Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18th 2010

October 18th, 2010

So to start off I’ll tell you a story and then kind of explain my companion. Don't worry, they relate...
So last transfer we had interviews with our mission President and then training from him. It was really good. In my interview President Jardine (I'll call him PJ for the sake of I’m too lazy to write it out every time) PJ told me a lot of positive things that made me feel really good. Then he told me I need to take credit for the success I have and to accept that I’m a good missionary. That’s kind of hard for me because I don't want to be prideful but I think I get what he means. So let’s take this horizontal line to illustrate what he did with his hand vertically ------] he said this is where I'm at ---------] this is where I should be and -----------------------] this is what he expects of me. Yeah I almost freaked cuz I thought I was making good progress. He was thinking since elder Holyoak was so good I didn't want to mess things up so I would talk too much. And we got along so great it didn't make me really try and he believes I can get along with anyone. Ha he doesn't know about my rages. So he told me the next transfer he was going to make me stretch. I thought maybe he would have me teach more and stuff like that not make me stretch with a new companion. Well I was wrong. So this is my new companion Elder Cannon. Dad, maybe you can relate to this kind of person because I know for a fact that you've experienced exactly what I am now. He was in band. Not just band but marching band. Now I don't have a problem with marching band. I had a few good friends in band. He is the kind of band kid that thinks that people only go to the football games to watch the band at half time but come early so they have something they can do to get ready for it and stay so they aren't bored the rest of the night. Now we all know that this is just incorrect. Everybody loves to watch the football games. They come for football and go to the bathroom and poop while the band plays on the field. Maybe and this might be a stretch but maybe 25% of the people at the games come to watch just the band but then probably 10% of those actually like to watch the game as well so they have duel motives. Anyways. I don't get along with people like that very well. Also he is extremely nosey. If I say anything to anyone and he can't exactly hear it then he says “wait what did you say” and if I say “oh nothing” he is like “well it didn't sound like nothing.” And gets all butt hurt. But if he says something and people think it’s funny and I ask what it was he just says “don't worry about it, it doesn't matter to you.” And so I just let it go. Cuz that’s what kind of person I am. He also criticizes me a lot and he doesn't make sense when he talks. So I now know what PJ was talking about when he told me he was going to make me stretch. I have taught more and talked to more people than I have my whole mission this week because, even I get confused when he teaches the lessons. But he does have a really strong testimony and he is sincere when bearing it so that it is really awesome in lessons and he always testifies that what I taught was true so it’s like two witnesses all the time. So I am stretching. But I’m not tearing. So I think it is helping me out a lot.

That was a lot of negative things about my Companion but I just want you to know that I do love him. We get along some of the time and I have only freaked once so it’s all good. He is a good missionary and we do great together in lessons.

So this week was good. We had two lessons with our investigator JT and then one with Nici. On Monday we finished up the plan of salvation with JT and then on Thursday we just read in the Book of Mormon about what Christ wants of us. We asked him if he would be baptized in three weeks and he said yes! It was awesome and we taught him about the proper authority and he said "I think my Grandpa has that, can he baptize me?" and he can. He is a member and is active and it is going to be awesome! We were so excited that night. Then on Saturday morning we had a lesson with Nici and it went great. Rewind. On Thursday we had a Zone conference and we did some role plays where one of us would act as if we were one of our investigators and then two missionaries would teach on something were struggling with and then through the promptings of the spirit we, as the investigator, would answer according to how they would probably answer. Well I did Nici and it went really good and I really felt the spirit working through. So back to our lesson. It went almost exactly like it went in the role play. It was amazing! She doesn't feel like she’s receiving an answer on whether our church is the only true church on earth. And so she doesn't think she should quit drinking coffee. Well we told her the promises of keeping the word of wisdom and then on her own she said she would quit smoking for good and not drink coffee for three days and then at the end of the three days she will pray and then if she feels good about it she won't ever drink coffee any more. So that was awesome and that’s exactly what happened in the role play. The spirit of God like a Fire is Burning! So that was great.

So on Wednesday our Bishop called us and asked us to speak on Sunday. I spoke on why I came out on a mission and then how being out has helped me more understand the Savior and how I have become more like him. It went great. I was nervous but I have gotten so much better at speaking. I only had to look down to read the quotes and scriptures. It was awesome. So that was a lot of fun. I stole Christiaans joke and told it to the ward. I said "Like a cow in tall grass I am utterly tickled to be speaking here today." They all laughed and it was great. Well I'm about out of time. This week was really good. It was warm the first couple of days but it’s now in the 70s and I’m freezing my butt off. Everyone makes fun of me cuz I’m from Arizona and cold all the time. It rained yesterday so that was cool but I’m not ready for the rainy season to start. I don't like being wet. Well I know the church is true. I know the Book of Mormon is true and I love it as well. I know our Prophet has been called of God. I love you all.

Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

October 18th 2010
Elder Arnett is replying to his dad’s email telling about Jackie, Jamie, David, Braden, Porter and other’s from our Ward doing the Grand Canyon rim to rim this last weekend!

That sounds like a bunch of fun! I wish I was there to do it with you guys. It’s a lot of fun and a really good experience. That’s amazing that Braden could do it that fast. I think ten hours is about what it took me to do it my second time, mind I had someone hanging on my arm the whole way up and then singing to me the whole way home... but it was fun. Hopefully they will be doing it when I get home? I'll get back for just the right time too to do it! Well the work is great out here dad. I often times think back to the stories that you would tell me about your mission and it’s fun to see that I’m experiencing some of the same things. Well thanks for the email. love you.

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