Friday, June 18, 2010

Another Letter!!!

June 14th, 2010

Dear Family,

This week was pretty darn good! To start off I need to say I've lost ten
pounds total since I've been on my mission. Five in the MTC and five out
here in the field. Its starting to get a little bit hotter here. Its real
windy which is another reason why being the Avatar, the cartoon not the blue
people, would be sooo freaking awesome cuz then i could air bend the stupid
wind out of my way when I'm riding my bike which i haven't been riding for
the past three days because it got a flat then when i patched it i ripped a
hole in trying to get it back onto my stupid wheel. That was frusrating. So
we walk now... it sucks but hey if i keep doing the work i have been called
to do i know i'll be blessed. So funny thing... I like the polynesian
culture. I like the people the food the music everything. Thats why i wanted
to go to an island so bad. But i got called to Sac town california and i had
heard there were a few and then i came down to stockten aka ghettoville and
i thought there probably aren't too many here but my comp is a poly so thats
pretty cool. On my first day we met a couple of the families in our ward and
a few were Tongan and they invited us to a stake luau and it was awesome!
Then i go to church on sunday and half the ward is polynesian and its cool.
Then this last weekend we got invited over for dinner by some Tongans and it
was a huge luau graduation party for one of the members and it was soo cool.
So the two weeks I've been out i have already been to two luaus and its
great. Better yet there is a whole Tongan area up in the northern part of
the mission. I want to get called there cuz i know it will be great but the
downside is my companion served there and gained thirty pounds. So... we'll
see. My companion really is awesome. I've learned soo much from him already
and have soo much i can still learn from him. We are taught a couple more
people this week and its amazing how much the spirit takes over in your
lessens. We have a guy that is amazing. He has great faith in God and lives
all the commandments and stuff but... he doesn't believe that Christ is the
Redeemer. He actually doesn't believe the new testimant. He can't understand
why, if someone was the Son of God, someone would take away from Him and
have people praise him. He wants us to show proof of Christ in the old
testiment, which i've done, and then he will let us teach more. We gave him
a book of Mormon and asked him to start reading it and praying to know if it
is true so we have faith that the spirit will touch his heart and he will
feel and know that what it says and what we teach is true. I love this
Gospel. I was looking at our Family picture and I noticed how genuinely
happy everyone looks in it and was thinking why is everyone soo happy. I had
just had my farewell and i was leaving in two days then it hit me. How could
a family not be sooo happy when they have the knowledge that they will be
together forever? Tell me if I'm wrong but i don;t think I am. It brings soo
much peace and happiness knowing that if we all do our best in this life and
then let the atonement make up the difference we will all be able to live
with God and with our families again. I know that to be true. The best thing
I've recognized out here is that I honestly see the answers to my prayers
daily. I can actually feel when the spirit is testifying. I can see God's
hand blessing me everyday. I know that if you pray God will answer your
prayer and if it is his will he will provide you with what you need and ask
for. I see it everyday. I hope everyone at home is doing good. Mom you asked
what the best way is to contact me. Letters are always a good choice cuz it
just is. Email from family, if they are short, are awesome. No hour long
emails. Technically I can email anyone i want to but i'm restricting it to
family and close guy friends. The rule is to keep your eye single to the
glory of God, so as a result i don't think it would be good to email girls
cuz thats not what a mission is about. But i love letters so write em. Guy
friends know if they are close enough to email me. So family I'll accept
both. Oh and write them to the mission home because if you send them
directly to me then I would have to worry about letting you know in time
whether I'm getting trasnfered or not and then it could be a huge mess. So
the mission home it is. Mom my address, so you can see where i live is 2414
Venitian drive 95207. I hope the spelling is correct. Its soo much fun out
here and mission life is great. Everyone be good and great. We are all
Children of God so act according to that knowledge. Bye

Love Elder Tyler Pete Arnett

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