast when its dry and I can see. Just kidding I go slow all the time now. So on Saturday Rudy and Tristian got baptized! It was awesome. The whole service was really good. Elder Brantley came back and baptized Rudy and Elder Bowman baptized Tristian. It was great. Then we played Dodge ball with Rudy and his family for about an hour after the baptism and I am paying for it still. My right shoulder is so sore. It was fun though. Later that night we went over to their house and Rudy's daughter Eve said she wanted to be baptized on Feb. 4th! It was awesome. So our numbers weren't too great this week but we have been doing the right work so it was a good week. Eve came to church yesterday and saw Rudy and Tristian get confirmed and she is still set for the 4th. Our bishop confirmed Rudy and I confirmed Tristian. It was cool and a first for me. So yeah. Sorry this week’s email was so short but I don't have much time and I read a long email but it was great. I have pictures ready to send home so be expecting them this week. I will try and email more next week. I haven’t got your letter yet but I will be looking for it. Well I’m off

Love Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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